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Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Good

There’s nothing quite like coming home to an inviting house that smells good. Unfortunately, daily living can cause smells that aren’t inviting. One of the biggest culprits for foul smells is the drain, and it’s a good idea to practice drain clearing regularly. Another aspect that can cause uninviting smells is cooking with strong spices. Follow some more easy and inexpensive tips to keep your home smelling fresh.

Tackle the Drains

Make sure you rinse the drains in your home with hot water every time you use them. You can also make a mixture of vinegar and water and freeze it. Use the ice blocks in the garbage disposal. Adding some table salt afterward will clean any grease or other debris stuck in the pipes. Follow this process with half a lemon cut up in the garbage disposal for a fresh-smelling drain.

You can use a similar process in the bathroom. Make sure to clean hair out of the shower or bath drains, along with soap scum build-up that can cause foul smells. Be careful of using store-bought cleaners, which can be harsh on your pipes, along with your eyes and lungs. These cleaners also tend to have strong odors that can hang in your house for a while.

Baking Soda is Your Best Friend

Baking soda has an exceptional ability to absorb smells. Keep bowls of baking soda around the house in different rooms, and replace them once a week. This works exceptionally well in a small kitchen and pantry but can also do the job in bathrooms and bedrooms. You can also use this trick in your fridge to absorb food smells.

Use Vanilla

A popular realtor trick is to put vanilla extract in the oven and bake it at a low temperature in open houses. Vanilla is an inviting smell that can immediately change your home’s atmosphere. You can use a small amount of vanilla extract in a container in the fridge or in different places around the house for the same inviting smell. Pairing the vanilla with baking soda in your fridge will help it to stay fresh. Vanilla extract can also help repel some insects, like mosquitoes, which is an added benefit of keeping it around the house.

Citrus Peels

Instead of throwing your used citrus items in the trash, put them in a pot with water, and let them simmer. You can have a fresh citrus smell in your house for hours with this inexpensive and easy method.

Roast Coffee

Coffee is another inviting smell that makes a house feel like a home. Take a few coffee beans and roast them in your oven at high temperatures for about ten minutes. Leave the oven door open to let the smell float across the house.

Use Candles

Scented candles are usually inexpensive and can make a massive difference in the smell of your house. Choose fragrances that make you feel happy and relaxed. You don’t need to use the same fragrances in each room. You can keep it interesting with relaxing smells in your bedroom and uplifting scents in the living area.  You can also use essential oil diffusers or wax melts to get similar results.

Final Thoughts

A home that smells good is inviting and relaxing. You can do many things to keep it this way, many of which are easy,  inexpensive, and work very well in small areas to create an aesthetic that will make you happy to be at home.

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