4 Amazing Disney Home Décor for Kids Room

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I think we are all agrees that many kids love Disney characters whether they are boys or girls. For parents who want to give some surprise for their children then you can décor their rooms with Disney home décor ideas. Just figure out what Disney’s characters your children like then you can use them as central decorating ideas. There are many ways which you could do to décor the kids room, below are just several example of them. Check these Four Amazing DIY Disney Home Décor Ideas.

1. Mickey Mouse Room Decoration

simphome mickey mouse

Who doesn’t know Minnie’s Mouse boyfriend ? This cute and round Disney character is one of the most popular characters when we are talking about Disney cartoon. You can try to hunt a lot of Mickey Mouse accessories easily to decorate the bedroom such as lamps, lights, stuffed animals, alarm clock, and many more. You can even try to complete the Disney home décor ideas by having Mickey Mouse bathroom sets for your kids.

Paint the room with Red or blue or purple as the primary color or paint the room with black and white stripes. The color itself will go so well with Mickey poster, pictures, and figurines. Place Mickey rug on the floor and install similar theme of bookshelves as finishing touch. (via designdazzle)

2. Frozen Room Decoration

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If you have twin daughters then a shared room with Princess Elsa and Anna theme decoration certainly will be look so fabulous. Paint the wall using icy blue color or you can also make it covered glacier scene. Over the headboards, you can install framed cartoons using kid’s favorite heroines; Elsa and Anna. Décor the window by installing spring-loaded white curtain rod and surprise the kids by hang sparkly snowflakes which going to fall when they pulling back the curtains.

As finishing touch, shop Frozen Disney home décor furniture like Olaf snowman dolls then stuffed them on the twins’ bed. (via sunkissed-villa)

3. Finding Nemo Room Decoration

simphome finding nemo bedroom

With “Finding Dory” movie going to be released this midyear as a sequel of Finding Nemo. Of course your children going to like under the sea themed room decoration. A real fish tank or aquarium inside the bedroom can be used to improve the scene. Hang clear glass ornament on the ceiling to make it looks like “bubbles” then do not forget to paint the wall into Nemo and Dory mural including the tortoises. Do not forget to find Disney home décor products and furniture to put inside the bedroom like giant crush bed, surfboard desk, as well as Nemo and Dory stuffed animals or figurines. (via artmirror)

4. Toy Story Room Decoration

simphome toy story bedroom

To infinity and beyond! Disney home décor for kids with Toy Story themed bedroom is going to be great especially for the boy’s room. Choose and install wallpaper like the one Andy has inside his bedroom in the movie (the clouds of course) then hang stars as well as globes ornament on ceiling for Buzz Lightyear decoration. Do not forget to put adorable Toy Story collection such as Woody and Buzz figurines, Mr. and Mrs. Potato, Rex, and many more on the shelf. You can add army men decals right on the bottom of the wall and not only space theme you can have here, but you can add cowboy theme using cow humidifier, Woody bet set, cow pattern rug, etc. (via derrickbuilders)

Conclusion on DIY Disney Home Décor Tips.

Designing your kid’s bedroom sometime is challenging, that’s why you can also allow them to join you to decorate their own bedroom. Painting the wall somehow is the cheapest way to improve Disney decoration scene. What you need to do is to find the main color of the theme such as Mickey Mouse familiar with red and black paint colors, Frozen with light blue colors, Tarzan with dark green colors to create a jungle theme, and many more. Second, you can also add murals to the wall or even wallpaper for easy DIY project.

Other than those ideas which we already mentioned above, you can paint a popular “quote” in the Disney’s movie on the wall, for example are “HAKUNA MATATA”, “To infinity and beyond”, “a dream is a wish your hear makes”, “tell me princess, when did you last let your heart decide”, etc. And this idea not only can be added into bedroom but also any rooms which you love to redecorate. Furthermore, purchase Disney products sometime cost a lot, that’s why you can try to make DIY Disney stuffs that cheaper. Since kids usually have a lot of toys, you need to give them a place to store all of their toys and stuffs.

Therefore, you can use treasure chest so the kids can keep their scattered toys inside it. This idea also suitable best for under the sea themed bedroom likes Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. That’s all for Disney home décor ideas which you can try, have fun!

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