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Sometimes you want to find a way to change your home decor for cheap since most of the time home accessories are priced rather high. Of course they are priced high since you do not change your decoration every day since people only do that seasonally or yearly.

Nevertheless you want to make your house more beautiful without having to break the bank every season. That is why you must be smart and find some things that you can use to change the appearance of your house but still stay within reasonable budget. Let us check a few ideas that we have here to make your house more beautiful.

List of home decor for cheap ideas to try

1. Wallpaper

You can find a few wallpapers in cheap price, which is why you must try to use it as home decor for cheap budget. The wallpaper’s pattern can instantly change the appearance of your room to be deeper and textured. That is why you can use this decoration if you want to make your room more interesting especially on the items that seem to be plain without any pattern. Use it as background on the back of your bookcase or cupboard, or you can also attached it on your staircase to make it more interesting. (via wallpaperwarehouse)


2. Pillow case

If you want to change the appearance of your sofa or bed you do not need to purchase a new sofa and bed which may need a fortune to get one. Instead you can just change the pillowcase that you have used for the bed or sofa. Changing the case only and not the entire pillow is also a good home decor for cheap idea that you can try. Choose pillow case pattern that is different from the old pattern you have used before. You can see by changing the pattern will instantly change the appearance of your furniture to appear more beautiful. You can also try to make the pillow case yourself to spend even less on your budget. (via allfreesewing)


3. Bold color

Another way to give dramatic change to your room is by adding bold color inside the room. You need to add something that could work as point of view so people’s eyes will be attracted to the colors which makes the room more beautiful in their eyes. Of course you could not use too many bold colors and just add a few. There is some home decor for cheap items that you can use for this purpose. You can try to paint one of the walls with main color of the scheme you use in your room. Or you can also add some furniture with bold color of your choice. (via thesleepjudge)

bold color

4. Plant

You know that you can get a few plants for cheap and you can even get some of the plants from your garden. Try to put them inside your room which could be reached by sunlight so it can still grow. There are many ways that you can add plants indoor which is by putting the planters on the table or floor, you can even hung or install rack on the wall. Adding indoor plant is not only as home decor for cheap budget but it will also able to make your room fresher. The green colors of the plants will make you feel calm and relax thus you will be able to enjoy the time inside your house better. (via housebeautiful)

indoor plant

5. Rearrange room

Another cheap way that you can use to change the appearance of your room is by rearranging your room. Move the furniture around or change the furniture from the other pieces you had in other room. Repaint several pieces that might already look dull, or distress it if you want to get vintage appearance. This really could be a way to reuse home decor for cheap without having to spend any money to get new furniture or even decoration. (via thuexefcs)

rearrange room

Tips to redecorate your house with cheaper price

You can change the appearance of your room without having to splurge on your budget if you know the tricks to do. Of course making DIY home decor for cheap is another project that you can also do if you really want to get a new item to accessories your room. That way you do not even need to purchase the items directly and only get the material. Furthermore custom made accessories will make your room more personal so having DIY projects like this will really make you feel attached to your house.

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You can also try to change the theme of your room as a chance. Of course you do not need to go overboard by using totally different theme since this might need you to spend more money. The easiest theme that you can use is color theme, so just add more color to the room to make the difference with home decor for cheap ideas.

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