simphome cute and cheap bathroom ideas

Transform the leftover kitchen tile into something gorgeous for your bathroom!. Want to know more?

1. Shell Candles

There are times when you miss holiday and beach! Set the atmosphere of the ocean side with this shell candles. Prepare wick, wax pellets, and the shells beforehand. If you like, you could also add ocean scent or colored candle. Melt the wax pellets in low heat. Place the wick in the shell and make sure it sits upright. Pour the wax liquid and allow to dry. Display it on your sink or on the wall shelves. (via burkatron)

shell candles

2. DIY Bath Bombs

This project will spread good scent all over the room. Start with purchasing baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, essential oil, olive oil and food coloring. In one bowl, mix baking soda, corn starch and citric acid. In another bowl, mix the epsom salt, essential oil, and water. Combine both mixture and slowly add olive oil and food coloring. After whisking for a while, you might be able to squeeze it with your hand. Use shape molding to get pretty shapes. Allow the bomb to dry overnight. (via abeautifulmess)

diy bath bomb

3. Marble Tray

Transform the leftover kitchen tile into something gorgeous for your bathroom! You only need one marble tile, two metallic handle, black tape and a metal glue. Begin the project by marking the area for the handle by using black tape. Apply some glue on the handle screw hole and press to the marble tile. Let it dry. You can take out the tape or leave it be on the tile. Arrange some smaller containers on the tray and set it on the sink. (via mylittlesecrets)

marble tray

4. Jar Tissue Holder

Use your mason jar to be a tissue holder. This simple trick could work with a mason jar, scrap book paper, knife, and scissors. Mark the opening hole on your mason jar lid. Cut it out with the knife. Cover the plain lid with scrap book paper. Don’t forget to cut the hole. Glue the paper to the lid and put the roll tissue inside the jar. Pull one pieces of the tissue. (via landeeseelandeedo)

jar tissue holder

5. Ruffled Curtain

Be creative with color cloth and sewing machine! You could get a pretty look for your bathroom with this idea. Buy a plain white cloth for the base, and three other colors of your choice to be the ruffle. Prepare the base by ironing and stitching the edges. Cut the clothes to four inches size, and line them up on the base. Create a ruffle and pin it. Repeat the process until a line is done and sew it. Do this until the base is fully covered. (via cbodance)

ruffled curtain

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