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10 DIY projects for a Clutter-free Cooking Zone

An inspiring idea on How to Turn BIFOLD Doors To Barn Doors

Ever dealt with those pesky, cheap bi-fold doors that just can’t withstand the test of time? You’re not alone! Tired of wrestling with doors falling off hinges, Wanda took matters into their own hands.

Enter the DIY Barn Door project! A space-saving, stylish solution that breathes new life into your small rooms. It’s time to bid farewell to those builder-grade nightmares and embrace your inner DIY guru because today, we’re converting those pesky bi-fold doors into barn doors, providing full closet access without sacrificing space.

Follow these easy steps for a fabulous and functional upgrade:

  1. Make sure the door fits: Check for enough space beside the doorway for the door to slide.
  2. Calculate track height: Add 5/8″ to your door(s) height.
  3. Calculate track length: It should be at least twice the width of your door(s).
  4. Determine track pieces: The double-door kit covers up to a 6.5-foot opening.
  5. Cut the track (if necessary): Use a jig saw, angle grinder, or hack saw.


  • Add the pulleys and rail guards.
  • Hang those beautiful barn doors!
  • Position the bumpers and install the door guide.

Voilà! In just a few hours, you’ve conquered the bi-fold blues, and your office sports chic, space-saving barn doors. Who knew that replacing those shoddy doors could be such a hoot?

So, take a stand against dysfunctional bi-fold doors and embrace your new, stylish closet solution.
Happy DIY-ing!

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