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10 Small Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Every home must have a fully functional kitchen with all the necessary appliances. You don’t have to settle for a subpar kitchen simply because you’re renting a place to live since you need a place to cook. Do you long for a makeover? Scroll down for a list containing ten rental-friendly ways to remodel your outdated kitchen without fearing losing your security deposit. These ways range from basic adjustments to cheap overhauls.

Even if you’re renting, you don’t have to put up with a kitchen you don’t like just because you’re there. With minor consent, you can update your rental kitchen in a number of ways without breaking the bank. And now, without further ado, let’s look at the following ten ways to spruce up a cramped kitchen in a rented property. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Small Rental Kitchen Makeover Video:

10 Ways to Spruce up A Cramped Kitchen in a Rented Space Poster

10. Personalize The Space Start from the fridge

Add some personal touches to the kitchen to make it feel like home when renting. The refrigerator can be a starting point because you only need a magnet and matching skills. Include mementos of your native home, such as photos, handwritten notes, or even grandma’s recipes. Further, this is a smart move to improve the area’s aesthetics.

To add a touch of your personality to your temporary kitchen, make your own cover for the refrigerator handle. You will require multiple layers of cloth, cotton batting, and velcro. After that, simply stitch or glue them together. Finally, secure the strips and adorn the refrigerator.

9. Handle more kitchen clutter with Hanging racks

Hanging racks and peg boards are great options for displaying various cookware pieces.
Make your pots and pans the focus of attention in your kitchen by taking the lead from celebrity chefs like Keith McNally, who have done just that.

Hanging racks are inexpensive and simple to install, but you can also paint them to blend in with the design of the rest of your home if that is something you would like. The use of peg boards, another ingenious idea currently on Pinterest and Instagram, is another excellent method for incorporating indoor plants or herbs into an existing design scheme.

Or change your dish management.

If your dish rack is always on display, you might want to upgrade from that Rubbermaid to something more stylish, like the stainless steel “sod” drying rack from Finell (Target also sells a less expensive, albeit much smaller, version from Boon). The change will astound you.

8. Get More Mirror for More Airier situations

By reflecting light and creating the illusion of additional space, mirrors are a quick and easy way to transform any space. Furthermore, it is available in dozens of variations to meet your specific requirements, such as this peel-in mirror that you can install above the sink. It’s simple to set up and looks elegant once you install it.

You can also install Mirrors in other convenient locations, such as on the wall or the doors of storage cabinets. In fact, you could also install it behind the stove, but then you’d have to clean up the smoke and splashes every time you cooked.

7. The DIY Spice Rack Idea

Avoid hiding spices away in the back of a cupboard. Instead, you may try presenting it in a new way. You can easily get whatever seasoning you need and turn your new kitchen chicer. You can make it for very little money and little tools.

The first step is to gather the supplies: boards, miniature spice jars, magnets, galvanized metal trays, glue, and paint.

  • Next, paint the board and let it dry. When waiting, attach a magnet to the back of each container by gluing it.
  • You need to place the metal tray in the middle of the boards and use a measuring tape to ensure the distance between them is uniform on both the top and bottom.
  • Drill four tiny holes in the tray’s top, bottom, and sides, and use wood screws to fasten it to the discarded planks.
  • You can now screw the tray down onto the board.
  • The final steps are to fill the jars with spices, add labels, and secure the jars to the tray.

6. Upgrade your rental kitchen with the DIY Marble Countertop painting

Changing the countertop is like starting over with a brand-new kitchen. Even though you may cover this marble countertop with paint or contact paper, any serious artist would be foolish not to give the marble painting project a try. It’s going to take a while, but it’s doable.

You’ll also need spray bottles, a small brush or feather, and white and grey paint. Get the surface ready, and then get started painting it white. When it’s dry, you may grab the feather and use a thin line of grey paint to represent the veins. They can be flexible and straight. After that, mist it with water before the paint dries. Finally, a coat of resin will give it a shiny, finished look.

If you finally own your small kitchen,
But it is your first experience; you will probably find the next 10 Small Kitchen Inspirations for A Tiny House helpful. The countdown comes with our regular video presentation and insightful pointers that you can take to execute actionable plans as soon as you finish reading it. Give it a preview, and with that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Layer Your rental space with more Neutral Colors

A kitchen’s walls can be any color other than white. However, careless use of a wide range of hues can backfire. Therefore, it may be wise to simply overlay some neutral hues if you are not an expert or feel unsure.

Making the upper cabinet match the wall and the lower cabinet match the floor in color will also visually expand the room. Better still if you can add a central splash of color to bring the entire space to life. Last, consider incorporating new patterns into the room by laying down a rug or installing some patterned vinyl flooring.

4. Simply Upgrade Cabinet Door

If you’re worried about taking on too much of jobs all at once, lay your eyes on the kitchen’s largest piece of furniture: the cabinet. Changing anything about it might significantly impact it because it often occupies nearly half the space.

We know that painting takes additional effort and time, and there will be a significant amount of cleanup once you finish the job. In its place, you may use removable wallpaper on the door. If you want your wallpaper to stand out, cover the full surface of your square doors, or cut out a customs form, you have many options. Alternatively, you could just put up some wall stickers.

3. Accentuate The Lighting Like A Pro

When lighting a kitchen, it’s crucial to choose fixtures that you can control independently to create different levels of light for different tasks, such as task lighting, ambient, or accent. According to Alex Main, “Having the option to switch lights independently from each other makes an evocative atmosphere” when the kitchen transitions from cooking to dining and leisure space.

Having the option to lower the brightness of some of the lights is also highly prized. Melissa Klink recommends installing dimmer switches for the main lights in your home to help set the mood when entertaining guests.

Which color bulb should I use in my kitchen?
Use a cold white bulb in the kitchen—a temperature range of 3,500 to 4,500 Kelvin. In contrast to the cooler, whiter light is the best choice for cooking and food preparation. The warmer, yellower light is ideal for living spaces.

However, remember that you should be able to alter the atmosphere. Karan Main insists that it is crucial to select practical lighting for the kitchen. However, when you do not utilize the kitchen as a workplace, it is critical to designate certain spaces with softer accents to make the area feel more like a social gathering center.

2. Add Indoor Plants And Vegetable

If you’re extremely busy (or lazy), you can make your rental kitchen look brand new by bringing in some plants and fruit. The variety of colors will enliven the room, which is otherwise decorated in a muted palette.
Herbs are a great alternative to ornamental plants since they provide aesthetic value and practical use. Numerous herbs, such as basil, mint, parsley, thyme, etc., can be grown successfully indoors.

Also, elevate your farm-to-table cooking by tending an indoor herb garden. Some herbs to think about growing are mint, basil, sage, oregano, and thyme. For maximum sunlight, hang it in front of a south-facing window, as Amber of “The Bird and Her Song” did.

1. Replace Cabinet Hardware For An Instant Transformation

Swapping hardware can be a convenient way to get a new look. It’s not a huge adjustment, but you’ll appreciate it much more once you take action and make it. However, pay attention to the type of hardware you will use. Although it may look enchanting, knobs with floral shapes may not be ideal for a hard-working surface like a kitchen cabinet. So, choose comfortable hardware without putting aside the design.
Once you remove the old hardware, remember to fill the holes in case the new knobs or pull is in a different size or position than the old ones. And, if you still need to get the permission of the landlord to switch the hardware, be sure to swap it back to the old one before going out.

Just because you’ll only be there for a short time doesn’t mean you can’t make the place feel like home. Not only that, but as we’ve seen, there are a lot of options for inexpensive kitchen upgrades you can test inside even a ten-square-foot rental kitchen.



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