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  • How to Refresh an Antique Mirror with spray paint via simphome featured

    How to Refresh an Antique Mirror with Spray Paint

    Last summer Shaun was helping a friend move out of his farm house when he stumbled upon an old mirror in the attic. Knowing that I have a love for remaking old furniture, he immediately sent me a picture. “Interested?” Absolutely! It actually ended up being Shaun’s friend’s wife’s grandmother’s. […] More


    How to Build A Simple Roofless Tree House for Kid

    My son has been waiting for a long time for the provisional, deadly, chipped ply slice from last year to be replaced by a new one. And every day when I picked him up at school, the question has come: Have you bought a new record? And I have answered […] More

  • An Inspiring Swedish Hall featured simphome

    An Inspiring Swedish Hall

    Today I am going to show some pictures from our “trashed and find” hall. The hook board I’ve made myself by a painted board and hooks from House Doctor. This pillow from Decor Maison I had looked into for a while and hit on the rean :)) Mirror Spell from […] More

  • how to make linen closet via simphome

    5 Steps How to get Perfect Linen Closets

    Hi friends! Spring is in the air and it gives me the inspiration to get all things in my home in order. Today, I am sharing 5 Steps to the Perfect Linen Closet. It’s springtime people! The perfect time to declutter and get your home in order, right? So, here’s […] More

  • How to Renew A Coffee Bag Footstool via simphome featured

    How to Renew A Coffee Bag Footstool

    In June, I did three junk & trunk shows on three consecutive weekends. I am fairly certain I will never do that again! In the near-constant “getting ready for the show” mode, I did manage to snap a couple of pics of this cute little stool that I redid to […] More

  • how to fix cushion simphome featured

    How to Renew Sagging Cushion

    We bought a new living room set last year and the chair/ottoman, which is my dear hubby’s nest, is looking pretty tired and beat down. I’m not sure why, but my DH is hard on things; shoes, shirt collars, furniture…. Perk up a cushion! The couch is still looking comfortably […] More

  • 5 WAYS TO ADD LUXE APPEAL TO YOUR HOME simphome featured

    5 Ways To Add Luxurious Appeal To Your Living Room

    Morning, lovelies! Today, I’m sharing 5 Ways to Add Luxe Appeal to Your Living room…and they don’t all break the bank. Luxe for less? It can be done. I’ve always been a fan of a polished space. In my teens, I was pouring over Architectural Digest and studying every space […] More

  • How to turn Ugly Coffee Table to A Marble like Coffee Table simphome featured

    How to turn Ugly Coffee Table to A Marble like Coffee Table

    In this DIY project, we are going to learn how to customize untold historical coffee table bought from random craigslist member. See this next picture. It wasn’t look this cute. “Hello, yeah, it’s been awhile“. Not much, how ’bout you?” Well, I’m back from my self-imposed blogging hiatus. And despite […] More

  • How to Turn Plain Ikea Curtains Into White Columns of gorgeousness simphome featured

    How to Turn Plain IKEA Curtains Into White Columns of Gorgeousness

    My draperies looked like shower curtains. At least, that is what I thought. Until I decided I want to make this new change. Two months ago, I decided I would try purchasing ready-made drapes to replace the existing patterned fabric I had hanging in my living room. I wanted something […] More

  • How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack via simphome featured

    DIY Projects: How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack

    A little while ago I started a segment about containing our paper clutter. Avoiding piles of paper is one of the biggest challenges for me so I am determined to tackle it! Last time, I spoke about how I organize our receipts. Now, I’m tackling our mail. Shaun and I […] More