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10 DIY projects for a Clutter-free Cooking Zone

A Custom foldout drying rack you can repurpose to dry your kitchen essentials

This time, we introduce you to the Houdini of drying racks!

Meet Wilko Dohring, a 43-year-old architect from Melbourne who has transformed the mundane laundry experience into a magic act. Say goodbye to bulky drying racks that damage walls and steal precious space!

Behold the illusion! A seemingly ordinary row of kitchen cabinets conceals a brilliant, foldout drying rack. And, as if by magic, a pull-out ironing board materializes from another cabinet. A round of applause for this space-saving sorcerer!

The internet’s abuzz with people wanting this magical contraption in their own homes. One impressed viewer remarked, “I would have been concerned it would sag with a full load of washing, great idea.” And another, who struggles with hay fever, exclaimed, “This is perfect!”

Now, some might argue that this drying rack blocks the counter when in use.

Fear not! Wilko, the ever-resourceful architect, assures us he can still access the sink and backdoor. And besides, he typically performs this disappearing act overnight when the kitchen counter’s audience is fast asleep.

So, dear viewers, let this tale of ingenuity inspire you to conquer your small kitchen woes. Remember, every kitchen has the potential to be a stage for your own space-saving magic!

Written by Simpson

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