Monday, January 8, 2018

5 Refrigerator Organization Hacks

If your fridge seems have wide enough space. This time you can maximize the use of magazine holders.

1. Clean Your Fridge

After you have done with all stuffs inside or outside the fridge, it is time for you to do the finishing. Make sure that your fridge is not only looks good but also smells good. Both factors are needed to keep all products in your fridge healthy and keep it also from any kinds of bacteria. Make sure that either outside or inside your fridge is hygienic and free from any germs. Create your own formula or combining any existing source like lemon and rosemary to keep your fridge looks and smells like new. Source

2. Use Magazine Holders

If your fridge seems have wide enough space. This time you can maximize the use of magazine holders. You can store any meals or other food products in it. Store several in one holder laid or standing on its side. Again, add a laminated not card as a label on the outside of the magazine holders, to let you remember what is being stored in each holder. Apply magazine holders vertically. Arrange them properly in the fridge to get the tidy looks. Source

3. Label the Side Doors

Since labeling is helpful and effective in helping you organizing your refrigerator, this time you need to label the door. Although every door of refrigerators has various styles, it is all designed to put any meal or food that is packed in jars, bottles or cans. Labeling the door will ease you in classifying the types of meal you put on the door. Label your products like sauce, ketchup, jam, salt include pepper. Place them separately to avoid any confusion. Source

4. Make Expiration Date

This tip is aimed for all food with no wrap like eggs, vegetables or any other meal. Even when we put any food with expiration date on the wrap, sometimes you forget to consume it until it is expired. That is why it is necessary to write the expiration date yourself as a reminder. Keep track of your food freshness to avoid any wasted food or meal. Always remember all food that you place in the fridge and note all the possible expiration date of your food. Source

5. Use Magnetic Tins

If you like to use any magnetic things on your fridge door, then use the most of it. You can install magnet on your jar or any other food holders. Find some unused snack box and apply any magnets under it. Make sure the magnets stick strongly then apply the tins horizontally to ease you in taking the snack. Source