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12 Suggestions for Making a Tiny Kitchen Cozier

Whether you prefer cooking, baking, or simply getting together to eat, the kitchen can be a place to relax and take things at a more leisurely pace. Even though they are frequently open and have few furnishings, Scandinavian kitchens manage to exude an air of homeliness and welcome. Beyond the Scandinavian, you will find ideas on how to turn your small kitchen warmer, even if you have no deep interest in learning how Scandinavians treat their cooking space here.

Many people do not have access to large kitchens. Their kitchen may be less than ideal, unlike what you see on Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef. In reality, there are occasions when they just do not have enough space in the kitchen.

Preparing dinner in a small kitchen is complex, and the problem is made worse by the chaos of junk that has taken over the space. As a result, we devised the following 12 ideas to make your tiny kitchen feel more like a home. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 Suggestions for Making a Tiny Kitchen Cozier Video

12 on How to make a small kitchen feel like a home poster

12. Make it cozier with a rug

Adding a rug to a small kitchen is a simple way to make the space feel more inviting. Do not dismiss the power of a simple rug in the kitchen merely because of its seemingly insignificant appearance. There will be some relief from the hard floor in the areas where prolonged standing is required. In a nutshell, it’ll do wonders for your feet.

You can acquire a wide range of styles and colors when planning to purchase or replace a kitchen rug. As a result, it can be a quick and easy way to spice up your cooking space.

Thoughtful deliberation is required when choosing the rug. Since the kitchen is a high-traffic area and is prone to spills and splashes, a flat-weave rug, for example, is your first recommendation.

It’s also possible to find rugs you can wash in the machine. To prevent messes in the kitchen, consider getting a polypropylene rug because it doesn’t absorb spills. Spot cleaning is also no problem when you choose natural fibers like jute and sisal. Additionally, they have a long lifespan.

11. Sooth your eyes with more greens

The addition of plants to a kitchen has long been considered a quick method to spruce up the area rapidly.

Display your indoor vines on a tall shelf, such as devil’s ivy or heartleaf philodendron. Soon, their dramatic dangle will soothe your tired eyes when you once again fail to acquire the sensational taste you desire.

Succulents are beautiful and low-maintenance, making them a great option if you don’t have a green thumb. Alternatively, you can cultivate herbs in your kitchen with a simple pegboard as a medium to grow your fresh herbs on your underutilized wall area.

10. Get wall art to escape your mind for a while

Even while the kitchen isn’t where you entertain guests, it doesn’t have to be devoid of style. Let’s not ignore the fact that much of your time is spent toiling away over a hot stove. The process must be time-consuming and boring. Therefore, there is no harm in sprucing up your kitchen.

The kitchen wall decor you choose to exhibit does not have to be elaborate. A basic and impartial one would make a big difference.

For example, craft wreaths hung on doorways to add a festive touch to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or framed artwork, woven baskets, and chopping boards for year-round wall decor. Or a simple chalkboard to unwind your cooking stress if you’re a tactile learner.

9. Lift it with Sky Blue

A blue kitchen is a way to go when you want to feel closer to nature but prefer something livelier than earth tones.

To paraphrase Dulux’s design director Marianne Shillingford “Paler colors of blue and green that capture the beauty of the sky and landscape make small spaces appear larger.”

Kitchens are typically the most utilized area in the house, so it’s important to choose colors that are simple to live with, says Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador Patrick O’Donnell. Try to refresh your color palettes when the old one bores you.

In the above picture of a kitchen, the addition of a patterned curtain and an accent chair in the shade selected from the print that contrasts the blue but remains coherent is something we appreciate.

Small kitchens can be stylish. Bold or muted kitchen paint colors can enhance a cooking area.

“I think color choice is a personal choice and one that should be centered on the atmosphere you want to produce, rather than trying to make a small room look bigger,” says Helen Parker, Creative Director of deVOL Kitchens. “Go dark, bold, or cluttered if you want a compact room to feel more mellow and atmospheric. Go light and pale if you want it to look clean and basic”.

Experts recommend keeping the color scheme simple for small kitchens. Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador Patrick O’Donnell advises: “Keep color schemes basic in a tiny kitchen avoiding more than three hues in one place” (think cabinetry, walls, and woodwork). In a room with lots of utensils and tableware, any more can be distracting.

I’d suggest going big with your color choices while keeping the number of finishes and textures in the space to a minimum.’ You may have a big impact as long as the room is unified’ comment Dowsing & Reynolds interior designer Xander Shreenan.

8. New Layout for the lighting schemes

Invite your guests to kick back and enjoy the kitchen and the casual dining experience with these carefully planned lighting and seating arrangements.

Layouts for open-concept kitchens Tom Howley, design director of the eponymous kitchen firm, proposes layering lighting to avoid making the space feel overly open or frigid. Your kitchen’s design and lighting should incorporate features of multifunctionality to facilitate a variety of activities in a variety of zones.

The best lighting solution is to designate an intense work light above the kitchen counters where you prepare the food and a warm, low light for the diners. It may only be a few meters, but the contrast in lighting between the kitchen and the dining room can make or break an entertaining evening.

7. Keep Natural, Neutral, but remain Productive

Accent colors can be enticing and completely alter the mood of your kitchen. Some colors, like orange, are commonly associated with positive emotions. For that reason, it’s a great way to kick off a productive day.

On the contrary, you can achieve a cozier atmosphere by using a color scheme of white, dreary, or brown. Better still, if you want to achieve that comfy vibe, all you have to do is paint it black. If you are unsure about that, you can try charcoal gray instead.

Try putting your charcoal-gray cabinets against white walls and a white ceiling to make the room feel larger. Shelves attached to the wall allow you to showcase your prized plant collections.

If you currently don’t have the liberty to color your kitchen unless with white, check out some of the inspiration from El Mueble

6. Upgrade your Coziness with Candles

Does your kitchen have fixed lighting? Cozy up. Use softer lighting, table lamps, or candles. Anything that softens the light and warms the atmosphere helps. But ensure that you choose the candle for lighting purposes.

Try a citrus-forward candle for aromatic purposes or to rejuvenate your mood before starting a new cooking project you never tried before. As the candle burns down, it will purify and freshen the air.

It’s not suffocatingly hot or wintery but rather stimulating and cheery. This choice is for you if you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to a traditional candle scent, such as vanilla or musk. It fits your bathroom too.

If you live in a rental space,
You probably have to deal with a kitchen room that blends with a living room. For that reason, you may need to take our feature titled 10 Cozy Open Plan Living Room Ideas on a visit. As always, it comes with a video. Beyond that, it has dozens of FAQs and answers that could offer you the fresh perspective you need to deal with your organizational challenges.

With that said, let’s complete our countdown with 

5. Add a Table for a Cozy Breakfast Nook

You should not forgo comfortable seating if you want to instantly make your small kitchen cozier. One thing that makes you exclude this option is the lack of space. Luckily, we have listed some possible layouts to cram a decent breakfast nook in your small kitchen.

  • First, you can make a built-in bench with an angled corner. Then, pair it with a round table so everyone can easily access it.
  • You can also create a dinner booth at the end of the cabinet. Optimize the space by making a U-shaped bench.

Another smart way to make this idea tangible is to invest in a drop-leaf table. This table allows you to have a cozy breakfast nook, although the space is limited. When you are done, you can fold the table so it will not ruin the foot traffic.

The Drop Leaf Table @Smallspacedesigner

4. Alternate your Clutter Management methods

Messy rooms aren’t exactly placed people like to hang out in or work, negatively distracting focus. For that reason, make an effort to maintain a clean and orderly workspace, but you shouldn’t leave them completely devoid of contents. Keeping only the essentials and a few decorative items like cutting boards and pots can make a great difference in the atmosphere of your kitchen.

While this may be easier said than done in cramped quarters, it may be worthwhile to make a fast inventory of your belongings to determine what you haven’t used in years and may safely donate or throw away. Shelf risers, pegboard solutions, and pull-out racks are just a few of the many ingenious tools available to help you make the most of your available cabinet space.

Or consider a more functional transformation included with curvier furniture or Reach Overhead.
An open shelf above the sink, integrated with closed cabinets, adds extra storage in this smaller kitchen. Photo courtesy of KraftMaid

3. Get it Cozier with more wooden elements

Adding wood accents is a tried method of making even a tiny kitchen feel more welcoming and comfortable. Instant coziness is guaranteed wherever wood is present. Therefore, having some wood in the kitchen is our strong recommendation.

To do this, consider purchasing wood veneer cabinet fronts or a butcher-block countertop. As a last touch, transform your cement flooring with Hardwood to transform the ambiance of your kitchen. If that transformation is financially impossible, consider interlocking deck tiles or Shelf adhesive wood plank.

2. Keep it clean will not cost you Much

It’s much easier to relax in a clean kitchen, so you need to keep a cleaning kit, and a set of shelf rollers close, for example.

Remember to remove the countertop of any clutter before cleaning it. Do the dishes by hand and then load the dishwasher. Then, move on to wiping down the refrigerator, cabinets, and other minor appliances.

It’s also a good idea to clean the outside of your stove and oven before the stain becomes permanent. In conclusion, always be meticulous about cleaning the floor.

1. When necessary, Refresh your kitchen layout

Six primary kitchen designs are available for specific circumstances, such as space and preferences. Although no single layout is guaranteed to maximize efficiency in a tiny kitchen, certain designs are more workable than others.

Consider ideas like the U-shape for a tiny kitchen, widely regarded as the most practical kitchen plan for the ‘golden triangle’ appliance configuration. Or a galley kitchen design to access the best vertical space configuration and provides plenty of access to the workspace. Or a peninsular kitchen design allows you to divide narrow kitchen ideas while adding more cabinet and counter space for storage, eating, and socializing.

Lastly, Whether you need it as extra seating, a desk for the kids, or just a place to set the table, a simple kitchen island can serve many purposes.



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