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10 IKEA Storage Transformations for Small Rooms

If you have a small interior space, you know how difficult it can be to make the most of its area. The challenge is incredible while trying to organize the room. How can one create more storage for a bedroom/living space and kitchen while keeping it aesthetically pleasing? Luckily, Ikea has designed a variety of storage solutions that are best suited for a limited area.

A small room requires thoughtful decorations and furniture. As a good rule of thumb, keeping things down to a minimum is necessary so that the room will not feel cramped. Therefore, investing in furniture sets that provide storage space will be your safe bet. Still, if making it from scratch is not your thing, you can always tweak the existing furniture a little bit.

Ikea is renowned for its top-notch furniture sets. They are beautiful, sturdy, and functional. However, if you are not satisfied with their features, try adding a twist to meet your need. We have summed up 10 Ikea storage transformations for small rooms to inspire you. Let’s check them out. Following the previous IKEA hack list, you can find in the channel; this list video is also brought to you by Simphome.

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10. A Night Stand with Storage Idea

A small bedroom tends to lack floor space. Therefore, you might think you need to forego a nightstand. Unfortunately, it may lead to another problem. Where do you set down your glasses and book? Well, you can make a short trip to the dresser, but you are too lazy to do that.

The best solution to your problem is making a floating nightstand. You do not have to build it from scratch, though. Just grab two Ikea Mosslanda picture ledges, attach them to the wall near your bed, and you are good to go.

This nightstand allows you to set down your phone and glasses on top. It also has a cubby-like compartment that you can use as additional storage. You can try adding an LED strip light inside it to illuminate your bedroom subtly.

Additional upgrade ideas:

  1. What you need: 2 IKEA Mosslanda picture ledges
  2. What you do: Attach the ledges to the wall using wall screws. You can secure them on each side of your bed, for example.
  3. Add new Pictures:
  4. What you get: A floating nightstand with a cubby and a small compartment to put down your phone and glasses.

9. The Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

Ikea Kallax shelving unit is such a chic and functional piece of furniture for your living room and bedroom. Surprisingly, you can also use it in your kitchen as a moveable kitchen island.

First, you need to assemble the Kallax shelving unit and the inserts. After that, install four casters at the bottom to allow the kitchen island to move.
Next, install LÄMPLIG cutting boards on top. Do not forget to flip the boards over so that they can fit snugly with the top. Finally, install towel holders on both sides of your kitchen island.

More details:

  1. Assembly: You need to assemble the Kallax shelving unit and then add two MÅRD cutting boards. However, do not add the top. Instead, attach it upside down for a snug fit with the base.
  2. Casters: Install four casters at the bottom of your kitchen island to allow you to move it quickly.
  3. LÄMPLIG Cutting Boards: Add LÄMPLIG cutting boards on top of your kitchen island base.
  4. Towel holders: Install towel holders on both sides of your kitchen island.
  5. Use: As a moveable kitchen island, you can use it to prepare and store food and drinks on the kitchen countertop.

8. The Ikea Lego Table Idea

Playing Lego is fun. Besides, it is a good activity that can enhance creativity and keep your kids busy for a while. Unfortunately, the pieces can be scattered everywhere and create a mess.
To overcome your problem, you can try to make this Lego table. First, cut out two rectangles on the Ikea Ingo dining table. Make sure the holes have the same size as the buckets that will rest snugly in them.
Then, spray paint the table. After that, put the bins in place and glue down the baseplates to the remaining space. Finally, fill the buckets with Legos.

Additional improvements you can do:

  1. Spray Paint the table.
  2. Attach the Lego Bins using wood glue.
  3. Fill up the Lego buckets with Legos for easy access.
  4. Other options: You can spray-paint the table in your favorite color to match the decor in your room.

7. A Modern Media Console Idea with IKEA Besta

Besta frames are simple yet functional storage that can ditch the clutter. Instead of using them as wall-mounted shelves, you can turn them into a modern media console.
You will need two Besta frames. Then, install HANVIKEN doors and support legs that raise the frames a few inches off the floor. Finally, add knobs, and that’s it!

You can also add another layer of storage with IKEA MUREN wardrobe cabinets. They are simple to assemble, and they come in several lengths. Depending on the size you choose, you can add doors or shelves to fit your need.

Additional improvement ideas:

  1. If you do not want to drill holes on the frames for support legs, use LURÖR brackets instead. They are easier to install without damaging the frames.
  2. You can replace the HANVIKEN doors with glass panels for a more stylish look.
  3. You can opt for other knobs or handles to add a personal touch.

6. A New Bench with Storage Idea

This one is another ingenious idea for your Kallax shelving unit. Instead of using it as a bookcase, you can try to turn it into a bench with storage. You just need to grab a Kallax shelving unit. Lay it on the floor, and then top it with upholstered foam to create a comfortable cushion to sit on. After that, install gold longline feet at each end of the bench to add the touch of luxury. Finally, place baskets on each shelf.

Other improvement alternatives that deserve your attention are:

  1. You can create extra storage space by installing a drawer or two on the bench.
  2. You can also add additional storage space by putting down two Kallax bookcases on top of each other to create a small tier.
  3. If you do not want to drill holes for the longline fleet, you can opt for pieces of wood that are shaped like legs.

5. A Rolling system Under Bed Storage Idea

Some people might suggest you add legs to your bed so that you can raise it a few inches off the floor. You should take this advice because the area under the bed can be a functional storage space.

To use the area under the bed, you can put some baskets, suitcases, or A DIY rolling storage.
If you want to make this rolling storage, you will need two Ikea RIBBA frames, hinges to assemble them, a hook and staple that will keep the case closed, four casters, and a ribbon that will prevent the top from opening fully.

Other alternatives you can do to optimize your under-bed space are:

  1. Install the rolling storage before putting the bed on the floor. It will be easier to access.
  2. Place hooks or rods under your bed for hanging clothes that you do not use often.
  3. You can also opt for shallow drawers with shoeboxes to have more storage space.
  4. You can use different types of storage cases to maximize your under-bed space.
  5. You can add wheels and a handle to the drawer. This way, it will be easier to access and move around.

4. The Ikea Moveable Work Station Idea

Ikea TARVA dresser comes in a simple design that some people may find it less appealing. Therefore, they like to add a twist to this functional storage. You can also do the same. Even better, you can try turning it into a stylish desk.

First, remove the top drawer of the TARVA dresser and move the top-drawer glides an inch down from the original position. Then, cut out the legs so that they are flush with the dresser’s bottom. After that, turn the dresser upside down so that you can attach the casters.

Now, install a ¾” piece of plywood to replace the original bottom of the top drawer. Put the front on the drawer last. You will find the channel for the original drawer bottom. Just ignore it.
Next, attach the front of the drawers with leaf support hinges. Make sure it is flush with the drawer bottom when it opens.

Other alternatives:

  1. Some people still like to store their shoes in boxes, bags, and boxes under the bed. To do this, you need to install a DIY footboard with simple brackets and casters. Then, just secure four casters to the brackets and drill holes into the underside of the bed for attaching them.
  2. You can also use the Ikea KALLAX shelving unit as a home office desk using it as a stand for your laptop.
  3. If you don’t want to drill holes in the underside of the top drawer and the frame, you can opt for a rolling bin. After that, just add casters, and you will have a rolling desk that will cost much less than buying a full home office desk.
  4. You can also use the drawer without a top. You can use it as a table for your laptop or a place to put a plant or books.
  5. The most budget-friendly idea is to put a sheet of plywood under the top drawer and use it as a table.

3. Display Your Treasure

Ikea Mosslanda picture ledge is a perfect option if you want to display your photos elegantly. Furthermore, you can make it work harder if you install some hooks underneath.
You can use the hooks to hang your jewelry so that you can find it easily. Besides, colorful accessories can perk your bedroom nicely.

Other ideas you can take to show off your collections are:

  1. You can hang your favorite boxes in the frame.
  2. You can also suspend various objects so that they are easier to find.
  3. You can use the frame to display your favorite collectibles or decorations.
  4. You can also use it in the living room to present your favorite books, magazines, and pamphlets for guests when they arrive at your home.
  5. It is sometimes good to put an object on top of the picture ledge so that you can display it there because of its size or colors.
  6. You can also criticize decorative objects such as flowers and plants. They will not only look nice, but they will make your home more alive and cheerful.
  7. You can opt to make a jewelry display area by installing a hanging rod behind the ledge. It will be perfect for organizing your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.
  8. You can also use the same hanging rod to suspend your shoes, purses, or handbags.
  9. You can opt for small shelves to organize your accessories in different colors. This way, they will be more visible and accessible.
  10. You can also use the hooks to hang other items that you find useful but are not part of your jewelry collection, like gloves or scarves that usually end up lying around somewhere else in your room.

2. A Mini Yet Functional Storage Idea using IKEA Moppe

Ikea Moppe features a compact design that you can use to store small items like jewelry or stationery. However, if the look does not satisfy you, you can just reface it with some paint, four bun feet, and six cup handles. This way, you can carve out a bit of farmhouse style in your bedroom or home office.

IKEA Moppe is all about refacing. If you like the original design, you can just paint it with your favorite color. However, if you feel like it is not enough, there is more to do. First, place the IKEA Moppe upside down on the floor and then cut two pieces of ¾” plywood with a jigsaw or band saw.

Next, measure the distance between the legs on both sides of the IKEA Moppe and draw lines accordingly. That will be the width of the new sides. You can then drill holes to attach the sides. You can attach six cup handles or four bun feet to the sides, and you will have a new storage space under the IKEA Moppe.
Besides, you can also paint it and add your favorite knickknacks.

Lastly, Number 1. Kitchen Island with Lots of Storage

The kitchen is a room that is prone to clutter. You can overcome this problem by decluttering it or investing in additional storage.

Billy bookshelves are an excellent choice for your messy kitchen. You just need three Billy bookshelves, screw them together, top them with Ikea butcher block, add trims, hooks, and wire baskets. You can also try to attach two corbels to add a touch of elegance to the kitchen island.

Other billy bookshelf hack you can try are:

  1. You can use the brackets and the IKEA EKTORP coffee table to create a ready-to-use bookshelf.
  2. To make this hack as simple as possible, you can opt for a basic pegboard wall to secure everything from spices to fruits.
  3. You can also try to avoid clutter by ensuring that all your kitchen accessories are stored in their designated cabinets and drawers.
  4. You can also use a removable magnetic strip to organize your utensils.
  5. You can also remove the back panel of the bookcase and add a thin floating shelf for storing small items like spices and sauces.
  6. As one of the most convenient storage hacks, you can install a thin wire shelf above the kitchen island with hooks for hanging your utensils, mugs, and bottles.
  7. You can also opt for a wire shelf with a horizontal bar to store any food items, including fruits and vegetables.
  8. You can also use a shelving unit as a table using it as a vanity.
  9. You can store your spices on the kitchen island wall by attaching a shelving unit to it.
  10. You can also create some storage space for your kitchen tools by hanging them from the hooks of the ceiling racks of the Billy bookshelves.

Instead of splurging out on a new piece of furniture, why don’t you add a twist to the existing one? It will help you salt away some money while improving your creativity. You can begin with these 10 Ikea bedroom storage transformations for a small room that will solve your problem without breaking a sweat.

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