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Bedroom is one of the places where you usually spend most of your time. It’s supposed to be comfy as well as reflecting your interest and personality. Therefore, your bedroom needs decorating. But if you do it carelessly, your bedroom will end up being lousy.

Adorning a bedroom doesn’t have to make you broke. These are 10 easy DIY projects for your bedroom that can make your bedroom look nicer without breaking a sweat and even making you short on cash. As always this idea is brought to you by

10. Flower Lampshade
10 Flower Lampshade Simphome com
Table lamp is one of must-have items in your bedroom. It does not only provide dim light that soothes your bedtime, but also adorns your bedroom well. You can find various kinds of table lamps with unique lampshades in home improvement stores or flea markets. But if the lamp doesn’t suit your style well, you know you can tweak it a little bit, don’t you?

This DIY beautiful lampshade will definitely make your bedroom look more elegant. Besides, making this lampshade is fun. Every homeowner can try it, and you are welcomed to follow. You just need to prepare some flowers and hot glue. You might want to get big flowers like roses or peonies as they can cover lots of surface area so the project will be done in no time.

All you need to do is just applying a lot of hot glue on the bottom of each flower. The more glue you apply, the better. So, be generous! Now you can begin to attach the first flower on the lampshade from the top to the bottom until it’s completely covered.

9. Cupcake Flower Lights
9 Cupcake Flower Lights Simphome com
Do you want to bring the joy of summer in your bedroom? These flower lights will be your biggest stake. They are adorable, colourful, and – the most important thing – super affordable. Your supplies; some large and small cupcake papers, scissors, a knife, and string lights.

First, Get the small papers to make the leaves and 8-petal flowers. To make a leave, you need to fold a paper in half twice. Cut a leave shape with the folded point at the bottom.
And to make an 8-petal flower, fold a paper in half three times. Cut around the top part with the folded point at the bottom.

To make a 16-petal flower, get the large paper, fold it in half four times. And cut it off just like what you did to the 8-petal flower.
Now you can begin assemble them after cutting a small X to enable the string lights to appear.

8. Faux Flower Monogram
8 Faux Flower Monogram Simphome com
There are many ways to make a pretty good focal point for a bedroom. One of which is by making a monogram that usually hangs above the headboard. Although it is solely a single letter, it can add a personal touch to your bedroom depending on how you display it. And this flower monogram will suit your little princess’s room as well. You only need to print out and cut the letter off. Then, attach some beautiful flowers so the letter will be covered completely. You can also frame the monogram to accentuate it.

7. Letters with Flowers
7 Letters with Flowers Simphome com
Instead of hanging a single letter, you can just hang some letters spelling first name of your little princess? Again, we work with flowers again. When it comes to decorating a bedroom, harnessing the charm of flowers will be one of the best choices.

To make this nice centrepiece repeat same steps and materials as when you make a flower monogram, except the carved wood letters that hold the flowers is 8” in diameter now. You can also hang wood plaques to anchor the letters so they’ll stay in place.

6. Shutters clipboard Photo Frames idea
6 Shutters clipboard Photo Frames idea Simphome com
Looking for an antique idea to give rustic touch to your bedroom? Let’s try repurposing old shutters and turning them into inexpensive photo frames. First, make a run to your storage room and find some well-worn shutters. If you can’t find any, you can get them from flea markets.

Once you’ve got the shutters, paint them the colour of your choice to match your wall paint. However, it would be nice if the shutters contrast with the wall because they are going to function as your new focal point as well.


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Final step, hang them on your wall, along with your favourite photos clipped on them.

5. Light It Up
5 Light It Up Simphome com
Decorative lamps or a monogram? What about both? Decorative lamps that illuminate your bedroom as well as a monogram telling who rules the room at the same time. Author of this idea call it a marquee letter.

Winning this idea is a breeze. You only need to draw a layout of the letter you desire on a large cardboard, cut it off, cover one of the sides so you will have some space to hide the cord and lastly, cut some asterisk shapes to allow you to push the light bulbs in the right place. Done

4. DIY Swinging Chair
4 DIY Swinging Chair Simphome com
This might not be an easy DIY for you especially if you are a complete DIY novice. But, who’s up for a thrilling challenge?

Hint, you need to get a large and a small Hula Hoop or any other rounded thing and clotheslines. Then, knitting. Last, Place the larger Hula hoop on top and the smaller underneath. After all the headache and stress, now you can eventually linger on it.

3. Stylish Electrical Tape Door
3 Stylish Electrical Tape Door Simphome com
This DIY idea demands your patience because if you are not done it meticulously, the result will be atrocious. One thing you need to prepare to complete this project is a lot of electrical tape, some measurements, and a pattern. Next, mark your plain door with pattern you already chose before finally cutting and sticking your tape on the door.

2. Hacking Ikea Curtain
2 Hacking Ikea Curtain Simphome com
All-white curtains match any décor, but they can be somewhat dull. And thus, you need to slightly change it.

To make this awesome curtain, you’re going to need heat transfer vinyl, cutting mat, craft knife, iron, metal ruler, wax paper, cardboard to measure the space between a black square and another, painter tape, and – of course – curtains.

1. A reading Nook for your little Princess
1 A reading Nook for your little Princess Simphome com
I bet Your little daughter will love this pretty reading nook. It’s such a great place for her to hang out in since it provides the ultimate comfort that she has been longing for. There is a white fluffy rug, cushions, curtains, and all she needs to get a reading pleasure or just play with friends.

That’s it. Those are 10 easy DIY projects for your bedroom that won’t cost you tens of thousands dollar. Some of them are super easy while some others might need extra help. But one thing for sure, they are worth trying.

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