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To make your house more beautiful you can have some home decor hardware since it will add unique appearance. Moreover with adding the right kind of hardware, you will be able to see the difference instantly. The hardware will add more weight to your design which will increase the beauty. There are many kinds of hardware that you can add to your house since there are many items that you can use. Furthermore the design of these hardware also very beautiful which makes it fun to see and choose which one most suitable with your house.
Home decor hardware items for your room

1. Knob and pull

The easiest home decor hardware that you can use in your room is knob and pull which you can use on the cupboard, doors, drawers, and many others. There are many kinds of shape for the knob and pull that you can use. But you must remember to choose suitable style which could match the furniture or door where the knob and pull used. Changing the knob and pull of your furniture and door will instantly change the appearance of your room. We suggest that you do it after you repaint your old furniture, then you will see the furniture will look like totally different item. (via rinkit)

07 simphome knob and pull

2. Light fixture

If you need useful home decor hardware then you can try to add several light fixtures in your room. The light will be useful to brighten the room and it will also look beautiful. There are many shapes which the fixture has so you can choose which shape which suitable with your room theme. Do not forget that some light fixture are large while some are small enough, thus you must choose which one that suit your room size so it will be able to brighten the entire room without overpowering everything. (via m1craftco)

07 simphome light fixture

3. Furniture

There is some furniture with cool hardware which made from steel or iron as part of the furniture piece. You can use that kind of furniture with mixed material to add some home decor hardware without being too obvious about it. For example you can use dining table and chair set with steel legs in your dining room. Or you can also use some coffee table with steel legs or bookcase with iron frame. Use furniture that is useful for you so there is no space wasted just to add the hardware to your room. (via dwell)

07 simphome furniture

4. Wall art

Do not forget to add wall home decor hardware so your wall can have some of it on your wall. The easiest is to add some wall art made from iron which can also work to make your room appearance more unique. Or if you want something more useful then you can use coat hook which you can attached to the wall. Choose the hardware to be put on your wall carefully since they actually do not need real hardware. But adding several iron and steel element to your wall will definitely make them unite with the other real hardware used in your room. (via i-fva)

07 simphome wall art

5. Faucet

Another basic home decor hardware you should use is the faucet which you can add to the sink or to your bathtub. Furthermore there are many colors and shape of faucet that you can use so you can definitely find something that suits your taste. Not only beautiful but this hardware is a must in your kitchen and bathroom so why not choose faucet with beautiful shape so you can use it to decorate your room with them as well as using it for real. (via citrineliving)

07 simphome faucet

Tips in using hardware as room decoration

Most of the times when people searching for hardware used as decoration, they will only use obvious things such as knobs, pool, fixture, and faucet. But actually there are other items that you can also consider as hardware. All you need to do is to find items with a little or all made from iron, chrome, steel and other hard material. Although they are not really hardware but they can be considered as hardware of your room.

Do not forget that you should really think of the hardware style that suitable with your room. See the color that you have used in your room and think whether iron, chrome or steel hardware is more suitable with the color. If you use specific theme, then usually they will have their own hardware preference so you really need to study the theme better. The shape of the home decor hardware also varied thus you can really find it in any shape that you want. Just make sure that the shape is suitable with the other shape that you have used in your room. The point is to ensure that all hardware used in your room match with other items too.

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