Mediterranean Home Décor Create Your Dream Sanctuary

Mediterranean home décor is a nice thing to have since you will feel you are in Mediterranean country without really moves out from your house. So if you want to have holiday trip feeling every day, then you can add some nice decoration on your house and create your own Mediterranean sanctuary. For you who do not know how to do this, you can follow a few tips that we give here to make your dream sanctuary come true.

Tips in Using Mediterranean Home Décor to Create Your Dream Sanctuary.

1. Colors

As you know Mediterranean house uses looked warm because of the color selection that it use. That is why you need to follow those colors to make your home feel warm as well. Use color with earth and sky tone as it is the signature color of Mediterranean house. You can use colors such as blue from cobalt, red color of terracotta, yellow ochre tone, lavender dusk tone, and many others. (via freshome)

simphome house color

2. Texture

Another detail that you should add to your house is the texture of Mediterranean house as they use unique rough texture on the surface of their house. One of the textures that you should use is the stucco texture where you can put it on the wall or ceiling. Venetian plaster can also be used if you want to have more elegant feeling inside the home. There are many techniques that you can use to create those textures easily. (via houzz123rf)

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3. Tilework

Usually we only use tile in ordinary way according to the pattern given by the manufacturer, however for Mediterranean home décor you must create tilework instead of just put them plainly. Moreover you can use the tilework everyone from above your ceiling to the wall and even put them on the floor. All work with nice tile as decoration item. Do not forget to choose tilework shape that you really love as the accent inside your room. (via homeflooringpros)

simphome mediterranean tile

4. Furniture

Of course, it might be difficult for you to really choose authentic Mediterranean furniture to use inside your house. However you can still achieve the same feeling using normal furniture that you can find on your local home improvement store. What you need to do is to choose furniture which made using hardwood as it is the natural material that Mediterranean people use. Moreover you need to choose big size one as people in Mediterranean country love to have large scale on almost everything in their house. Use dark wood tone on the furniture and add some nice craft as the detail you should not miss on Mediterranean home décor furniture. (via interiordesign.lovetoknow)

simphome mediterranean furniture

5. Metal pieces

Try to use metal pieces all around your house as it is also one signature of Mediterranean house you should not miss. However the metal that you use should have deep tone instead of shining tone that you use on modern style house. Metal such as wrought iron, copper and bronze are the one that you should use. Try to add those materials on your railings, fixture, and even other hardware items throughout your house. (via grandviewriverhouse)

simphome metal mediterranean

Conclusion on How to Apply Mediterranean Style to Your Own House

When you want to add those items we mention above, you should think of it as detailed as possible. For example for the tilework, you can try to add them to your home by creating a clock on your wall which surrounded by detailed tilework in mosaic style. Or you can add a few pieces of tile which you hand paint yourself onto your kitchen backsplash tiles that have neutral color to make it more colorful. If you have archway you can also try to line them with some tilework which will make them more beautiful. Last if you can get your hand on some authentic Mediterranean tilework, you can also try to display them in an easel on top of your cabinet or rack to make a nice Mediterranean home décor.

When creating the stucco or plaster texture inside your home, it might be too hard to create the real thing since it might cost more money or even more time to do so. That is why you can actually do a faux finishing technique to achieve the same look using easier method. Try to take faux finishing class if you want to make this Mediterranean home décor detail yourself inside your home.

When you work to redecorate your house, do not forgot about your outdoor area since Mediterranean house is also about outdoor living as well. Even though you live in an area where winter last longer then you should still add some decoration to your patio as well. Mediterranean home décor patio will make it feeling warmer; you can add iron patio sets, with a few lanterns on the side of the patio. Or you can use fountain with mosaic detail, giant terracotta pots for your plants. Do not forget to change the texture of your outdoor wall as well.

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