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  • HOW TO: FOLD-UP Wall Desk

    So we really needed a work space down in the shed to house both a laptop and a large monitor for my design work that could be folded up to protect against the kids’ basketball and floor hockey games that happen all winter long. Here’s what we made: So this […] More

  • 10 DIY Side Table for Bedroom Ideas via

    10 DIY Side Table for Bedroom Ideas

    The side table is more than just furniture to spruce up the bedroom. Furthermore, it can accentuate a room when laid out and styled well. It comes in various styles that you can buy, but it is not too difficult to DIY. Well, at least for some with advanced woodworking […] More

  • 10 Bedroom Sofa Ideas via yt Thumbnail

    10 Bedroom Sofa Ideas

    A sofa is an excellent addition to a bedroom. Whether the bedroom is small or large, adding a sofa is a matter of measure and taste. It should allow you to walk easily around the room. The size of your room determines the dimension of the sofa. It would help […] More

  • 2.Simphome.comCharging station the weathered fox

    How to Craft Simple DIY Hidden Storage or Charging Station

    Next, you are going to read a story from This is about how my charging station came to be. I’ve got these really pretty bookshelves. Have I told you about them? I love them. I love styling them, I love taking everything off and putting new things up all […] More

  • How to build an Awesome Tire Planter via thumbnail

    How to build an Awesome Tire Planter

    Today I would like to share with you all a project that Charles’ dad, Morris, showed me; he is quite creative and makes the most interesting window mirrors, birdhouses, and more! This particular project involves repurposing old tires as planters, and although that sounds a little tacky they turn out […] More

  • 10 Clever Bathroom Shelving Ideas to Keep Your Space Clutter Free via Simphome Featured Image

    10 Clever Bathroom Shelving ideas

    As a place that multiple users used, the bathroom tends to be messy. The clutter is usually scattered on the vanity which makes it look like a disaster area. You can find the toothpaste here and toothbrush there while the other bathroom essentials are in somewhere else, making a haphazard […] More

  • How to Build a DIY corkboard planter via simphome featured

    How to Build a DIY Corkboard + Planter

    My good friend Heather made me this amazing framed corkboard with an attached planter for succulents. This was such a wonderful gift to receive and I was shocked to hear how straightforward it was to make. Heather normally blogs about all things food, restaurants on Bourbon and Bleu. Since this […] More

  • How to Makeover a mid century chair via simphome com featured image

    DIY Project idea – How to Makeover a mid-century chair

    One of our old neighbors in Silver Lake was getting rid of these chairs and we took them with the intention to refinish them as soon as we moved somewhere with more space.  Right before moving into the new loft, we finally got to give them the attention they deserved! […] More

  • how to safe cracked furniture via simphome

    How to makeover Cracking Furniture

    So, when taking up a hobby like this one sometimes you get really lucky and you’re friends will give their “get it out of my house furniture” to you…which is awesome! And sometimes you get a little less lucky and you find a free piece of furniture..on the side of […] More

  • DIY How to Make Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor via Simphome featured

    DIY How to Make An Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor

    We are so lucky that fantastic talented Ellen from the blog HELLO HOUSE will be one of the regular guest blogs here at NIB going forward. Once a month, Ellen will share his interior tanks and tips with us. Take her well, we Nib girls simply can’t get enough of […] More