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10 Affordable Modern House Transformations

We all know that we should be working on our homes this off-season. Sometimes, however, it can seem like the perfect time to take a break and spend some money on something else! Suppose you’re currently considering renovations but would instead not drop a ton of cash.

In that case, these ten affordable modern house transformations will help give your home an upgrade without breaking the bank.
Principle: Even though it’s their nature to construct and work with things we can’t comprehend, people themselves are constantly evolving.

Many people associate a modern design with expensive and luxurious high-end finishes.
It might be true for major home renovations. Minor remodeling, otherwise, does not necessarily have to cost you a fortune. Still, it gives you a high-end-looking home.

Fortunately, there are many high-impact and low-cost modern home improvements. They can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or window treatments.

Do you want to know more? Dive in these 10 affordable modern house transformations that will show the charm of simplicity without making you broke. Completing a collection of home improvement videos we have already published, Simphome presents you with the next list.
Let’s start the countdown.

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List Entries:

10. Landscape the Yard

Modern designs are always about simplicity and minimalistic. Instead of growing so many flowering plants and placing stones in the front yard, try to use simple, easy plants to take care of.
Later on, play with the hardscape. In fact, it should take more space than the softscape to create minimalist and low-maintenance landscaping. Moreover, the hardscape will create a pathway and form the garden’s layout.

The combination of white concrete pavers and grey pebbles in the garden will significantly match your modern and minimalist house. Simply arrange the rectangular pavers in long horizontal rows and add space between them.
You can also install a simple wooden fence along the yard to complete the look. With a proper front yard landscaping design, you will achieve the modern style instantly.

Relevant details and alternatives to transform the exterior of the house:

  • No 1. A Simple and Minimalist Front Yard Landscape Design
    It’s not just your front yard. You might add a simple garden with some stones and grey concrete pebbles that will create a sweet contrast with the white painted lines of the house.
    You can also place some trees and plants around it, either tropical or deciduous kind. Play freely, but keep it simple and minimalistic.
  • No 2. The Pathway with the White Concrete Pavers
    If you prefer taking a minimalist look for your house, this white concrete patio will be the best choice. You can also just paint your old pathway to do so.
  • No 3. The White Wooden Fence with Grey Concrete Pavers
    Instead of using wooden fences in the front yard, try using grey concrete stones to frame a fence in grey color. As the hardscape is not dominating the landscape, you can still plant a few trees around it. The combination of grey concrete pavers and white rocks gives a modern look to your yard. However, remember to play with the arrangement of pebbles and rocks when it comes to creating a perfect layout for your front yard.
  • No 4. The Modern Wooden Fence’s Design
    You can always place a wooden fence on the backyard side. This design will perfectly complement the modern minimalist house, primarily if you use red or yellow color. Alternatively, you can also paint it grey to match the hardscape.
  • No 5. A Great Wooden Fence for a Modern House
    You can add a wooden fence and two nettle plants on each side of it to complete the look. The white gravels will also be great for your front yard landscaping design.
  • No 6. The Fence with the Sliding Glass Door
    A white fence with a sliding door will also create an impressive look to your backyard and house. You can also add some plants on the left and right of it. Remember that you should use neat plants in a tidy yard.
  • No 7. The Fence with Grey Concrete Pavers
    If you want to create a modern but still natural look, this is a good way. The grey concrete pavers around the fence with a white wooden fence will make a nicer look.
  • No 8. The Modern Fence with Plants on the Both Sides
    The red flowers of the plant combination create a great look to complete your modern house design. The greenery will also make your backyard more inviting and complete its simple but modern look.
  • No 9. A Wooden Fence with Wooden Garden Stools
    If you want a garden in your modern house, this is another good idea.
  • No 10. A Modern Backyard with a Rock Wall
    Using a wooden fence, you can enjoy a more modern and minimalist garden in your backyard using concrete stones for the back wall.
  • No 11. The Small and Modern Pathway Design for Your Front Yard
    Even if you have a small yard, you can still add some exciting things to it to complete the design with modern style perfectly.
  • No 12. The Screened-in Backyard Entry
    You can always create a modern and minimalist backyard with a screened-in porch. At the same time, you can also install some plants to make a small but exciting garden.

9. Spruce up the Front Door

The front door is the first thing your guests will see after the front yard. From the exterior perspective, the front door is also a gate. You can achieve that modern feel from the outside look by simply replacing your front door.

Many older homes tend to have a ubiquitous traditional door.
Get something more modern to renew it. A simpler, square dark wood with long metal rectangular panels will do.

Avoid using large glass panels that dominate the entire door. A small square glass would be enough. Entry lights attached to a wood panel above the door will add modern pop to your house exterior.

Related ides to upgrade and improve the look of your front door:

  • 1. A Sill
    Your front door will be more firmly anchored to the floor with the sill. It provides a simple anchor that modern homes are fond of. Sills are easy to improve your front door without necessarily paying extra. Sometimes, changing the existing threshold may be enough.
  • 2. A Transom
    With transom, your front door is not just an entrance. It becomes part of the architectural design. The ideal transom you should pick is the one that will not block the view. If possible, get a transparent but still solid and secure front door.
  • 3. Side panels
    Side panels are not just for the front doors. You can also use them for the back door and garage doors and windows. Side panels are an attractive addition for modern homes as it adds to their contemporary design. Its sleek look will never go out of style either.
  • 4. Locksets
    You can also upgrade and change your locksets to avoid the mundane look with three or four matching locks and handles.
  • 5. Bumpers, Thresholds, and Baseboards
    Bumpers and baseboards provide a transition to a room from other elements in the house exterior like sidewalks or steps. Another advantage is that it adds color to the whole house.
    Bumpers and thresholds can also be glass. It is an excellent way to bring a modern design element into your home.
  • 6. The Gates
    Gates enhance the house’s aesthetic value by serving as an entrance gate. The design of your gate should complement your home exterior, like a porch or front door. Another advantage is that it has a deterrent function and can keep intruders out to protect you at night.
  • 7. Window frames
  • 8. New door handle
  • 9. The right mat for your front door
    The mat made of rubber, which you place at the entrance, is also a crucial part of the modern home exterior design. For example, you can use a basic rubber mat with geometric lines and simple color themes.
  • The doormat will complete the look of the house exterior by providing a sense of texture to both sides and incorporating a few decorative elements like plaids, checked patterns, etc.
  • 10. Color selection (consider how it will complement the colors on your house and how the colors will be seen by people passing by).

8. Hardwood for the Floor

Floors are essential to any home. A trendy flooring style will make a big difference. Today, most people want the real deal, hardwood. Hardwood is less expensive, resilient yet durable than the old grey stone flooring. It is also stylish yet earthy, instantly turning any cool room into a cozy haven.

Consider choosing darker tones for a more luxurious appearance, but be sure to clean any dirt or water spill right away because they are more prone to show dirt and scrapes. You can also add a few rugs to tie the room’s overall design together from floor to ceiling.

If you look for a more affordable option, you can opt for laminate flooring. Today’s laminate flooring lends the look of various materials like wood and tiles. They are durable and, most importantly, cheap.

Other reasons
Why? It is durable, stylish, and available in various finishes and grains.
Why not? It is not as easy to replace if you decide to change floors in your home. It also requires constant maintenance and regular cleaning. You need to apply a protective sealant periodically, or it will darken over time. Moreover, it can be expensive depending on where you live and what wood you go for.

Relevant alternatives:

  • No 1. Laminate flooring
    Why? It is easy to maintain and clean and is also affordable. It can be easily replaced when you decide to change the floor.
    Why not? If you want something more unique, then this is not for you. The design is on a smaller scale as compared with wood flooring.
    ~How to install a laminate floor?
    Answer: In general, peel off the paper backing, lay the laminate on the floor, and screw down. In detail, you will need a hammer and a prybar, a planner, a pen, and some blue masking tape.
    The first thing to do is to measure the perimeter of the room. In any case, mark it with the blue masking tape.
    It would be better to use a sharpie because it will not fade in time.
    Next up is to determine which side is the top and bottom of your laminate flooring. Generally, the tongue and grooves are on the top side. If you take your time to read, it will not take more than 10 minutes for you to learn how to install laminate flooring.
  • No 2. Vinyl flooring
    Why? The designs are limited, but they can last longer than laminate flooring. It may need some renovation now and then, but it will not be as tedious compared to hardwood floors. Why not? This type of flooring may appear as if a simple plank. It is not as durable, and also, it is much more expensive than laminate.
  • No 3. Vinyl plank flooring
    Why? This type of flooring gives you the look of hardwood at an affordable price. The surface is made from vinyl, and you can find it in many styles. Why not? It may be more challenging to clean than hardwood flooring, and the design comes on a smaller scale than other types of floors.
  • No 4 Vinyl plank stair treads
    Why? This design is very timeless, classic, and natural. It looks like hardwood, but it is cheaper and more affordable than hardwood stairways. Why not? It does not have a natural feel, and it may be more challenging to clean than hardwood.
  • No 5. Cork hardwood flooring
    Why? It is one of the unique types of flooring. It has a seamless design, and you can quickly fix scratches with a knife.
    Why not? Cork flooring is another alternative that requires some renovations, and it may also appear on a smaller scale compared with hardwood flooring.
  • No 6. Arborite Flooring
    Why? Arborite flooring is made using Melamine, a hard plastic that provides a natural wood look. It is perfect for any room in the house, and it lasts longer than laminate flooring.
    Why not? It is expensive compared with laminate flooring, but it has its benefits.
  • No 7. Marble floors
    Why? Marble is a beautiful stone flooring material with timeless elegance. It looks like solid marble, but it is pretty affordable and sustainable. Why not? Marble is not as durable as other flooring materials, and it may also be too expensive for some.
  • No 8. Tile flooring
    Why? Tiles are durable, affordable, and elegant. It is one of the most common flooring materials used in homes and commercial areas. It is commonly made from porcelain, but various tiles are also made from natural stones. Why not? They may require some renovation if they get cracked. Tiles that some companies manufacture from vinyl have the look of ceramic but with a darker shade generally.
  • No 9. Terrazzo flooring
    Why? It is one of the most popular flooring styles because it gives the home a natural feel and an elegant design. Hardwood is no longer the only option for those who want an earthy, natural touch to their floors. Why not? This kind of flooring design may need some repairs from time to time, or it may also cost you a fortune.
  • No 10. Linoleum flooring
    Why? You can find this type of wood flooring in several colors and patterns. It is durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Why not? It may not look as good as other types of floors like hardwood and cork.

7. Repaint it with more Color Matters

Give your drab walls new happiness by repainting them. Besides, it is a simple, easy, budget-friendly way to add a modern twist. Start with eliminating all decorating sins and leaving only one or two best decorations.

Choosing a paint color is one of the most challenging decisions when decorating a room. However, going for an earthy and harmonious hue will never let you down.
Soft and understated hues give modern elegance to your home like Canyon Dusk brings a hopeful and welcoming theme. But you can choose the color based on your personality.

6. Update the Hardware

Luxury Modern Kitchen

It’s time to modernize your kitchen, starting from the cabinets. It is not necessary to replace your cabinets with new ones, though. Refacing them will do wonders without taking up much time and money.
Updating the pulls and door handles is simple, especially when there are so many options. However, unadorned hardware will be your safe bet when it comes to a modern home.

However, a country kitchen can look chic and updated with very modern stainless knobs. Besides, there are numerous finishes to choose from, such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.
Purchase one or two different styles to see what works best in the room. You can get the affordable ones from smaller hardware stores or flea markets.

Relevant details and alternatives to transform the interior of the house:

  • No 1. Install concrete slabs as a kitchen countertop.
    This design is perfect for people who prefer not to have a vinyl or laminate floor at home.
    The use of ceramic tiles is not just for aesthetics but also to prevent slips and falls in the kitchen, especially when using wet hands. You can also find vinyl wood laminate flooring that is durable and stylish.
  • No 2. Place a floating shelf.
    The floating shelf is a bookshelf or a cabinet that can be placed above any other surface to become immovable. It also allows the user to organize items and easily access them.
    This floating shelf height can be 4 inches to 8 inches (10 cm-20 cm).
  • No 3. Use decorative bricks or concrete slabs as a coffee table.
    Even though it doesn’t have to be that heavy, a coffee table is still an essential feature in a modern home.
    By using decorative bricks or concrete slabs as your coffee table, you can create a minimalist design and give the main focus on the main holiday.
  • No 4. Use plain glass and stainless steel for countertop material.
    The combinations of plain glass and stainless steel will help enhance the look of your kitchen and make it appear more contemporary. The best place to use this combination is on the kitchen countertop.
  • No 5. Create a beautiful interior design with an open floor plan.
    Open-concept designs are the most popular in contemporary home designs because they tend to induce a comfortable and spacious area that can accommodate large groups of people or various activities at once.
    In this open-concept design, you can see how modern white cabinets blend with the light wooden floor and the light grey wall color.
  • No 6. Install natural lighting.
    Natural lighting is crucial in today’s design. It allows people to feel relaxed and at ease by letting them notice the openness of the rooms and let their senses be stimulated by it.
    In this living room, natural light is provided by one of the best window treatments for a modern home; with the sheer curtains, you can add, allowing minimal light and more style simultaneously.
  • No 7. Use neutral colors for your kitchen cabinets.
    The neutral colors also help create a contemporary design and match the contemporary kitchen.
  • No 8. Install stainless steel accessories.
    This is a simple but high-impact kitchen that looks like it has been designed by a professional designer rather than just someone who has invested in new appliances.
  • No 9. Use white for the main furniture piece of your home’s interior design.
    White creates an instant modern look without spending hundreds of dollars on other materials like wood, marble, or glass. The white color is also an excellent choice for placing any items that are expensive, like artwork or other decorative items.
  • No 10. Use grey for your living room interior design.
    Grey is the new black in interior design, not just because of the stylish grey carpets but because it can create an elegant and sophisticated look for many different interiors.
    A few simple touches such as gold accents, modern furniture, and a soft background can help to make the concept feel luxurious and unique.

5. Lighting Makes Difference

Nothing conveys a modern look like the lighting fixtures placed throughout your home, especially if you have not changed them in a decade.
Think of the furniture arrangement before you set the lighting. For example, when you know where you will place the sofa set, TV unit, and TV stand in the living room, you can look for the best position of your decorative & general lighting.

The key to getting the dressing room lighting right is introducing light layers. You can install a glamourous yet simple pendant light at the center of a room. It creates a focus and an alternative source of light to balance the directional downlights.
Table lamps will create interest and soft intermediate light. Then, ceiling lights will create an intimate space in the room.

4. Decorative Wall Panels

Paneling is now a decorative element that adds texture and dimension to walls in recent trends. Many homeowners become bolder with their DIY and decorating projects with wall panels.
There are many ways to incorporate paneling into a modern home interior, just like this one.

The gorgeous charcoal black color perfectly complements the greyish ambiance in this living room. It is bold yet elegant, creating an architectural character to the room. Furthermore, the wood slat panels cover the wall and add decorative textures.

Other alternative ideas to upgrade or enrich your paneling are:
1. Wood paneling in dark brown color
2. Wood paneling in beige color
3. Rustic wood paneling in light wood color
4. Brushed metal wall panels (for a modern living room)
5. Sprayed paint for metal wall panels for a unique finish
6. Metal wall panels in black, grey, or silver color (for modern bedrooms)
7. White painted metal wall panels (for a modern kitchen)
8. White painted wood wall panels in a modern style kitchen
9. Black metal wall panels with wood molding (to match reclaimed wood flooring)
10. White wall paneling with black vertical stripes (for a modern living room)
11. White wall panels with black vertical stripes and gold details
12. Light gray vertical striped walls, white ceiling, and white horizontal striped wooden floors (for a cozy living room)
13. Dark gray paint for metal or wood paneling (this is for a modern exterior)
14. Bright white vertical striped walls (for a modern living room)
15. Black paneling with chrome details (to add a modern exterior)
16. Nude/beige walls and black wall panels with chrome details (for a modern basement or bathroom)
17. White walls and dark gray wall panels with vertical strips (in a modern living room)
18. Turquoise walls, concrete floors, and black paneling (this is for an open kitchen/living area)
19. White walls and black wall panels with glass mirror details (for a modern living room)
20. Beige or white walls and wood paneling (to add texture to the room)
21. Light gray walls, white ceiling, and maroon wall panels (this is for a modern living room)
22. White walls with gray vertical stripes and wood paneling w/overtime design
23. Blackwood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern kitchen)
24. White walls with dark wood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern bathroom)
25. Bright white horizontal striped walls, white ceiling, and white vertical striped wooden floors (for a sleek living room)
26. Dark gray paint for metal or wood paneling (this is for an architectural character to the room)
27. White walls with dark wood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern bathroom)
28. Blackwood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern living room)
29. Light gray walls, white ceiling, and maroon wall panels (this is for a modern bathroom)
30. Black paneling with chrome details (to add an industrial look outside)
31. White walls with dark wood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern living room)
32. Light gray-blue walls, white ceiling, and brick red wall panels (for a modern living room)
33. Dark gray paint for metal or wood paneling (this is for an architectural character to the room)
34. White walls with black vertical stripes and wood paneling w/overtime design
35. Black floor tiles, concrete walls, and light gray wall panels (for a modern basement)
36. Dark grey paint for metal or wood paneling (this is for a modern kitchen)
37. White painted metal wall panels in black, grey, or silver color (for modern bedrooms)
38. Blue steel metal wall panels for a modern living room (to add an industrial artwork)
39. White walls with wood paneling in a contemporary style (for a modern living room or modern bathroom)
40. Dark gray paint for metal or wood paneling (this is for an architectural character to the room)
41. White walls with dark wood grain or metal wood-grain wall panels (for a modern kitchen)

3. Give it the touch of Latest Window Treatments

Not only for privacy but window treatments also add some elegance and modernity to your home. There are many types for your options, from fancy drapery frames, vertical blinds, roller shades, and sliding panel tracks.

Currently, the latest color in-trends are soft neutrals, monochromatic color schemes, and bright, nature-inspired elements. The gray-tone shutters, including cooler and gray-tinted natural browns, also emerge.
The floor-to-ceiling curtains will be a popular way to add height to your room or accent a room with tall ceilings. Don’t forget to use the trendy curtain rods to match the modern curtains.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. To treat your window start with a simple but beautiful and expensive look, choose the shade of window treatment and fabric. Choose curtains long measuring from 3 feet to 4 feet.
  • No 2. Using a computer or your phone, measure the height of each window, including the ceiling above the window. This will enable you to space each curtain rod or curtain between 3-4 inches from the ceiling.
  • No 3. You can choose from a wide range of curtain rods for the rod or curtain rod. Depending on their quality, you can find them in the market from around $10 to $30 per rod.
  • No 4. Hanging the curtains using curtain hooks or clips.

There are many types of drapes, but the most popular ones today are window curtains. They are usually made of fabric and block sunlight and add privacy. The fabric is mainly made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen.

The price usually varies with quality and weight. They come in various styles and colors, including natural color neutrals, pastel colors such as light blue or green, and intense colors such as red or yellow. Some of the modern drapes might have patterns on them.

2. The Hottest Houseplants

Houseplants have jumped in popularity lately and continue to rise because they can transform a lifeless room into a joyful one. The greenery, for example, can change a room into a deciduous jungle or a tropical paradise, depending on the plants you choose.
Besides, it is beautiful to admire and boost air quality by producing oxygen and filtering harsh chemicals.

Some plants in the must-have list in 2021 and upcoming 2022 (and hopefully beyond) are Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Alocasia, the beautiful Monstera Deliciosa, Golden Pothos, Chinese Money Plant, Bamboo / Majesty Palm, Fern, Velvet Calathea, String of Hearts, and many others.

Other alternative ideas to transform your interior with indoor plants are:

  • 1. Start with the right color.
    In detail, the colors of the plants can coincide with the colors that are already in your home. If your room is spacey and light, consider green and white as your plants’ colors. They also look great with blue accents.
  • 2. Arrange them stylishly
    If you want to organize them, make sure they are not in the way of foot traffic or walkways to prevent trips and falls. You can tie them up or hang them on something like a chain or a strong yarn.
  • 3. Add a new pop of color.
    In other words, bring a colorful plant to your room and add some color to it. This way, you will liven up the appearance of your home as well. For example, add a red, pink, or orange plant to make your space happier.
  • 4. Have fun with large plants as focal points in small rooms
    You can use stylish containers instead for small spaces where large plants are not recommended due to lack of air circulation and insufficient light.
  • 5. Brighten up your fireplace or walls with plants or artwork.
    If you don’t have a fireplace, you can consider wall-mounted plants as alternatives or add outdoor décor to your room for some unique looks.
  • 6. Consider an indoor garden, wall plants, or other indoor greenery.
    Those indoor garden plants such as Aeonium, English Ivy, and Aloe Vera can give your room a tropical look. You can also keep them indoors in pots with the help of artificial seedlings, like succulents and aloe vera.
  • 7. Try a bathroom makeover by adding indoor plants and accessories.
    Give your bathroom a different style with plants in containers or small pots. You can keep them in the shower room, on shelves, and even next to the bathtub, so they will be ready when you need them.
  • 8. If you have a balcony or patio in your backyard, use it to grow small plants and aromatic herbs there.
    The balconies of some houses are usually small and usually without any outdoor décor.
  • 9. Choose a suitable space for a plant, perhaps an area with good light but not direct sunlight, or where indirect light is sometimes available but usually not that hot (such as in an otherwise dark space).
  • 10. If looking for plants online or at a local nursery, consider the light level, water needs, and any special maintenance required for the type of plant you choose.
    As the home décor market extends its reach to more people with different tastes and designs, it is always good to start small with your resources. This is why many homeowners opt for simple houseplants from their local grocery and gardening stores as housewarming gifts or as part of an interior design scheme.

Lastly, Number 1. Modern Entertainment Centre

A tidy and sleek look with modern TV stands in the living room has been popular lately. IKEA Besta is actually a TV unit. It works for either a wall-mounted unit or the one with bases.
You can always change the simple look to match your style and interior.

Painting, adding a wooden top, stenciling, and changing pulls are examples of personalizing your Besta unit. One idea is to paint the doors turquoise and arrange the storage up and down, flanking the TV.

Other relevant ideas to transform your interior more fun, comforting, or entertaining:

  • No 1. DIY Patchwork Cushions
    This DIY project will change the look of your living room instantly. You just need a few pieces of old fabric, scissors, and glue.
    Puffy cushions are great for seats, or you can use them as decor and add a little extra touch to your table settings.
  • No 2. Get Home Deeper with the Striping
    You can use stripes to make a room just feel more vibrant. Striped curtains, upholstered furniture, and door curtains are some of the ways to achieve this.
    Use a striped area rug for a modern look on your entryway or make simple upholstery like pillows, chair cushions, and headboards for your living room.
  • No 3. A Loft Bed with a Closet
    Do you have a teenage child? You can transform their room into a modern, comfortable sleep space by making an as-if-above-it-all combination of loft bed and closet.
    Curtains can hide the loft bed, and it also has more storage for the books and knickknacks of your kids.
  • No 4. Pendant Light above Kitchen Island
    This beautiful kitchen is all about white and gray, with a pink pendant light and an all-white kitchen island. You can change the existing, regular modern ceiling lights.
    Please pay attention to how the light fixture is designed with a triangle-shaped pendant lamp.
  • No 5. The Boho Chic Bedroom
    This bedroom is filled with blue sofas and chairs, a wooden wine rack, beaded lamps, and an exciting chest of drawers at the end of the bed frame.
  • No 6. Install floating shelves
    A floating shelf is a great way to organize your bookshelves or cabinets. Space-saving design adds elegance to any room, especially in the home office area.
  • No 7. Add a Glass-Top Table or Coasters
    A glass-top table is perfect for any kid’s room too. You can use it as a table, desk, or even a sewing station. Glass top looks beautiful, and it’s also relatively easy to clean. Alternatively, you can select that made of wood or plastic
    ~ Use Coasters
    Your furniture can look amazing with your favorite pictures on them, only if you protect them with our eco-friendly and durable coasters. They make your living environment beautiful and exciting for your guests.
  • No 8. Add game center or playroom
    For example, You can transform your basement into a game or playroom.
    Make it Fun. Add Pool Tables and Big Flat Screen Televisions, some comfy gaming chairs, cable TV with video game system, air hockey table, retro video games, dartboard, and more.
  • No 9. Add karaoke or music center
    This is great for your home and can be a fantastic bonding time with friends. You will love singing and playing the guitar while enjoying beer and pizza.
  • No 10. Don’t forget the Wall Charging Station or the Hidden one
    You will be surprised how many smartphones and tablets you can take with you in a tiny charger station that will fit on your wall or desk. Make one with a thin, black cable and some power outlets.

Now, you know that overhauling a home does not always cost you a fortune. You just need to add a twist to what you already have with these 10 affordable modern house transformation ideas.



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