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10 Easy DIY Project Ideas for Any Bathroom

Bathroom is supposed to be a place where you can invigorate yourself. But if your bathroom doesn’t look appealing at all, how can you refresh your body and mind? In this post, I’m going to show you 10 easy DIY projects for any bathroom. They are mostly effortless and inexpensive. And I am positive, you’re going to love them. At least one. I hope. As always, this list is organized for you by

10. Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet
10 Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet Simphome com
The fusion of rustic and modern look found in modern farmhouse provides a distinctive charm with many admirers for long time. If you are really into a rustic look of modern farmhouse and want to bring it to your bathroom, you don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom which can rob your fortune. You can just make a rustic bathroom cabinet, instead.
If you’d ask me? This is the reason
Bathroom cabinet is something that people won’t miss. Jazzing it up with your style can draw their eyes easily.
Anyway, making this cabinet is quite a sport. You will need 3 1” x 10” x 8’ pine board, 2 1” x 6” x 8’ pine board, 3 1” x 4” x 8’ pine board, 3 1” x 2” x 8’ pine board, 1 1” x 12” x 8’ pine board, 2 cove mouldings, pocket screws, brad nails, include a sliding barn door kit, more detail in description area. Lastly, if this idea is too much for you, hold yourself for next incoming ideas.

9. Accent Custom-Made Curtain
9 Accent Custom Made Curtain Simphome com
Some bathroom curtains might bore you quickly with their single colour. To overcome that feeling, tweak it a bit by adding more personal accent you love.
This little idea allows you to have a more fabulous curtain without throwing away the old one. Besides, you won’t need sewing skill to follow this hack.
First, you need 3 drapery panels, hot glue gun, glue gun refill sticks, yardstick of tailor’s tape, scissors, drapery rod, fabric steamer, spool of tape trim, and shower curtain liner. Second, start with hanging the panels and remove all wrinkles using a fabric steamer. Make sure that you steam the base panel thoroughly as the accents will be attached on it.
Last, measure and cut the accent panels, attach them on the base panel using hot glue gun and Finally, cover the flaws using tape trim.

8. A Mirror with Mosaic Frame
8 A Mirror with Mosaic Frame Simphome com
Impress yourself – or even your guests – with this mirror frame idea. Although it’s only a couple of inches, the extra frame has successfully added a nuance to the bathroom. Besides, this project won’t take up a lot of your valuable time as it can be done for less than an hour. As the Author said.
You need to prepare mosaic tiles, SimpleMat Tile Setting that eases this project significantly, box cutter, a scrape, painter’s tape, and Simplefix pre-mix adhesive grout.

First, begin with cutting your tiles and sand the outer edge of your mirror. Then, apply SimpleMat to the mirror’s surface that you want to cover with mosaic tiles. AS always, make sure your mirror is dry and clean before applying it.
You may find a gap between your mirror and wall. To fix the gap, use Simplefix pre-mix adhesive grout, but first, make sure you apply painter’s tape beforehand so the grout won’t ruin the wall. Once you apply the grout, you can attach the tile strips and scrape the excess grout using plastic knife.

7. Vinyl Floor
7 Vinyl Floor Simphome com jpg
Vinyl floor is a sweet alternative for your tedious tiles. It is much cheaper and easier to install compare to common bathroom floor tile.
Before installing the floor, remove the old vanity, toilet, and baseboards. Next, you need to measure out every edge of your bathroom and an action plan so you can cut the vinyl floor precisely.
Once you’ve finished the cutting, stick it according to plan you already prepared earlier. FYI, you won’t need any adhesive substances as the baseboards will hold the floor in place.

6. Upcycling Shipping Pallets
6 Upcycling Shipping Pallets Simphome com
With old shipping pallets, you can make a nice hanging bathroom storage shelf that holds your toiletries and towel in place. Disassemble the pallets, remove part you don’t need, cut them off, and less than a week, with your basic carpentry skill, you’ll have a rustic bathroom shelf unlike anyone else has. For a smoother surface, sand them thoroughly. Last, you might also need to drill hole to place a towel rod at the bottom of the shelf to make your new shelf more functional.

5. Farmhouse Style Bathroom Vanity
5 Farmhouse Style Bathroom Vanity Simphome com
Small bathroom is not always something that you need to squawk about. If you follow this little idea, you can also find peace in your bathroom. And talking about being amazing in such a limited space, this farmhouse style vanity rocks!

The X-door denotes the rustic look of a barn, not to mention the antique tissue holder that always scream at you when you running out tissue paper. The grey finish matches the floor romantically, making them seem to merge into one unity. An undermount sink is installed to save more space and that’s another reason this idea deserves to be listed in this video.

4. Cotton Balls and Swabs Container idea
4 Cotton Balls and Swabs Container idea Simphome com
Cotton balls and swabs are tiny and are prone to scatter. Therefore, they need appropriate homes that can keep them safe as well decorate your bathroom vanity at the same time, like these candle jars.
First, you’re going need to clean out the jars, give the lids a light coat of primer, and then spray them with any colour you want. Once the paint dried, attach the knobs on the lids using E6000 glue and done

3. Hidden Beauty in The Vanity
3 Hidden Beauty in The Vanity Simphome com
One of irritating feeling in the morning is when you open your drawers and find it mess with clutter. To fix your mood, throw away things you don’t need, and get a drawer divider. However, before that, decorate it using this small idea.
First, purchase a wallpaper or two, glue it, attach it on the bottom’s drawer using paintbrush roller, and finally eliminate the bubbles and wrinkles using clean damp sponge.

2.Hanging Rope Shelf
2 Hanging Rope Shelf Simphome com
This rope shelf is more than functional. it is also aesthetic. Even without any assistance, I am sure you can copy this idea. First, drill four holes in each board and thread the rope through them. Lastly, tying a knot on each hole to make the board stay in place and enjoy your new bathroom storage.

1.Monogram Bath Towel
1 Monogram Bath Towel Simphome com
Add more personal accent to your towel with this monogram. The monogram can help you recognize your towel at the first glance, and your parent won’t mistake it for their towels.
To make this monogram, you only need to find colourful washcloth that contrasts with your towel. Next, cut it off to form your initial letter, and sew it to your towel using your basic sewing tool, supply, and skill.
That’s it.

Those are 10 easy DIY projects for your bathroom. They turn out well despite the unsophisticated instructions and cheap supplies. And that’s what makes these projects wonderful, worth trying and also worth sharing.

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