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3 Simple Tips to Decorate Your Balcony

Pre-covid, you rarely had the time to sit outside your balcony or terrace.
Work tasks and family obligations would take the most out of your day. Weekends were barely enough to have a rest and enjoy some “me” time.

However, now as you work remotely or in a hybrid setting, the way you spend your day has changed a lot. Now, you’re actually working from your balcony.
Oh, how the turntables!

But lately, you’ve realized that your balcony isn’t making you comfortable. You feel like it’s just an additional house area, serving no purpose other than checking out the view.
So how can you make it cozier and relaxing for long-period sitting?

Go for a Minimalist Look

It’s been one heck of a year with the pandemic chaos.

The uncertainty has led more people to buy less and save more. Spending on extra items just seems to put a massive dent in your wallet.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your balcony. You can go for something minimal like a traditional wooden table. Then you can place a small pot of herbs such as basil or mint. These herbs will provide you with a mood-boosting odor that’s guaranteed to relax your mind and clear your head of worries.

As for the type of chair, opt for a high back ergonomic chair that will give you the comfort you need. Plastic chairs aren’t good for your back and bottom, especially when you’re sitting for long hours.
Moreover, hanging a basket lamp or a bamboo lamp can offer additional zen and chill the atmosphere.

Choose a Comfy Couch Set

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like sitting on a chair too long, then buying a couch can be a good option. A few hours of sitting at the table might work, but later, you might want to lift your legs and cross them like a yogi, place the laptop on your lap and become an immovable couch potato.

That’s why getting a preferably cream-colored couch set is an excellent choice if you want to lighten up the mood.
You can also get a few fluffy pillows and place them behind your back for added support to make your spine straight.

Remember to keep your back straight to prevent future issues with your spine like lower back pain or, in more severe cases, degenerative spine disease.

Bring Nature to Your Feet

This doesn’t mean that you should remove your flooring entirely and make it into a garden.
Instead, you can opt for artificial turfs to cover your flooring, thereby creating a more natural look.

Turfs are low-maintenance, durable, and affordable that will bring you closer to nature without any worry about insects and rodents. Moreover, you can line a few plants next to one another on the side of the turf to give the feel of a forest.

After revamping your balcony, you’ll soon want to change your terrace as well. After all, if Covid doesn’t let you enjoy public parks, then it’s time to improvise, adapt and overcome!

Getting turfs at wholesale prices will benefit you in the long run if you’re looking to decorate your backyard as well!

Written by Simpson

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