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Primitive theme has very unique decoration that you can use, and for you who have limited budget, then you can try to use cheap primitive home décor which very affordable. Sometimes you do not even need to purchase a new thing and just use anything you have in your house. Items from the old era, even something that your parent used in their old house could still be use in your new house even though they do not have new look.

Then what item to be use and how to use them? Here are some suggestions of the items you can use for your primitive theme decoration.

Cheap primitive home décor creation from old items

1. Galvanized bucket sink

1 Galvanized bucket sink via simphomeFirst idea is to use what you already have then turn the function to something more useful in your new house. You can try to find some galvanized bucket in your grandmother house. Of course you would not need to use galvanized bucket anymore since now we already have plumbing all around the house. 1 Galvanized bucket sink via simphome 2However you can still use the galvanized bucket in your new house. What you can do is to change and turn it into a skin, which you surely need in any house. This method will add new function to the galvanized bucket and will make your sink unique and cheap primitive home décor.

2. Mason jar light fixture

2 Mason jar light fixture via simphomeYou might be able to find a lot of mason jars in your mother house, but do not throw them all away since you can still use them for something else. Try to add some light bulb inside the mason jars to turn them into cheap primitive home décor light fixture. 2 Mason jar light fixture via simphome 2Hung them in the middle of your living room or above the dining room table to give a nice ambiance and create a romantic look inside your house. The light can be bright enough for the whole room if you use suitable bulb inside the mason jars.

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3. Burlap window treatment

3 Burlap window treatment via simphomeIn the old days burlap is a favorite material that everyone uses, that is why you might be able to find some in your grandmother house. Collect several pieces then try to stitch them together to make a window treatment. 3 Burlap window treatment via simphome 2This can also be a natural alternative for your window treatment. The tan color from burlap is suitable for cheap primitive home décor, but if you want to add more color, you can try to combine them with checkered material.

4. Wooden trunk furniture

4 wooden trunk via simphome comWooden trunk has become a traditional storage that everyone uses since a long time ago. That is why you might even find a few of them in the local market as cheap primitive home décor. 4 wooden trunk via simphome com 2Try to purchase some that has large size then convert them into other furniture. Use one as a coffee table so you can place them in front of the sofa. if you can find one that is very big, then try to convert it into a bench which you can put in your bedroom or the entryway.

5. Old furniture planter

5 Old furniture planter via simphome 2If you have old furniture that you cannot use for anything and you cannot repair it anymore, do not throw them away. Instead you can use them as outdoor cheap primitive home décor. 5 Old furniture planter via simphomeYou can use any kinds of furniture for this project including chairs. Put some plants inside the old furniture then place them on your porch or even directly in the garden. This will give more primitive look in your garden area which is very beautiful and unique looking.

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Tips in using primitive look for your house theme

It is actually easy to find cheap primitive home décor as long as you know where you can find them. Sometimes you can even get them for free if you use old items then remake them to something new.

There is no limit to the item that you can use and remake. All you need is your creativity since there is nothing you could do wrong in this theme as long as you use old items. Even if you do not have old items, you can also try to give them old look by using distressed finishing especially for the furniture.

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The room should also reflect the primitive theme, that is why try to use more natural material such as wood and stone for the flooring and wall. Even if you need to use metal material, try to use metal that has rustic look instead of new shining appearance.

If you need to repaint your room, then try to use natural shade that has earthy color such as beige or tan since it is more suitable for primitive theme. Reusing old furniture also recommendable for this theme, so try to shop more in a garage sell or local market to find rare items that you can use inside this theme.


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