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20 IKEA Malm DIYS to inspire your next room transformation

10. Elevate Your IKEA Malm Game: A Bed Hack Guide!

Looking to optimize your space and step up your room’s aesthetics? Turn your IKEA Malm drawers into a fabulously functional raised bed!

1. Lay The Foundation: Start with a solid, flat base where your mattress will rest.
2. Support System: Position your Malm drawers at both ends of your future bed. They’re not just storage now; they’re foundational!
3. Wall Anchor: Fasten a sturdy timber length to the top end of your wall. This timber’s job? Hold up your bed, so make it secure!
4. Add legs to the mattress base for that extra stability. Who says only humans need strong legs?
5. Screw the mattress base onto the Malm drawers and the wall supports. This trio ensures your bed stays in place.
6. Aesthetic Touch: Do you desire a classy edge around your mattress? Add one! Our source was repurposed aside from an old cabin bed.

9. Elevate your IKEA Malm bed with a handy 3D hack!

Easily transform it into a convenient bedside table for your phone or essentials. Perfectly tailored for the Malm bed, this addition requires no screws or glue but has pre-made holes if you prefer added security. Comprising two parts, you can either glue or screw them together or try both! The best part? It’s a simple print, needing zero support.

Want to customize? Open the source file in Blender or Fusion360 and make it your own. Grab the free files from the provided link, which includes Version 2, for an even sturdier outcome!

8. A hack to enlighten your IKEA Malm bed and give it an innovative twist

Draw inspiration from IKEA’s pine wood bedside tables.

Grab a wooden board, 2cm thick, with a similar hue, sized at 70cm x 2.05m. This will slightly overlap your 1.80m x 2.00m bed, creating a trendy border. To fix the board, use angle brackets: 3 at the top and 2 on each side. A quick tip: ensure the board’s edges are smoothed post-cut to avoid splinters. Remember, the board doesn’t touch the floor; it comfortably rests on the original bed frame behind your mattress.

For added flair, consider the HEKTAR clamp lamps°. They seamlessly clip onto your new board. In 2019, an IKEA DELAKTIG rattan headboard can take the design up a notch. If you’ve got one lying around, or fancy buying separately, it’s a fantastic addition. Secure it using 3 long screws from the back through the pine board into the rattan – they’ll be completely hidden.

Do you need more securing at the base? Drill an additional 4 screws from the front, navigating easily via the wooden strip on the rattan headboard. If your mattress fit is tight, consider opting for a narrower pine board.

7. An IKEA Malm platform bed hack with Unfolded Storages to revamp your organization!

Imagine maximizing your space while scoring major style points. Kick things off by assembling three MALM 6-drawer chests (ref: 701.033.49) following the provided IKEA guide. Line them up, creating the bed’s foundation. Now, cut your decking boards to a neat 160cm and attach them atop the chests. To elevate, use cut posts at your desired height. Remember to use blades underneath the posts to protect your floor. Lay down your 160cm mattress, and your raised bed boasting tons of storage has been completed!

6. Discover the art of IKEA transformations with these two engaging Malm hack videos!

Guiding you step-by-step, these tutorials demonstrate how just one adaptable wooden plank can redefine your space and storage needs. Begin by meticulously measuring the worktop and clothes rail to ensure a perfect fit.

Once screwed into place, unleash your creativity by embellishing your revamped Malm with personal touches and decor that speak to your style. Dive in and watch the magic unfold! Tiktok/Instagram/Tiktok

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