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10 Modern Living Room Transformations

When it comes to your living room, the place that should be a source of comfort and relaxation instead just looks like a cramped space with no hope in sight

It’s time that you transform your living room into a fantastic place where you feel more energy, happiness, and excitement take over. Look at these ten modern living room transformations worldwide and see how they cleverly broke homes into comfortable zones without sacrificing style or design.

  • The most considerable change in the home is the furniture arrangement. The idea of a neat living room with all furniture can be a bit too much. Even if you have a table in the corner, that’s no reason to leave it alone. The trick is to move all the furniture around, giving each room its feeling and look.
  • While moving furniture around sounds like a way to get more space for other things, it also has benefits in terms of style and design. More on that later

Your living space is where part of social life at home happens. It’s a cozy place to spend time with family, entertain, watch TV, or even skateboard. if you are blessed with a large living area, It is also the place to host and impress guests at a special time. Thus, everything has to be stunning and impressive. But, when you look around, you only see a living room that needs overhauling.

Look no further!
These 10 modern living room transformations will guide and assist you in figuring out how to put comfort and style together without, hopefully, burning your whole living deposit. For more detail, head on to the reference section.

The 10 Modern Living Room Transformations Video:

10 Modern Living Room Transformations Poster

10. Cut Out Clutter

Before starting to add anything, try to cut out the clutter first. A lot of mess in a living room can scar your precious space. Therefore, your first mission will be to collect unnecessary items, like video games, toys, books, paper, etc., and put them in the center of the room.

Once you’ve gathered all the clutter, start putting each piece back in its place.
In a family room, clutter affects everybody, regardless of whose mess it is. And stress can strain relationships among family members.

Therefore, you and your housemates must declare your family room. It will foster healthier relationships and improve your overall emotional health.

Relevant details:

  • Start decluttering from the top part of the wall, top shelves, and high cabinets.
  • Declutter books and movies by genre, alphabetically, and height.
  • After decluttering books and movies, move on to clothes, purses, shoes, and so on.
  • When no more clutter is left in your living room, you can start to put the items back in their rightful places.
  • Then, you can start arranging your living room again. You can rearrange the furniture, or you can even change the layout of your room if you want.
  • Now, you can feel good again inviting guests to your new, cleaner living room.

Congratulations! Your space is now clutter-free and arranged.

9. Spruce up your Coffee Table

To make your space feel more refined, arrange your coffee table with items you already have around the house. Choose a simple but attractive table and put it in the center of the room. If you have smaller items that could go on a coffee table, put some on top of your table. Place your vases on the table and something you already have around the house to fill the space.

You can also pair it with lifestyle pictures or books you already have around your home. It’s all about combining different items and making them look nice together.
Tip: You can always put a table runner or a piece of fabric on your coffee table to add color and design. Alternatively,

You can stack some books, display a candle or greeneries, or tie necessary items into trays.
Small details may make your space more unified and styled with a fresh and clean living room. A character cocktail table is often the final touch that can spruce up the living room.

Relevant details:

No 1. What to do with your old Coffee Table?
You can start by updating your old coffee table. It is not that difficult to make it look more rustic and chic. You can have something exciting but straightforward, like including a candle. You can also have a beautiful vignette featuring the least decorative objects you already have around the house.

No 2. Suggestions for a new Coffee Table
If you are too short on space to accommodate your new coffee table, you should choose a small one. The small ones come in all shapes and sizes, from rectangular to round or oval type. The look will be simpler and more elegant if you have a small area.

No 3. Suggestions for a traditional Coffee Table
You may choose to have a classic table with all of your possessions around it. Since we do not want to make your space look too simple, there is no need to hide any critical items inside the table. Include everything you care about in your living room.

No 4. Suggestions for a Coffee Table for your small space
For small spaces, you will need to make them look bigger. You can start with the furniture and choose lighter in color. You can go with a darker shade when you decide to have a darker finish on your coffee table.

If you want to make your small space seem less cramped, you might want to go for the transparent coffee table. The light coming through the transparent table will brighten up the whole room. You can also choose the glass and pick a coffee table that matches your décor.

No 5. Suggestions for an eclectic Coffee Table for your small space
If you like to keep your living room simple, then the mix of antique with modern will make it look like a room from another era but still exciting and fresh. You can choose a shiny finish to create a more polished and contemporary ambiance.

No 6. Suggestions for a contemporary Coffee Table for your small space
It’s all about how you arrange your furniture. The furniture that shows the most personality will always be the center of attention. If you have a small area, you can include some modern elements to fit in more with the rest of the living room.

No 7. Suggestions for a simple Coffee Table for your small space
If you want your small room to look larger, go for the minimalist approach. Less is more, so highlight the most important elements of a coffee table and stand out. Your coffee table will be the center of attention, so choose a perfect table and put your most prized possessions on top.

No 8. Suggestions for a metal Coffee Table for your small space
Your living room should be inviting and comfortable, so metal coffee tables are an excellent choice to create that vibe you want. The metal finish has become very popular in the last few years, but they have been around for centuries.

No 9. Suggestions for a wood Coffee Table for your small space
For small spaces, metal tables are not a good idea. Metal is usually hefty and can block the view of your room. Solid wood is an excellent choice if you have enough space to accommodate it.

No 10. Suggestions for an outdoor Coffee Table for your small space
You might want to go with an outdoor coffee table if you have some outdoor space. The outdoor space can be your small living room, and you can go first with the white tables. They are usually easy to clean and always look like they are made of glass.

The next time you decorate your room and choose which table to have, consider all of these suggestions, then make sure that you pick the one that is right for your style and space.

8. Hang the Curtains Higher

If your room feels so dark and the windows look small, your curtains may be hanging in the wrong direction. To add more natural light to your living room, hang your curtains higher at ceiling height, and be sure the posts are wide enough for the curtains to sit through the outside of the window frame.

If your curtains are so short that they cannot reach the floor, try sewing a contrasting hem to the bottom to take advantage of the extra material that’s littering your window covering.
Or, you can drape the curtain’s bottom half on the floor. This idea will make your room look more extensive, and it will get rid of a lot of extra fabric.

Relevant details:

No 1. Hang curtains higher
You can’t choose the right window coverings if you don’t know how to hang them.
Raise your curtains and ensure they are not too short, and don’t sit on a wall mount because this will hide the actual window or cut into the wall.
Also, ensure they sit correctly at floor level to allow the light in and prevent drafts from entering your living room.

No 2. Add texture to your room
In a living room remodel, you should consider texture as an opportunity to add interest.
If you have neutral flooring in your space, adding texture can allow you to stand out from the crowd.
Consider adding different textures for each room of the house.

For example, look at how this living room was transformed using unique furniture pieces that added warmth, texture, form, and function. This idea is an excellent example of adding texture using furniture and accessories.

No 3. Use the different textures in your living room
Use the different textures in your living room for an exciting style effect. Find pieces with natural materials such as wood, leather, or fabric and bold furniture with bright colors. This idea will help you create a style that reflects your personality.
You might want to use the same color and texture for a room but differently.

For example, you could use wood with leather or fabric to have an organic feel.
Or, if you love the look of leather but it can be expensive, try using faux leather instead.

No 4. Use different shapes and textures in your living room
Different shapes, sizes, and styles add interest to your space. It has been shown that people who live in modern homes tend to prefer simple furniture with clean lines. If you want a more sophisticated design, you can use more complex pieces like those shown here.

No 5. Use bolder colors in your living room
Use bolder colors in your living room to create an exciting look. The bolder the color, the more energy it will bring to your room.

No 6. Enlist friends to help you paint
Don’t make a painting or refinishing your furniture a solo project if you have a small living room. Ask friends and family members to help with this project and go out of their way to offer their professional expertise and knowledge promptly.

No 7. Use bold colors in one part of the room
A great way to make your small living room look bigger is by using a bold color. Use brighter red, blue, yellow, or green shades throughout the space to create a bold statement.

No 8. Use darker colors in your living room
You can use darker colors in small spaces because they seem to recede. This idea makes them look larger than they are. In the same way, you can use color to create a bold statement with your living room color scheme. For example, you can use blue and green in the same wall paintings or mix colors for a bright accent.

No 9. Use colors that are similar to your living room
Similar colors work together with the same tone, but don’t go crazy. Mixing a neutral color with a bright color will make the room seem more promising.

No 10. Use clever furniture selection to add interest to your interior
Furniture can add interest and make the room look larger if you live in a small living room. For example, use a large ottoman in the center of your room or an antique-style chair or side table for an accent piece.

Using furniture to create interest is a great way to bring down the scale of your living space and immediately give it some personality.

7. Layering the Rugs

One of the 35 Awesome Rug Living Room Ideas from TVN

Are you feeling bored with your rug or carpet? Try this simple transformation trick. Layer numerous pieces on top of each rug.
If you have an old rug in the storage room, pull it out for a quick clean and place it under your current rug.

Patterns that previously don’t match your vibe can work best when they act as a “trim” around another style, and they’ll add the same visual dimension and interest. At the same time, adding a smaller rug on top of your current design can give your space a new touch of color.

Alternatively, you can experiment with different textures like shaggy or thick and thin. Be creative, and do what works for you!

Relevant ideas:

  • No 1. The Multi-Rug Space Idea
    In detail, the multi-rug idea means using an array of various-sized rugs to decorate your living space. You can use it in the entryway, bedroom, coffee table, and dining room.
    All rugs have different patterns and styles but are from the same brand. Doing this allows you to get the same pattern and colors on different rugs and harmonize them. This situation can create a unique look for your living space.
  • No 2. The Rug Shag Transformation
    The Rug Shag transformation requires an old shaggy/thick rug and a thinner-shag rug. The best idea is to mix them up to produce a new look for your living room.
    You can pair the thicker rug with the thinner rug in different shapes or areas to fit them together.
  • No 3. The Rug Blanket idea
    Using different rugs with different textures and patterns is a good idea to create harmony in your living space. Mixing up your rugs’ designs, styles, and shapes gives your limited living space a unique look.
  • No 4. The Rug/Carpet Package
    A rug/carpet package is an excellent idea to make your space look more appealing and one-of-a-kind. If you already have a carpet or rug in your area, why not pull it out and add a new rug of the same pattern? You can use two rugs of the same size or two different sizes to create new interest.
  • No 5. The Same Rug, Different Area/Shape
    This selection is an excellent idea that you can use to create another unique interior landscape. This means using the same rug in different shapes or areas of your living space.
    When done right, you’ll get more cohesion and a harmonious atmosphere in one room, making your space look more appealing and modern!
  • No 6. The Rug/Carpet Combo
    This idea is excellent if you want to add more texture and style to your living space. Using the same pattern of rugs or carpets in different rooms can create more harmony and cohesion within your home.
  • No 7. The “U” Rug Transformation
    One more way to make a rug look more appealing and modern is by creating a “U” configuration with a couple of rugs of similar colors. This transformation idea will produce a more exciting and eye-catching look for your living space.
  • No 8. The Rug Topper
    The Rug Topper is a good idea that you can use to mix up the patterns and styles in your living space. This idea means using a patterned rug topper on your current rug or carpet.
    This choice will give your living space an alluring look without removing the traditional design of your home’s current carpet or rug.
  • No 9. The Rug Overhaul
    Rug overhauling is an excellent idea for adding layers and textures to your current living space. Simply put, this idea means adding another rug to your existing rug or carpet. The cheapest way to overhaul your rug will be using a heavy-duty rug pad.
  • No 10. The Rug Underlayment
    This object is one of the best items you can choose to increase the attractiveness of your rug or carpet.
    Or even both. It means using a heavy-duty underlayment layer on your current carpet or rug.
    This can give your existing carpet or rug a heavier, thicker, and more textured feel.
    It can also help prevent your rug or carpet from slipping and sliding.
    If you use all these tricks, you will have a modern living room in no time!
  • No 11. The Round Rug Transformation
    Round/oval rugs are among the most important additions to your space if you want something new, different, eye-catching, and unique. They come in various colors and patterns that can complement any style or room design.

Use Bold Accents decor and artful Pieces.
This action is a simple way of changing the look of your living room by only changing the accent pieces. You can do this on the weekend and don’t have to strip everything from your room to achieve it.

Accent items are easy to move around and change, with less risk of being damaged or dirty.

6. Paint the Ceiling

Another brilliant way to use leftover paint is to hang it on your ceiling. Instead of painting the room’s décor, use a bright color to draw attention upwards and make your space feel larger. Though you do not have a cathedral ceiling, it will work like a charm.

If you have more than one additional can of paint, choose a color that complements the style of your living room to highlight the accent decor. You can also use a more neutral paint color and leave it natural to create the illusion of height.

When you have worked up a sweat and have made your living room look like something out of a magazine, try using a bold color to pick up the color of your furniture in the same way that professional painters do.

Relevant ideas:

6.1. Give your ceiling a quick coat
In detail, you need to :

  • Cover furniture and floor with protective covers or 1-2 layers of newspaper.
  • Use a ladder to reach the ceiling from at least two angles (here, we used three).
  • Use a clean brush and dip it into the paint can. Apply it to a small area and immediately dip the paintbrush into the paint can.
  • Repeat step 3, again and again, to produce a smooth and even coating. Do so until you use up all the paint in your can.

6.2. How to give a new Focal Point to the room?

  • You can buy a set of ceiling lights or use existing lamps or sconces.
  • You can paint tiles on the ceiling or hang pictures.
  • You can add a drop light, a bare light lamp, higher shades, and chandeliers.
  • You can even keep the room dark and use mirrors to reflect the light from above.

6.3. Tips for Painting Ceilings
Here are the tips for Painting a ceiling :

  • Do it yourself: if you have an extra hour or two, you can try to paint the ceiling yourself with no expensive hangings, etc.
  • Try to bring in some color with your furniture and other accessories to make your living room look more energetic and lively.
  • If you’re going to paint your ceiling, it’s better not to use white paint.
  • If you decide to paint the ceiling yourself, use a roll or milk paint that dries faster and creates a more uniform finish.

A ceiling is an essential part of any living room that contributes to its illusion of spaciousness. That is why it makes sense to try your hand at painting it. It is a very adventurous idea – not only will you have something new to play with, but you can also use leftover paint from your renovations and transform your apartment into something new.

6.4. Bring Out the Best in Your Space

  • Paint the ceiling in a bold, bright color.
  • Use paint in a contrasting shade to draw attention upward and make your space feel more expansive.
  • Add wallpapers with large images, small paintings, and other decorative details.
  • Install large light bulbs to highlight the furniture and accessories.

6.5. Bring out what’s already there:
Here you can use some of your existing furniture or accessories to create a bold effect.

  • Paint a wooden ceiling in a neutral beige shade, then hang a large mirror on the wall opposite the window to reflect natural light. Or move your existing mirror to reflect the ceiling and walls of the room.
  • Hang several small mirrors with clips on your walls or a large flat over a fireplace.
  • Use textured wallpaper or paint to create an exciting background for an unusual lampshade.
  • Install pendant lights to create a functional and decorative effect.
  • Hang wallpaper covered with beautiful images to draw attention upward.
  • Add a large piece of artwork or a large light fixture directly over your sofa to take advantage of the high ceiling height.
  • Install decorative mirrors above the couch to reflect natural light and create visual interest.

6.6. Colors That Will Make Your Space Look Bigger
Step by Steps:

  • If you have room for your coats, you can hang them on a wall-mounted coat rack.
  • Use a large mirror to reflect the ceiling light and a pair of sconces or chandeliers to highlight an item of furniture, making it seem bright.
  • Add accessories such as hats and gloves to bring out all the items already there and will be noticed by everyone. (This is done for clothes too)
  • For example, You can hang colorful clothes in the room wall-to-wall and use hard surfaces to create a big focal point.
  • The great thing is that you do not have to spend much on your living room.

6.7. Putting the finishing touches on a small space

  • You can use old furniture or any accessories you want to add bright and cheerful touches to a small room with just a few additions.
  • For example, colorful old shoes can create a fun focal point.
  • Hang a fun pole lamp on the dining lighting to light a small area.
  • If possible, you will enjoy adding extra items that reflect your style into your living room at home. The action includes giving extra attention to one or two favorite accessories and making them stand out.
  • You can even try different items in an area that you do generally not decorate.

6.8. More Ideas for Painting your ceiling

  • If you have a large wall and can use an eclectic style, ensure enough space to hang a lamp from the ceiling.
  • Try adding enough accessories to make your living room look bigger. You can also use different items such as pillows, rugs, or wall hangings on the walls to make it look bigger, and a variety of rooms will look less crowded.
  • Maintain a balance and focus on one item that will make it more attractive.
  • Add accessories that define your style and color to your space, such as various pillows or throws.
  • Use accessories in different colors to make all other items in the room stand out.
  • Decorate your room with stylish wallpaper or paint its bold colors.
  • Use several sections to make all areas look functional and practical.

5. Opt For a Curtain Wall

For a cleaner indoor atmosphere with lots of personalities, try to hang a curtain wall. This easy DIY arrangement brings texture galore with a minimalist touch.

If you have sheer curtains hanging around, hang them the entire length of your walls, even above the windows, to let natural light come in with an airy feeling.

Other options: Place the curtains over bare walls for a fast style trick if they take over the space. You can also use extra top sheets in rooms with smaller walls.

Relevant details:

No 1. Opt for a curtain wall covering. This idea is a simple yet stylish way to add texture and style. You can achieve this by hanging curtains from ceiling to floor on your walls.
No 2. Add some hooks for storing decorative pieces, such as spindles, baskets, and other functional items, like bunting and linen bags, etc., with attention-grabbing prints.
No 3. Use accent mirrors or panels in a room to make instant style statements.
No 4. Add some throw pillows and colored cushions, and toss them on the floor. They can be in layered colors that reflect each other or in different colors with hints of texture.
Designer’s Tip: Use A Pantone Color Wheel To Choose Accent Colors To Add To Your Living Room

No 5. Choose curtain panels from neutral tones to bring a restful and composed look.
No 6. Hang a textured curtain wall to achieve a dramatic vertical line with texture in your decor.
No 7. Hang curtains with texture patterns that can separate the room, including rolled-up ruffled panels, the jacquard pattern, etc.
No 8. Use neutral colors on the walls without patterned designs, and use textured fabrics and decorative accents to create a soft and stylish atmosphere in your living space.
No 9. Select various patterns and textures on the curtains that hang over the windows for a modern chic look.
No 10. Try to include a curtain wall in your living room design. You can start by hanging sheer curtains at different levels along the walls with an attractive printed curtain material as an accent.

Designers’ Tip: Use Glue To Hang Curtains On A Curtain Rod. And one of the best glue for the job is Elmer’s Glue.

4. Decorate Your Chairs with Throws

To freshen up simple seating for a pop of style, dress up your accent chair with extra throw blankets and pillows. The added texture of introducing new materials can make your living room feel like a professional designer was involved. It makes the space more comfortable and functional for your family members to enjoy.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Choose a pillow with a pattern or color matching the overall art design you have in mind for your room.
  • Step 2: Pull a throw blanket from the couch and drape it over the chair.
  • Step 3: To dress it up, you can pull additional pillows that coordinate with the blanket.
  • Step 4: Sit back and enjoy your new throw pillow styling!
  • Step 5: Complement it with a New Rug.
A rug is a great way to change the look and feel of your living room completely. Rugs also break up the scale of larger spaces while bringing in some extra color and design to make it pop! Choose a rug that brings in some fun pattern or color that pops but coordinates with your other art pieces.
Return to point number 7 to know more detail

3. Use humble Rustic Branches

There are many fascinating ways to make your interior design more attractive. Even many people use dry tree branches as interior decorations.

Here, you do not need leaves or flowers! The branches themselves can make for an appealing and minimal arrangement. If we look closer, these branches still have some leftover flowers, but they still look great on their own in a container.

Remember to think big when you’re crafting this type of arrangement. It’s okay if the dried branches are taller than usual. If you do not have a large vase, try using a taller planter, pitcher, or basket to accommodate your arrangement.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Gather all the necessary materials
  • Step 2: Lay down a piece of fish netting or burlap. This idea will prevent brown leaf litter from falling on your mattress.
  • Step 3: Layer your branches on the netting in a circular formation. Gently arrange the branches so they don’t touch each other.
  • Step 4: Gather flowers and leaves from other branches, then layer them on top of your previous layer.
  • Step 5: Sprinkle the flowers and leaves with moss to add more texture.
  • Finally, arrange them as you like.
What to Expect: The branches will get darker over time, making them look even more appealing. This idea is a lovely way to add flair and texture to your bedroom.

2. Place Plants in Baskets

What would be better than growing greeneries if you have an idea to bring the outside in? You can use snake plants because they are easy to care for, and it only takes 2-4 weeks to water.

Storage baskets do an excellent job for this organization. Baskets are lighter than regular planters, making it easier for you to move huge plants like these if needed. Be sure first to grow the plants in a plastic planter to catch the water.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Saturate the soil with water.
  • Step 2: Place the seed pot on a container to catch overflow water.
  • Step 3: Place the plant inside and cover it with soil. Water again if needed.
  • Step 4: To place in a planter, consider using a medium-sized planter with drainage holes to keep the soil from getting soggy.
    You can also add some stones at the bottom for drainage and prevent future root growth.


  • Step 1: Place the plant inside a plastic pot with soil.
  • Step 2: Place another plastic pot to catch water overflow.
  • Step 3: Pour water in until the soil is saturated. You can also add pebbles or rocks at the bottom for drainage.
  • Step 4: Position several large stones at the bottom for drainage, place a medium-sized cup to catch excess water, and put it near a window for exposure to sunlight.
  • Step 5: Even though the planters are plastic, make sure that you keep them away from any direct sunlight.
  • Step 6: Water the plant with a fine mist every morning and evening. If it has been five days since you last watered, you can begin to hand-water the plant.

~ You may already be thinking that watering is a lot of work. But don’t worry!
If the root system has become established, you can start harvesting the leaves for eating or drying.
~ You can use a clear or colored glass bottle to hold the plants. However, be careful of the size of this glass. It should not be too small because you do not want to plant too many stems at once.

Lastly, Number 1. Paint Your Window Trim

Another brilliant idea to express the leftover paint is applying it on the trim around the window panes. If your barn has a darker color, use it to contrast the lighter wall color or vice versa if your living room is dark.

Make sure to glue the edges of the glass so that the paint doesn’t run through the trim, and paint one at a time to ensure the window stays open easily.

Detailed instructions:

  • Gather the leftover paint and supplies you will use to transform your window trim.
  • Ensure you have applied any sealers to ensure the paint doesn’t run.
  • Mask off any areas you don’t want painting, including around the edges of window panes.
  • Paint over the window trim using a brush or roller until it’s covered. We recommend a small brush to work in tight areas around the glass panes.
  • Let dry and seal.
  • You can follow up with a different color to make it more enjoyable.

Whether doing a makeover for the entire space or just incorporating a splash of colors to refurbish a living room, these 10 modern living room transformations are worth the try. They come to be a consideration for you in transforming your living room.


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