You will be surprised at the level of creativity you can achieve by thinking slightly out-of-the box. These ideas are to help you create nifty storage options and furniture pieces that not only accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also fill unused spaces and ensure your surroundings are free from clutter. Thus your home is always neat and organized, which makes you feel good, while creating favorable impression on guests.

As info: This list has 3 different parts and 1 part for video format of this list. I hope you’ll enjoy more learning experiences with these 2 different formats. Enjoy


21. IKEA Dresser Hack by Thislewoodfarms.
21 FromDresser to a Giant Favor via simphomeCut two long boards of 20 inches and three short boards of 12 inches . This is done to set the bookcase from the edge, and you can adjust the boards accordingly. You will need 24 washers and ProBond Advanced Glue.

After the boards are positioned, tape off with painter’s tape around the drawer. Paint the center of washers where the drawer pulls will be. After the paint dries, add the drawer pulls.

22. Four Style IKEA Hack Nightstand.
22 4 ways IKEA night stand hack via simphomeAssemble the table without wire tray underneath. Use two sheets of contact paper for the table top, so you can get a seam. You can get 4 types of nightstands such as : rustic black and wood, stylish copper and wood, traditional marble and black nightstand, or, fun copper and marble nightstand.

23. One Step Marble Side Table.
23 One Step Marble Side Table via simphomeTurn the marble tile over, measure and place hairpin legs on them, and trace “L” shapes on the tile with pencil. Use clear sealant on the legs so it doesn’t show through the porous tile. Place the hairpin legs back onto the tile lining them up with your trace marks. Wait 2 days to dry.

24. Double IKEA Lack Tables.
24 Double Ikea Lack tables via simphomeTo insert panel, cut grooves in legs, and shorten them by 2 inches. Keep bottom base full piece and glue back on after cutting. The paneling should be sized to fit inside legs. Slide panels inside grooves after respraying Lack pieces. Fit table top as base and screw it on.

25. A Table Lack with Wood and Chalkpaint.
25 a table lack with wood and chalkpaint via simphomeCut planks to the size of the table Lack. Paste with hot silicone to keep them stationary and fix to base with screws. After you are done, sand and paint to impart an authentic chalk paint table.

26. IKEA Lack Hack with Marbled Paper.
26 Ikea Lack Hack With Marbled Paper via simphomeUse Modge Podge and Spra-ment to for sticking paper to table. Cover both sides as Modge hardens, and use several coats of clear lacquer to prevent tearing. Last, Smooth out the bubbles.

27. IKEA Side Table to Sisal Rope Table.
27 IKEA side table to Sisal Rope Table via simphomeSand the table and start by using hot glue gun to stick a rope on to the bottom of the leg with a side that faces inside. Glue down the end to the table well, and put some E600 glue at the end of the rope to keep it from unraveling. For the top, begin on the outer edge and keep wrapping till you cover the square shape.

28. IKEA Lack Table Rehashed.
28 IKEA Lack table Rehashed via simphomeThe base is x-shaped at the bottom, with a square on top, for supporting the table top – the weight is evenly distributed. Unscrew the Lack side table for the table top and buy the metal frame separately. To reduce effort, purchase pre-cut square pieces of wood from a hardware store, saw the corners, glue them together, clamp, and leave for a week.

29. IKEA Lack Hack – From Coffee Table to The Perfect Bedside Table.
29 Ikea Lack Hack – From Coffee Table To The Perfect Bedside Table via simphomeUse two IKEA LACK coffee tables for one bedside table. From the new table package, only use the upper thick tabletop and two legs. Don’t forget to buy two wooden corbels for the front legs to hold your new shelf. You will also need lots of epoxy glue.

Before painting sand off excess dry wood filler. Start with a generous coat of primer and continue with black satin paint.

30. Easy DIY Sofa Tables.
30 Easy DIY sofa tables via simphomeCut down a 2×2 into eight short lengths. Connect 2 longs and 2 shorts to create two wooden squares. Cut two legs and screw them into the squares on one side, allowing the table base to be slid under a couch or chair. Screw on a large square of wood as the table top. Paint the table as per your choice and protect the top with 4 coats of polyurethane.

And now for the bonus… an extra hack! DIY IKEA Coffee Table Hack
30 Extra IKEA Coffee Table Hack via simphomeUse painters tape for masking areas you don’t want to paint, while continuing the diagonal line on the legs spray paint and lacquer them with several coats to protect against scratches or chips. Show off your creativity and skills – get working to create interesting furniture and decor pieces or vintage for your home.

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