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10 Effective Kitchen Hardware Selections and Transformations

Your home has an important role in keeping you healthy and happy. It should be cozy and comfortable as well. A good living environment can make us feel energized and inspired.

Unfortunately, many people spend so much time working that they don’t have enough time to enjoy their homes or even give them more attention than necessary. But cleaning our houses will become easier if we take care of it. Later, home maintenance costs will also be much more affordable and do not require significant investments.

However, some things need immediate changes. For example, buying new furniture or making major renovations on interior decoration. Fortunately, you can change your existing stuff with minimal expenses and effort. You just need to know how to pick out the right pieces of kitchen hardware.

Kitchens play a vital role in any household. They store food and beverages, provide water for cleanliness, keep everything organized, and cook delicious meals. Therefore, choosing the right tools and accessories is a must. Here are a few tips if you’re looking forward to improving your kitchen’s functionality, efficiency, and appearance at a low cost.

Before purchasing anything, determine what exactly you want to achieve by upgrading or changing your current kitchen setup. What features would you like to add or remove? Is something wrong with your present setup, but you still haven’t found a solution yet? You may find answers to those questions through this article.

After all, you’ll save lots of money while getting valuable advice along the way!
So let’s start…

1. How to buy new kitchen hardware without overspending?

The key lies in knowing your needs first. Ask yourself why you purchased certain products in the past and compare it to your goals now. Determine whether you really needed them or only bought them because everyone else already had one. Then think twice before spending too much.

Don’t forget that your budget doesn’t mean you should compromise quality. Look for the highest-quality materials possible within your price range. That means you shouldn’t go overboard when shopping for cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, etc.

Also, try to avoid impulse purchases such as those made during sales. Note that stores often sell their goods at deep discounts due to high demand. This makes sense since manufacturers offer bigger savings and lower prices to attract potential buyers who might otherwise hesitate to invest in expensive upgrades. In addition, shop around until you finally decide where to purchase your desired merchandise.

2. How to transform old kitchen hardware without wasting money?

Don’t throw away your previous investment. Instead, consider finding ways to reuse them. Most likely, you already own various useful objects you could use again instead of throwing them away. Check your cupboards and drawers to see if you’ve got extra pots, pans, plates, knives, spoons, forks, tongs, ladles, spatulas, whisks, colanders, and rolling pins. Include pizza cutters, cookie sheets, baking dishes, measuring cups, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and other kitchenware you haven’t touched in weeks or months.

Many times, we tend to overlook items that seem useless and end up discarding them. As long as you don’t mind minor modifications, you can easily convert your outdated utensil into brand new ones. Plus, you won’t have to pay big bucks anymore either. Here are several suggestions you can implement today and turn your junk into treasure tomorrow.

  • Turn small wooden spoons into spice jars: Cut off the handle portion of a wooden spoon and place it upside down. Use a pencil to trace a circle inside its bowl. Next, cut the circles using a utility knife so that the diameter matches the size of the original handle. Using sandpaper, create a rough surface and paint the wood black. Let dry completely and fill the jar halfway with sugar and spices. Put the lid on top and display it on your countertop.
  • Make pot holders: Turn four teacups upside down. Trace two circles approximately 3 inches across onto each side of the cups. Remove the bottom lids and drill holes smaller than the traced diameters. Glue the bottom part back together after drilling holes. Thread yarn through the holes and tie ends securely. Place cups on wire racks near the stove or oven to air dry thoroughly.
  • Use broken stemless wine glasses as vases: Fill half the glass with soil and plant seeds. Gently press dirt between finger pads so that no excess remains outside the rim. Water once daily. Set aside for two weeks and watch flowers grow. Once finished, rinse stems in vinegar and pat dry. Store the remaining soil in a sealed container. Vary flower types according to season and color scheme.
  • Bake cookies in mismatched mugs (A special project to warm your day, too):
    First, pour boiling water into three different-sized ceramic mugs (or tea cups). Line each mug with wax paper and sprinkle granulated sugar evenly over the paper. Insert parchment paper liner into each pastry sheet and bake until golden brown. Cool completely on rack. To serve, peel off liners and slice cookies horizontally into thirds. Serve warm or cool slightly.
  • Reuse coffee filters to line muffin tins: Empty packs of used coffee filters into a heavy-duty bag. Seal tightly and roll to form tubes. Snip opposite corners of each tube with scissors. Create 20-inch lengths and wrap loosely around the sides of twelve standard muffin tin cups. Secure each filter with double-sided tape. Unwrap filters when ready to use. Coffee filters hold moisture better than cellophane wrappers.

3. How to improve Kitchen hardware and value a house simultaneously?

Keep your eyes open every single day. Make notes on what works well and what doesn’t work as planned. With diligent repetitions, you may devise creative solutions that you probably haven’t even thought possible. Moreover, you’ll notice patterns among similar objects. Remember that less is usually more.

Try setting up your kitchen efficiently and streamline your workflow. Organize your counters and shelves to maximize storage space. Utilize vertical spaces under cabinet doors for additional drawer space. Combine multiple pots and pans for easy retrieval. Keep dishwasher free by storing silverware flat and stacking pots in stacks.

Lastly, be sure to properly label your kitchenware and appliances. Not labeling your pots and pans can confuse you later, especially when moving them around. Labels allow you to identify specific containers at a glance. Furthermore, organize your pantry neatly and label each item accordingly. A clear view of your stored foods will prevent accidental overeating and spoilage.

After reading this article, hopefully, you learned how to upgrade your kitchen hardware without breaking the bank.

Nowadays, homeowners prefer modern kitchens filled with sleek gadgets and innovative technology. Nevertheless, traditional elements such as stainless steel, marble, granite, hardwood floors, cabinetry, and tile flooring are still popular choices.

Whether you’d like to incorporate trendy styles or stick to classic tastes, to update your kitchen is never boring. Besides, investing in high-end appliances gives you more flexibility and options than older models.

Finally, having an efficient workspace helps you complete tasks faster. And remember – saving money comes hand in hand with maintaining overall health and wellness. For more detail, we present you.

10 Effective Kitchen Hardware Selections and Transformations:


When looking at a design, you may be unaware of the details. You may probably focus only on something big enough. Therefore, you forget about the small details that create the design as a complete form. These are Ten Effective Kitchen Hardware Selections and Transformations that turn an ordinary thing into becoming something special and worth praising. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Effective Kitchen Hardware Selections and Transformations Poster

10 Effective Kitchen Hardware Transformations Video:

List Entries:

10. Brass Latches

A cupboard is a type of furniture that has lots of doors. As a result, it requires many latches as well. When you want details that draw attention, these latches could be the way.

This brass latch stands on the cupboard door because of its bright color. It can be an option to replace the previous latch with different material that has a similar tone to the doors.
Patina is a common stain that corrodes metal. As it’s prone to tarnish, you must occasionally clean it with a special liquid such as vinegar and soda.

A popular suggestion would be to use Bar Keeper’s Friend, but you’re free to choose any metal cleaner you like the best.
Reference: Thespruce

9. Choose the Right Door Handle

When you frequently open the drawers in the kitchen, you are likely to choose an easy-to-pull handle.

Imagine it’s winter, and the wood material expands due to the humidity. It would be tiring if the handle were petite while the drawers got stuck.
For that reason, a wide handle would be practical. It looks well applied when it has the same type of hardware for each drawer in the cupboard.

8. Be Careful when Installing Latches

People install a latch to secure the door as it might open by itself when you leave it unlocked. It can prevent unwanted guests such as rodents from getting inside. It also stops the things in the cupboard from falling off.

When installing a latch, it’s better to have the right drill that fits the screws. If the holes are too big, they would be loose and fall soon after frequent use. If they are too small, it will cause the latches to be uneven when attached to the door.

7. Check Your Stainless Steel Sink Quality

Stainless steel sink is favorite hardware to many, and it’s for some good reasons. It’s an easy-to-clean and durable metal but relatively pricey.

It has a fashionable finish and gives the kitchen a posh appearance. Certain stainless sinks could be of poor quality. A loud noise usually results when you open the faucet or pour water.
With that concern, find a better kitchen sink and faucet as a new replacement. Here our friend has spectacular options you can choose from.

6. A Long Handle for Long Drawer idea

Opening a drawer is easy if it’s small, but this one is huge. It needs to have a handle right in the middle of a huge one like in this picture.

The handle is wide enough to cover the entire drawer. It works to open it with ease. Sometimes, a drawer is loose or a little tight, causing a problem when you pull it.
If there’s an issue when pulling it, use both hands and pull it out from the middle of the drawer. The handle also has an excellent design, and it fits perfectly.

5. Make your kitchen Hardware Noticeable

A large cabinet needs accessories of the same size. However, there are some exceptions when you try to create an idea or style with a particular concept.

This cabinet, for example, has a dark brown theme, and the hardware here is metal, which makes it easy to spot due to its shiny finish on such a bold background.
It would fail to highlight the cupboard if the handles were from the same color or material, like wooden handles.

4. Consider the Hinges and the Weight of the Door in the transformation plan

Hinges are also hardware that people usually attach to the door. There are many types of hinges that require a different way to install them. If the door is quite heavy, you need durable hinges to withstand it.

Depending on your preference, some hinges are adjustable to have a wide or tight gap when the door is closed. But you must put an old type of hinges correctly on the platform.

You need to measure the cabinet and where to install them. Simply put the hinges on the cabinet and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill the marks and screw. Repeat the same step for the other hinge.

3. Try Raw Wooden Handle if you are into a rustic style

Wooden handles are an option when you’re looking for an alternative. As metals corrode, wood is not and is free from patina. It also lasts long, not to mention that it’s pretty and affordable.

Put them on a cupboard with a different tone to create a contrast. It’s like you make small dots on paper. They do not need painting as the wood has a stunning raw appearance.
You may have custom wooden knobs or handles. That will take time as it’s not easy to give what a customer wants, and they might charge you a bit high.

2. Consider a new DIY Leather Handle Pull

Leather would be a rare option, but it does exist. It wouldn’t be the first choice of all types of cabinet hardware as we are already familiar with metal or wood. This is an exciting way spread a rustic look in the kitchen.

It can also be a way for you to be different than others in terms of style. Leather is durable, and it looks good on the cabinet. You can make your DIY leather handle pull by following these steps. Firstly, measure how long and wide it is and cut it with a sharp knife.

Secondly, drill a hole in each of the leather cuts. After that, put the screw through the hole and attach it to the drawer. Next, place the washer and nut, and secure them. Repeat as many as necessary.

Lastly, number 1. Choose your Faucet replacement Wiser

A pull-out faucet is perfect for small to medium-sized sinks. These are some of the pros and cons of using this type of faucet.


  • It makes washing much easier
  • It reduces the water from splashing on the floor or your body

It’s not very practical when rinsing

On the other hand, a pull-down faucet can be moved or used to your heart’s content. Here are the pros and cons.


  • It has many spraying patterns that help you with your washing task
  • It’s best suited for a deep sink


  • It’s not recommended for a tiny sink

Reference: Tapsandmore

Those are our 10 kitchen hardware details and transformations that hopefully can give you some ideas to give your kitchen a new look. And if you plan to auction off your property, your prospect are willing to pay more later.



Written by Andrea Burchard

Andrea is a Simphome contributor and an interior designer. She is active in writing about home improvement, including home designing (interior or exterior), consultations, renovations, home financing, and many more. If you feel her writing style touches your inner existence (or soul) and changes your perspective in a positive direction, care to shout her Instagram at @artworksviral or Youtube @Slidehouse