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  • Bathroom creative patrick coddou Simphome unsplash

    10 Bathroom Ideas That Suit a Creative Person Like You

    Have you ever stayed in your bathroom a little bit longer because you are indulging in the bath tub while listening to music or reading a magazine? It turns out a bathroom is not only a place to clean yourself up and do your stuff. In fact, it can be […] More

  • russ ward simphome unsplash

    10 Bathroom Vanities that Fit for All Budgets

    As the place where you may have to stay for a short while, your bathroom does need to be overhauled. Let’s begin with the grooming space where you often stop by after doing your business – the bathroom vanity. Your vanity is the busiest spot in your bathroom used by […] More

  • bath bathroom bathtub Simphome com

    10 Bathroom Sink Ideas that Will Fix Your Mood When You Stress

    Have you ever thought that your bathroom is the most precious room in your house? You don’t sleep here. You don’t welcome your guests here, either. But what would you do if you didn’t have a bathroom? As you can see, your bathroom is not a petty room. Therefore, refurbishing […] More

  • apartment bathroom comfortable apartment simphome com

    10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Generation Z and 100-Year-Old Folks

    Your house is supposed to be an embodiment of your personality and what you are into. Therefore, decorating your entire rooms to fit your style should be a norm, including your bathroom. Anyway, finding suitable small bathroom remodel ideas that satisfy everyone are not always entertaining, especially if your family […] More

  • Bathroom tile Simphome com

    10 Bathroom Tile Ideas that Won’t Turn Your Floor Dull

    How many times do you take a shower in a day? Once? Twice? One thing for sure, you do it regularly, even every day. And it means you have to see the same bathroom again and again. Don’t you feel cheesed off with it? When you think this chore is […] More