75 Cheap Dollar Store Decor ideas


Many people don’t realize that sometimes they spend much money for small things that actually they can get it for free. 30+ tips below inform you about how to make things simpler and functional so you don’t have to spend money to make it more applicable.
In the same time, you can save some money for other more important essentials.

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66. Mason Jar Organizers
66 Mason Jar Organizers via simphomeWho said that mason jars cannot be used as room decoration? Of course you can have them as beautiful room decoration. The dollar store will be the perfect place to buy some mason jars. Then, grab chalkboard sticker tags, acrylic paint, and chalkboard marker. Paint the jars with the acrylic paint, then use chalkboard marker to label the jars. There you go! Your mason jar organizers are now ready. Source

67. DIY DOLLAR STORE CRAFTS Succulent plant
Check detail of this idea here:

67 DIY DOLLAR STORE CRAFTS Succulent plant via simphomeREWIND NO 52: Decorative Waste Basket – There is no need to decorate a waste basket because it is just a waste. But, instead of not decorating it, you should! For those who want more attractive decoration in your home, then you can try make decorative waste basket. What you need to have is of course waste basket and a rope. If you need a new one, you can purchase it from the dollar store for more affordable price. Then, simply attach the rope to the waste basket and that’s it! Now, you have more interesting waste basket.

68. BOHO CHIC JEWELRY TRAYS You can copy for cheap
This next idea will bring joys and new smile to your collection.

REWIND NO 55: Decorative Wreath – Decorative wreath offers more attractive and even unique decoration to your room. Even better, you can easily make it and save yourself some money. Grab an unused laundry basket or if you don’t have any, you can purchase one at the dollar store. Then, cut off the top of the basket as the base of the wreath. Start assembling sturdy branches along the rim and beautify the branches using some flowers for a finished look.

69. Moss Topiaries
69 Moss Topiaries via simphomeMoss topiaries is the perfect decoration solution for your bedroom. You can make this by yourself. But, first you need to head to the dollar store and buy wooden dowels, sheet moss, and styrofoam balls. Use a glue gun to adhere the sheet moss to the topiary form of the styrofoam. Make sure to add the wood dowels to it as well. And, you now have moss topiaries in your bedroom. Source

70. Dollar Store Bins to Stylish Storage by simply spray paint them
With spray paint them, simply paint them with your brush, or crayon – that last idea is impossible – you can have one of this new bins in your home. Follow link to learn more. I think you’ll find more than three paint makeover ideas there.

70 Dollar Store Bins to Stylish Storage via simphomeREWIND NO 45: Picture Frame Terrarium – Vases just feel like ordinary decoration in the living room and you need unusual and creative decoration to make your living room feels more alive. Then, you may want to try this picture frame terrarium. This unique and cute terrarium is a handmade and it is not difficult at all to make. However, you will need to prepare some tools. More importantly, what you need to do is grabbing some inexpensive frames from the dollar store, and then you can turn them into a unique terrarium to decorate your living room.

71. West Elm planter and Dollar store Bowl combo
This indoor planter idea will cost you under $5 and that price is included with inflation. Check link to learn more

71 West Elm planter and Dollar store Bowl combo via simphomeREWIND NO 49: Paneled Mirror – When you take a look at this paneled mirror, the first thought that shows up in your mind is it must be expensive. But, you got that wrong! This paneled mirror is actually homemade and even better, there is no need of special tools required to make it. What you need to prepare is glue and duct tape. Then, assemble the mirrors you can grab at the dollar store, tape and glue them to secure.

72. Gold Leaf Vase
72 Gold Leaf Vase via simphomeSpeaking of dining table decoration, you can actually make a pretty and unique vase using Gold Leaf Vase idea. This pretty vase will totally enhance the look of your dining table as well as saving a lot of money. Head to the dollar store and grab any type of glass vase or candle holder. Then prepare duct tape and paint. Tape off the glass vase with the duct tape in circular pattern then paint the duct tape. Fill the vase with some beautiful flowers and place it on your dining table. Source

73. Dollar Store Tablet Holder DIY from Huntandhost
This tablet holder is functional and chic. It’s free from electrical outlet and this idea deserved to be included in your recycling cycle.

73 Dollar Store Tablet Holder DIY from Huntandhost via simphomeREWIND NO 48: Magnetic Memo Board- If you ever wanted a creative memo board, then you can try this magnetic memo board. Can you believe that this memo board is actually made of a metal burner cover? Yes, of course. You can purchase this at the dollar store for a cheap price. Don’t forget to buy colorful patterned paper and spray paint as well. Glue together the patterned paper and the metal burner cover then spray it to make it looks more dazzling. Source

74. Dollar Store Spices keeper
74 Dollar Store Spices via simphomeDo you ever need any decorative spice rack or container? Well, if you are looking for a creative spice rack, you can try making dollar store spices. First of all, you will need to head to the dollar store and purchase some spice containers. Don’t worry, they are affordable! Then, make some label names of the spices and put them on each container. Finally, you can fill the containers using the spices or herb according to the container’s label.

75. Cake stand sink organization
75 Cake Stand Sink Organizer via simphomeWhen you are tired of looking at your sink organization, then it means you need to replace the old one with cake stand sink organization. All you need to do is purchasing a cake stand in the dollar store or use one of the unused cake stands. Also, you should prepare a small plastic plate and small mat. Glue the small plate and the cake stand, and then cover it with a small mat. Enjoy your new decorative sink organizer! Source

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