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Moving to A New Home? Here are 10 Appliances You Need to Have

Moving into a new home is always an exciting moment, especially if it’s your first time. It might even feel like a brand-new chapter of your life. However, it’s not a simulation game: things don’t magically appear for you to use in your new place. To make your home a proper place to live in, there are numerous home appliances you need to get. Here are some of them.

Microwave oven

This appliance is a lifesaver for many people. Microwave ovens are simple and fairly easy to use yet also offer a lot of benefits. Have leftovers from last night’s dinner? Put it in the microwave, and you get a nice, warm meal. Craving for some popcorn during movie time? Pop some kernels with this appliance.

A lot of kitchen setups these days have a special compartment for a microwave oven. If you get such kind of setup, make sure to get a microwave with the right size to fit the space. All in all, a compact microwave oven will be a nice and helpful complement to complete your new home and kitchen.

Washing machine

Most of us aren’t celebrities with an unlimited supply of clothes. We own a couple of them, and they get dirty after using them one or two times. That’s why a washing machine is non-negotiable: you just need to have one. No buts.

While washing clothes with hands is an option, it takes a lot more time and energy to do regularly. Delegating this task to a washing machine can be super helpful. While doing your laundry, you can use the time to do other things or take a quick rest from all the chores. Don’t forget to get one with a drying feature—or purchase a separate dryer—to get them dry quicker.

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Ironing machine

Having a neat and proper appearance is important in everyday life. To do so, the smallest step you can take is making sure your clothes are wrinkle-free. This is where an ironing machine comes in handy. This little appliance will make your clothes nicely pressed and ready to wear anytime.
When it comes to smoothing out your clothes, you might not know which kind of ironing machine to pick. Iron comes in two different types: one with a steel plate as a heat conductor and one using steam to release heat. Steam iron might be a better choice as it’s quicker and safer to use. Another option would be a garment steamer. It has a tube-like shape that will produce hot steam to remove wrinkles.


A stove is one of the first appliances you need to get for your new home. A stove is fundamental because you need to cook food regularly. Even if you don’t cook often, having a stove will still help you occasionally. Maybe boiling water for your coffee, reheating your leftover, or cooking instant ramen for a midnight food craving.

The stove is a pretty generic term. There are different types of stoves you can pick based on your preference. A gas stove is a safe bet: it doesn’t rely on electricity, has adjustable visible flame, and everyone is familiar with it. Electric and induction stoves are good, too. They have no chance of gas leakage, distribute heat to cookware more evenly, and have a more sophisticated look for your kitchen.


Storing food is something you will eventually need to do when moving into a new home—no matter how much you eat out. You need a place to store your raw vegetables, fruits, leftovers, and other food. Leaving them open can make them go bad quicker. A refrigerator is essential as it keeps food ingredients fresh until you’re ready to process them.

There are many refrigerators on the market that you can choose from. Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick a refrigerator with the features you want. For example, some only have a cooler, while the others include a freezer compartment. Some fridges are designed only for their main purpose, but there are also high-tech fridges with fancy features. Choose wisely!

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Water heater

You know how great it feels to have a hot shower after a long day of work. Hot showers are proven to have lots of health benefits, including relieving muscle tension and helping you get better sleep. It’s really relaxing, especially when you live in a colder place. Don’t deprive yourself of this joy of life by getting a water heater.

Water heaters are placed in your bathroom, so it will take up some space there. You can get one with medium size to keep your bathroom spacious—another thing you need to take extra caution about is CO2 leak possibilities. Make sure to do regular maintenance of your water heater to prevent it from happening.

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