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  • DIY Corner Closet and Coat Rack via simphome Featured

    Clever DIY Corner Closet and Coat Rack ideas

    The built in closet that came with our loft is absolutely wonderful except that the closet rod was installed a lot lower than normal and my floor length dresses end up dragging on the ground. This wasn’t really a big deal up until recently when I bought 4 new long […] More

  • 9 DIY Organizations tips you need to know via simphome featured

    9 DIY Organization Tips You Need to Know

    My beginning of the year organizing continues. I’m telling you, it’s amazing how much junk we amass over the course of a year isn’t it?! The trash pile currently in my garage might qualify for a world record. (I’m serious. My husband is freaking out that they won’t take it […] More

  • Thrift Shop Storage Cube Transformation idea Via Simphome featured

    Thrift Shop Storage Cube Transformation idea

    When I started working in Corporate America eons ago – I swear the phrase of the year was “Think outside the box.” I had a manager who loved this sort of terminology. Any time I went to him for advice, this was the type of answer I got. He was […] More

  • Effective Pantry Organizing revealed via simphome com featured

    Effective Pantry Organization Revealed- 5 Ideas you need to know

    Ok, so here it is – the big reveal! But it wouldn’t be “me and myself” without sharing my five truths I have learned during this process… 1. You have to do what you can afford. Me – I went to the dollar store. I’m not spending my life savings […] More

  • How to make a simple Lego table via simphome comfeatured

    How to make a simple Lego table

    Remember back when you dreamt what having kids was going to be like? Before we started down the road of parenthood I often had images of dewy soccer fields being invaded by miniature warriors and my husband and I cheering on the sidelines as the clump of littles made their […] More

  • DIY switch plate upgrade Simphome com How to do it like a pro Featured

    DIY Switch Plate upgrade – How to do it like a pro

    Ok, so there are just ideas you come up with that take forever for you to actually implement. You wait for the right circumstance and then TADA! Now that I have done this, I want to do this EVERYWHERE in my house. (Seriously, everywhere.) I have seen similar ideas on […] More

  • How to Paint Fabric properly and make it look like a real Leather via simphome featured

    How to Paint Your Furniture Fabric to make it look like Leather

    Want the look of rich, luxurious leather on a thrift store budget? This post will show you how to paint on fabric to make it look like leather. My dear friend gave me these chairs. After a short stay in her garage the damn dogs ruined the cushions but all […] More

  • Simple idea how to Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand via simphome featured

    Simple idea How to Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand with a Butcher Block

    It’s no secret how much I love West Elm. Since it’s only walking distance from me (so dangerous…) I often go for inspiration and to pick up the odd little vase or accessory. A little while ago, I fell for this practical and small-space friendly piece. How perfect is a […] More

  • How to makeover Old Rustic Bar Stool using spray paint via simphome featured

    How to makeover Old Rustic Bar Stool using spray paint

    I often break the first rule of thrifting: “Buy it when you find it.” I can’t tell you how many times I do this. You would think when something costs $12 bucks – it wouldn’t be a tough decision. Sometimes it just is. That was the case with this bar-like […] More

  • How to make DIY Box Spring Cover via simphome featured

    How to make DIY box spring covers – No bed Skirt? Fine!

    Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against bed skirts. I use one in my guest room. However, there are multiple reasons you may not want to use a bed skirt. You may like a more contemporary look. You might have a bed that doesn’t allow for it. You might […] More