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10 Things to Improve in Your Home to Make it Safer

It’s extremely important to feel safe in your home. We live in a world where there’s a lot of crime, robberies, etc… People need safety to be able to live their normal life without having to worry that something bad could happen.

There are plenty of easy ways to make your home safer. We will provide you with a list of the best things you can do to improve your home to make it safer.

1. Invest in an alarm system


Having a security system is a key thing to your safety and privacy. By having an alarm system in your home, you will repel any intruders and stop potential issues.

Another good thing about security systems is that they also detect other possible issues:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

It will also add value to your home, so if you ever decide to sell, it will be a great investment property for sale.

2. Secure doors and windows


A great way to improve the safety in your home is to secure doors and windows. Studies show that most burglars enter homes through windows and doors. Always make sure that they are locked or you can think about one of these upgrades:

  • Smart locks
  • Deadbolt
  • Strike plate
  • Video doorbell

If you’re purchasing a new home where somebody lived previously, change the locks. That way you will be sure that nobody has keys to your house.

3. Blinds and shutters are important


This may sound silly but having your blinds and shutters shut after dark is a major thing in security and privacy. If they are not shut properly, burglars can easily see what items you have in your home and where are they located.

If you are the type of person who can sometimes forget those things, you can invest in roller shutters. That way you will secure your home with a click of a button.

4. Light up your outdoor space


Having good lighting in your outdoor space will help with stopping criminals from accessing your home. They like to operate in dark areas and don’t like to be noticed. They usually choose homes that look vacant and are unlikely to choose a home that looks lived in.

If you install motion-activated lights you will be able to notice if anything unusual is happening. That will provide an element of surprise and you’’ instantly know if there’s an intruder around your property.

5. Consider adding security cameras


Adding security cameras is another valuable and easy solution to making your home safer. The cameras will capture anyone who’s coming in and out of the property or if someone’s sneaking around.

With technology nowadays, you’ll be able to monitor everything on your smartphone. That way you will be able to follow anything that’s happening in real-time.

If something happens, you will notice it instantly and you can go to the police. Camera footage is also counted as evidence in court.

6. Have a safe


Even if somebody succeeds in entering your house regardless of all the security measures you’ve set up, it’s also important to have some inside the home. Keeping all your valuables in a safe from a reputable supplier will prevent them from taking any important stuff.

Make sure that the safe you buy is fire and water-resistant and heavy so that they cannot take it with them.

7. Buy a dog


Buying a dog (possibly a bigger breed) will help with scaring any unwanted people from your property. They are full of love, but they are super protective of their owners. Dogs have a great sense of smell so they will notice a thief even from a distance.

If you’re asleep you’ll hear them barking and know that something’s going on. They will serve their life protecting you and trying to keep you well.

8. Always lock your garage


Most people focus on securing their house inside and out and then they forget about the garage. That can be an easy way for someone to enter your home or steal your car.

Always lock your garage or invest in a good garage door that cannot be accessed by anyone but you. You could buy a smart garage door opener as well. That way you could check the status of your garage door even if you’re far away.

9. Make your outdoor space thief-proof


We already mentioned you should add lights to your outdoor area to divert the thieves. There are other great outdoor tips to try and stop potential break-ins or any issues.

First of all, trim any unnecessary plants or bushes that can block your view. Make it so that they don’t have any possible hiding spaces in your yard. If you decide to have plants, you can go for the ones that have thorns.

You could also add gravel around the property so that you can notice any moving sounds at night.

10. Get a leak sensor


This upgrade might not help with stopping thieves or intruders but it will be of great importance. Water damage can be severe if not spotted early and it can cause a lot of problems.

By installing a leak sensor in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where you use water often, you will prevent any possible damages that could harm your possessions.

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