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What Services Should You Look For When Moving From One Property to Another?

Close-up of the keys of the new empty apartment with moving boxes on the floor. Photo: Envato

Moving to a new home – it is an exciting, hectic, and at times overwhelming endeavor. You are thinking of a thousand different things; how will you get all of your possessions to the new house in one piece?; will you be able to make the new place your own?; what can you do to feel safe and secure in your new home?

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions when you are embarking on a new and exciting property adventure, and sometimes you just need to be told what the essentials are. Here are four key services you will need when you are moving house.

A Dependable Removal Company

First thing’s first: you need a removal company you can trust. Look for a company that will offer full packing and unpacking services, has highly trained professionals on the job, and free quotes. This is an important service and how your removal company treats you can make or break your big day.

If you are moving in Sydney and worried about the lack of parking, busy streets, and winter showers, Top Removals (at are well-versed in dealing with these little hurdles. With their expert packing and moving, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the start of your new adventure. Do not trust just anyone with your worldly goods.

A Locksmith

If you are buying your new property, even if you have no suspicions about the previous occupiers, it can be a good idea to have the locks changed. You never know whose old boyfriend, favourite uncle or dog-walker has a key to your house.

A locksmith can “re-key” (change the pins inside the barrel of a lock) your current locks, rather than changing them altogether. They will then give you a new set of keys, thus securing your home. This is a cheap and efficient way of ensuring your security, and causes minimal disruption during your busy move.

This relatively inexpensive and straightforward job is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are the sole owner of the keys to your front door.

Painter and Decorator

Now your personal items have moved in, and you have secured your new home, it is time to make it your own. This is when you can get super creative! Whether you are a minimalist or an all-out eccentric home decorator, you will need a painting service that can bring your vision to life.

Pick up a home decor magazine or jump online and get inspired – the possibilities are endless. Your house, like your clothes, your hair and your accessories, are a reflection of you. It is important that you are filled with joy by your surroundings and that they reflect your energy.

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Having a painting and decorating service paint your house will give it the professional finish that is near-impossible to achieve when attempting to paint yourself. That is why it is worth finding a company that inspires trust, with certified professionals, demonstrable extensive experience on their website, and complies with the Building Codes of Australia.

Pool Builders

Ok, so this one isn’t essential – but it is still a game-changer! If your new property is not already equipped with a pool, and you have the space, this is a life-saving addition to your home, especially during those baking hot summer months. Find your local pool builders and watch your new home get a whole lot more fun, luxurious and summer-ready.

But do not forget to child/pet-proof the swimming pool to avoid accidents! You can do this using a four-sided fence, at least 4-5 feet tall, or with a pool cover specifically designed to keep your children out of the water when unsupervised. Finally, keeping doors and windows that lead to the pool secured will also keep your little ones safe.

Welcome Home

You’ve made it! Your furniture and clothes were packed and moved by reliable experts, your doors are secure and your house looks exactly as you had always dreamed. You might even have your feet dangling in the crystal waters of your brand new swimming pool.

What a difference it makes when you have a concise, practical to-do list. Now you can share these top tips with your friends and family, so they too have a seamless, enjoyable move. With the help of these services, moving day can be made painless, comfortable, and enjoyable. Welcome to your new home!

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