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Maximizing Your Space: Tiny Closet Bedroom Organizations

Are you tired of rummaging through piles of clothes and accessories to find the perfect outfit? Does your tiny closet leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

Tiny closet bedroom organizations
Tiny closet bedroom organizations Poster

Say goodbye to those stressful mornings of running around your cramped closet trying to get dressed. You don’t have to sacrifice valuable floor space with more furniture to get organized. With these simple and practical tips and ideas, you can transform your closet into a functional and well-organized space.

Get inspired with our next top ten tiny closet organization tips that will make your life easier. At Simphome, we are always here to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Let’s start the countdown.

Ten Inspiring Tiny Bedroom Closet Organization video

Turn a Bookcase into a Hanging Rack

Bookcases like this IKEA Expedit have plenty of space for folded clothes. However, as you shift through to find your outfit for the day, it tends to look disheveled. To solve that problem, make some adjustments to make it more functional.

For example, you can change it into a hanging rack. Begin by removing all the shelves until you get only the frame. Then, make shelf space on top and bottom using 2 x 12 boards. After that, install a galvanized pipe underneath the top shelf. Relatively easy-to-follow DIY that you can copy at home.

How to Build a Closet Organizer from Scratch

Is finding the right cupboard arduous? Then you should build your own closet. Follow these steps, and you will have your desired closet.

First, clean up the space and take measurements. Remove any baseboards and old organizers before taking the dimension. Second, re-decorate the wall area using new wallpaper or do some repainting.

Then, mark your studs, so your closet will stay firmly to the wall. After that, create a layout of your closet organizer. Take note of what you have so that you will have enough space for your collection.
Next, make a cut list of how much wood you will need for your design. Then, start cutting the sides and partitions, and create the dados and cubbies.

Once you have cut the wood and created dados, drill the pocket holes. Next, pre-finish the woods. After that, glue up the boards and add edge banding to the exposed sides. Finally, assemble the closet organizer and all its parts to the wall.

Take the next Wardrobe Hack project for Limited Space With Leather straps

A small closet does not allow you to store many things. Thus, you need to expand your closet by tapping into the wall space. Building a wall-mounted self can be your safe bet. However, instead of creating a boring shelf, you can try this idea.

Begin by cutting the strap into two of 50 cm long pieces. After that, punch one side for binding screws. Then form a loop that fits the rod. Punch again compatibly to the first one. The leather straps are ready.

The next step is preparing the bars. Mark the position where you will drill the holes for the dowel in the middle of the short rods. Then drill two holes, each 1 cm from the edge, parallelly.

Attach metal connecting pieces to the short rods for more stability. Next, put some glue in the hole and place the dowel in it. Remove excess glue immediately. Do the same for the second rod. Next, fasten the frame to the wall. Last, attach the leather straps.

A DIY Portable Crate Closet Idea

When combined, crates can function as a minimalist closet that won’t take up more of your limited space. Let’s get it started!

Measure the height you want for the closet. Then divide it by the length of the crate. When you have all the crates you need, glue them together—four for the top and bottom and five for the sides. Use a clamp to make them stick together firmly.

Attach hinges to the top part. Then flip the bottom part on its side. Add glue to each end of the crate, then place the sides on top of it. Secure it with zip ties.

Do the same for the top. Then, create cabinet doors using a photo frame and chicken wire or wire basket. When the doors are all installed in the cabinet, give a coat of color using spray paint. Last, insert a curtain rod underneath the top cabinet.

Build A New Foldable Desk Inside Your Closet

You could build a foldable desk in your closet if you need a working space without remodeling your bedroom. There are ten steps to follow.

First, make filler strips that fit the hollow in the door slabs. Second, install the strips on the door. After that, install wall cleats about 30 inches height from the floor.

Cut a notch into the drywall to pull the wire through, and install the wiring system by pulling a wire from the ceiling fixture. Next, finish and paint your desktop and shelves. Then, install the upper shelves before the desktop, and attach hinges and brackets on the back of the leg and underside of the folding desk.

Finally, assemble the foldout desk to the closet, and add cord and power grommets.

A Color-Coded Closet makeover Idea

A picture of a closet full of clothes is rather unattractive. Here are tips for organizing your closet to make it more functional and pleasing.

First, put aside the clothes you scarcely use or have holes and stains. Then, eliminate the second shelf and move the rod upward. Add a second rod below.

After that, hang as many clothes as the rod can hold. Fourth, use the top shelf for storing shoes. Fifth, create a shelving system for folded items. Add code, such as different color, to the baskets, so you will know which basket store the things you need.

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