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10 DIY projects for a Clutter-free Cooking Zone

The Kitchen Shelving Project Idea from Old Shutters

Imagine living in a kitchen with only three drawers, as if designed by someone who’s never cooked in their life. This is the tale of our author, Liz, desperate for storage, and the hero she needed, Mr. LMB!

For eight long months, Liz dreamed of something to fill this spot. Enter Mr. LMB, the genius who turned old closet parts into functional art. Can we get a round of applause for this recycling champion?

Behold the masterpiece, a kitchen bookshelf that boasts eclectic charm and much-needed storage. Here, we find a custom dog station because we all know Fido’s dining experience is just as important as ours.

Liz has finally found the answer to her kitchen chaos. Towels, vintage mason jars, and Anthropologie measuring cups have found their home on these recycled shelves. And let’s not forget the silverware, now snugly placed in mason jars from World Market, because, well, those tiny drawers are utterly useless!

Above, we see a metal basket heavier than our author, holding an assortment of items. But the shelf’s contents will change and evolve, much like our author’s appreciation for the sheer brilliance of Mr. LMB.

So, dear audience, when your kitchen feels like a battleground, remember this comedic tale of DIY victory. Let it inspire you to look at old closet doors in a new light and fill your life with laughter and ingenious storage solutions.

Written by Simpson

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