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    10 Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Ideas

    Inspiring bathroom remodel ideas do not always equal with over the top design, expensive supplies or costly makeover. There are some simple, easy, affordable ideas, and plans that you can paste for your bathroom remodeling draft. Keep in mind that a remodeling work isn’t always about making a dramatic transformation. […] More

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    Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Will Lift Your Mood

    The upstairs bathroom is complete! I wanted to post some before and after pics – what a difference! Before – we had old wood paneled walls painted glossy black with river rocks glued midway up the wall, original fixtures in really bad condition (the faucets were literally rotting out), and […] More

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    10 Clever Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Do you have a small bathroom? It is difficult to find the clever and smart idea for the bathroom. A small bathroom is rather complicated to arrange the interior design. It is small and narrow so that it requires the right bathroom idea in order to make it nicely beautiful. […] More

  • 10 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    You can find striking bathroom decorating ideas for small bathrooms in any form and color, but they all share a common thread. A fantastic decorative element for every small bathroom is to incorporate a towel rack with hooks. These come in different shapes and sizes, which allow you the freedom […] More

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    5 Cute and Cheap Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Transform the leftover kitchen tile into something gorgeous for your bathroom!. Want to know more? 1. Shell Candles There are times when you miss holiday and beach! Set the atmosphere of the ocean side with this shell candles. Prepare wick, wax pellets, and the shells beforehand. If you like, you […] More