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12 DIY Modern Wardrobe Design Choices

Discussions about clothing purchases are never small talk. The bulk of your clothing and any other items you don’t want on display should be kept in the built-in Closet (Or do, if you prefer, glass doors). Whatever the case, today’s wardrobes are thoughtfully crafted to meet a wide range of needs.

If you are a frequent shopper or have a family of growing children, you likely have a constant need for more closet space. Therefore, we think it’s important for everyone to tailor their clothing to their own requirements. To assist you in selecting the most suitable modern wardrobe design you can craft on your own, here are some examples:

Closets or wardrobes are a crucial component of any dwelling. It can take time to decide on the best one, especially if you want to combine practicality with aesthetics.
Unlike purchasing office supplies, this operation requires careful calculation because there are a lot of factors to consider, such as the amount of room, storage, character, and amenities.

In fact, you might reason that getting in touch with designers is a convenient option. Relax! You can choose one or some from the next 12 DIY Modern Wardrobe Design Choices. Let’s find out. And as always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 DIY Modern Wardrobe Design Choices Video:

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12. The built-in IKEA Pax Wardrobe Idea

Ikea’s Pax wardrobes are highly adaptable and don’t take up as much room as a conventionally built one. You may have to take it apart to transport it. These closets are available from Ikea in a variety of widths and heights. Once you’ve brought it inside your bedroom, you’ll need to fasten it to the wall and level it out.

You may then construct the “built-in” part by screwing 2x4s to the top of the closets and topping them up with 6×6 boards to reach the ceiling. Or better still, 2×4 lumber before putting together the Closet. After the caulking has dried, you can finish the seams by adding molding and painting them black. Finally, construct a stair out of leftover wood if you still have room.


Water-based latex paint, white paint, and water transform the log-like surface into a rustic gray finish. It did not take much science to combine the ingredients. Just a taste of this. A little of this and that. Add just a touch more of this until it reaches the desired shade of bluish-gray. It was around a 2:1 water-to-paint ratio. Afterward, take a sponge and wipe the floor down along the grain. After that, do some dry brushing. You should apply white paint against the wood grain by dipping the bristles of a dry brush into the paint.

When the Fjell was nearly finished, you should have used a pallet board for the back of the Closet instead of the thin fiberboard that came with it. To secure the rear of the Closet, cut the completed pallet boards to the width of the Closet and arrange them on the Closet’s upside-down surface in a train-track fashion. Using 1 and 1/4″ wood screws, secure them in place, pre-drilling the oak pallet boards but not the pine.

The finished shelf unit had a “U” shape that fit the room’s width and depth. This made the vertical space useful and made it easier to reach the horizontal depths. In the end, hang some white string lights behind the ledge and plug them into an outlet through one of the back holes.

10. A Mirror-Door Makeover Idea

Replacing your old mirror closet door is a significant undertaking. If you don’t have it, use what you have. Prepare spray paint, plywood, heavy-duty construction glue, a black glass marker, a miter saw, horseshoe spacers, and a closet door handle.

Begin it with cleaning, then paint it. Next, take a large piece of plywood to cover the door. Measure and cut the piece cautiously. Sand it and spray it.

Design the panels and cut them accordingly. Now, glue them to the door and follow with the handle. How much do you need? It will cost you around $20 or less!

9. A pull-down rail closet system for the wardrobe’s high section

Building a second closet layer is a good concept if your dedicated Closet seems overloaded and overcapacity. The problem is figuring out how to get to the next layer without putting in too much work. This pull-down wardrobe rail is an alternative for you to consider, just like Shadiersandy did. It is available at a wide range of price points, and if you are handy with woodworking tools and rods, you may make it yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity to hone your craft without waiting for Amazon to deliver your product and risk damaging it during the journey.

8. A Modern Mobile Wardrobe idea from Curbly

To assemble this mobile garment rack, you’ll need a circular saw, a router, a power drill, and a conduit bender. Place a dot in the middle of one of the conduit pieces (5 feet in). Then, measure out 18 inches on either side of the middle and draw a mark. Using spray paint, colorize your conduit and hardware. Use a power drill and a Forstner bit measuring 5/8 inches to create holes for the closet rod. Take a router and smooth off the plywood’s sharp edges. Use 1/2-inch screws to fasten the floor flanges to the plywood. The next step is to install the casters by flipping the plywood over.

7. A DIY Modern Rolling Open Wardrobe Idea from KDornbier

A width of 6 feet makes this no-small linen closet. Get a buddy to help shorten your shelf parts if you need a smaller rack. Home Depot will also perform length reductions on planks, although they can not guarantee accuracy. Be sure that the top bar you pick is at least 5 inches shorter than the length of your shelf boards. If you choose flanges with three holes, grab two four-hole flanges for the leg bases, as these are sturdy. The length of the two-leg pipes determines the rack’s final height.

Then, you must sand your board, mix your stain thoroughly, and apply it. Do a test staining on a scrap of wood by applying the stain with a rag and waiting a few minutes. Wait for it to dry, then seal it and wait some more. Following That, Assembly

6. The Open wardrobe transformation idea from @Tammy Leopaldi

It used to be an Ikea PAX system, but Tammy decided to switch things around to make the most of the space she had.
Erik, her partner, sourced heavy-duty industrial clothing racks and arranged them so Tammy could store her garments in two rows, one atop the other. The long white rack in the center, used to store bags, baskets, etc., was an aesthetic addition.

With six such racks, they could store an abundance of tops, tanks, sweatshirts, and sweaters. A ridiculous amount of money was spent on hangers by one couple. Tammy has tried every type of hanger imaginable over the years. She has settled on wooden hangers because they keep her shirts in pristine condition, and she occasionally adds velvet to ensure her clothes won’t slip.

Due to the length of the rod, a hole had to be drilled into a plank of wood.

5. A Rustic Yet Modern Wardrobe design from @Wingnutsdecor

You can build this rustic-yet-modern wardrobe using only a few simple materials, like a solid pallet, a handsaw, some iron pipes, and a cabinet door and locking mechanism you can’t even see from the outside after you close the door.

Since the design and placement are adaptable, even if all you have is a strange nook beside your window, like in the illustration, you can find a good reason to begin the project and give it your all. At the same time, you construct it and bask in the praise you deserve when it is finally finished. You don’t have to paint, but if you do, make sure to sand everything well first, test the paint, apply it to the wood, and let it dry naturally before doing the rest of your work.

4. The Low-Cost Open Wardrobes

Open wardrobes are simple and minimal; they deliver standard storage without taking up much space. Are you longing for them?

If you are, grab this cheap and (almost) effortless DIY wardrobe. It hangs suits in style and hides undies and accessories.

Kick it off by sketching and drawing, then execute it. You may set rails for hanging and install the drawer across the wall. For closed storage, try kitchen cabinets.

There you have it. It makes you send out clothes you never wear. Next, hanging them every evening is beyond easy.

3. The DIY PORTABLE Wardrobe and Organizer from DIY Creators

You’ll need the inspiration to take your closet organization to the next level if you don’t think you can handle a standard wardrobe from the store due to its lack of storage space.

The plan calls for some laminated pines, and you can decide whether or not to paint them. Align the bottom and top surfaces before screwing anything into place. If you need more than one cabinet, just keep going. Wood glue must be used at each joint when assembling the panels, and holes must be pre-drilled first before you utilize your screw.

A further procedure is required. However, in the end, you will have a portable wardrobe with multiple storage access, locking casters and hangers, a mirror, and a battery-operated motion sensor light that illuminates when motion is detected and turns off after a few seconds.

2. A Modern IKEA Ivar Wardrobe Makeover by Astric Nieuwborg

In this idea, we will learn how Astrid removed multiple plastic boxes and turned her organization’s secret, Maria Kondo’s ways. Instead of a huge closet that was hard to move around, she chose the next good thing from the IKEA wooden Closet Ivar.

Astrid stated that Ivar met her wardrobe needs without forcing her to live inside a storage space. Moreover, she acquires a rack for more hangers by mounting the IKEA Kungfors kitchen to a shelf.
In detail, Astrid’s bedroom decluttering secrets consists of
4 IKEA Ivar, 5 Ivar Shelves, 3 Ivar Drawer, 1 Ivar Cabinet, and 2 Kungfors rails 56cm

1. The Two-tone open wardrobe and Closet remodel shelving idea from Ana White

So that the project would stand out more, the author decided to use two different colors: rosewood for the shelves and white for the supports. The wardrobe dimensions are 60 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 86 inches tall.

When it comes to the second one,

It came from a master closet owner after she moved to another city. She moved the doorway to create new space for her bedroom and Closet, with some additional modifications. The modification gives her a cheap open closet made of a few long pipes bought at Home Depot and cut on the spot.



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