Horse Home Décor for Equestrian Style Theme

For horse lover horse home décor might be interesting to have since it is very unique and no other style that is similar to it. Even though for some it looked aged style but the design can actually make your home appear more sophisticated especially when you really live the equestrian live style. Moreover there are endless horse items which you could use inside your home, let us give you some ideas.
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Equestrian Items You Must Have for Horse Home Décor

1. Horse icon

A must item that you have to had inside your equestrian home décor is this horse statue. Moreover you can actually find the statue made from many kinds of material such as copper, porcelain, and the most classic wooden icon. Find statue that really have high detail so it will really show the horse physical shape. Best statue is one that could even shows up the horse muscle so it appears more alive.

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2. Horse painting

Looking for a way to decorate those empty walls? Then horse painting is a must for you. Use one big horse painting as a focus point of your room or you can also use several small horse paintings to decorate the horse home décor hall. Grayscale painting, monochrome painting and even colorful painting are available so you could match them with your room interior style.

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If you have more budgets to be spent, you could even try to make wall art where you could ask an artist to directly paint one of the room walls with horse painting. This would surely make the room look more luxurious and amazing as well. But of course the amount of money you need to get this kind of wall art is larger so ordinary painting could be a better choice for some.
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3. Horse sofa cover

It must be kind of hard for you to find a horse patterned sofa, where the sofa has horse picture on the surface. That is why you could try to use horse sofa cover on any furniture you had at home. Cover the entire sofa with a cloth that has horse painting on it. Then use several pillows which you covered with the different kinds of horse patterns to complement it.

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If you think that using horse sofa cover for horse home décor is too much, then you could try to find a cloth with horse pattern, then just throw it on the sofa back, but the horse pattern pillows are a must to have.

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4. Horse riding gear

Of course there is no Horse home without having horse riding gear inside, that is why you must try find your old riding gear that you do not use anymore and place it as decoration item for your horse home décor. Put your dressage gloves and dressage whip on the coffee table or corner table as decoration. The tall boots can be put on the floor in the corner or on the bottom most shelf rack. Your old riding helmet can be hung on a hook that you can attach on the door if you do not have a coat hanger to put it.
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Conclusion to Complement Your Equestrian Home Décor Look
To create the perfect horse home décor, then you need to arrange your house better. Use plaid pattern for a lot of things in your home for example on the window treatment pattern, table cloth and many others. You could even throw plaid cloth here and there for decoration. Of course your home theme color should also adapt the color used on the plaid pattern. Especially the dark red main color of plaid which you could use on the dining room cushion color or the dark blue and green which also plaid pattern color.

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Classic furniture which you could find on an English manor is a must to have inside the horse home décor. Big size sofa leather and full patterned rug is something that you could use inside your house, especially when you want it to appear luxurious. Antique patterned porcelain or China wear can also complement that furniture well if you could arrange them perfectly.

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Silver wear and your horse riding trophy can be used as parts of decoration items which you could put on the table, shelf or even walls. Some silver wear even have horse shape and pattern such as horse head book end can be taken into consideration.

Another thing that must be visible on your house is the use of wooden element. The best thing to have is the house beam structure which could be a nice view on every room. Of course it is not a must as your home might not have such structure. But you can try to add wooden trim panels to the entire room wall to adapt the wooden atmosphere. Wooden floor is not hard to have and of course wooden material for all furniture.

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