Sunday, January 7, 2018

5 DIY Ideas How to Upgrade a Small Kitchen

There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. More on that later.

1. Add a Chalkboard

Add a little bit of fun by adding a chalkboard into your kitchen to write your needs like grocery or recipe. Do you have any plywood? The chalkboard is made from it. If you already have one, cut the plywood into your desired shape and size then prime it with magnetic primer. As a result, your plywood has turned into a chalkboard. Now, you can write anything on it whether it is your groceries or a to-do list. A chalkboard can also bring warmth to your kitchen. Source

2. Cardboard Lettering

Do you want to improve your kitchen’s looks? Well you can always make your own decoration. One of it is word sign with size of a kitchen cabinet. You can make these from cardboard. Simply cut cardboard into your designated word. Make sure you cut two for a letter. Then, make the connecting pieces and glue them on the edge of each cut so it would look 3D. You can paint or cover it with decorative paper to make it more interesting. Also, make holes on the back letter so it can be hanged on the wall. Source

3. Revamp the Cabinets

Other than decoration, you are also able to do little renovation by yourself; revamp your cabinet. It may cost you a lot of money but the budget can be pressed if you choose the right replacement. Or you can just repaint it to make it looks different. Simply uninstall the cabinet door so the door can be taken off. Then, you can repaint it. You can also repaint the carcass with the same color. make sure to tape the things you don’t want to get painted. Source

4. Make Wall Art

A wall art that will be great for your small kitchen is a photo on wood board that can brighten your small kitchen. To make one, you need to prepare a wooden board, matte gel medium, and a printed photo on regular paper. Simply apply matte gel medium on the photo and put it on the wood. Flatten it and let it dry. Then rub the paper with wet cloth until the entire paper is scrubbed. Finally, the transferred photo will be on the wood. Source

5. Mason Jar Organizer

Do you know that you can still make your old Mason jar into jar organizers? To make it you need a wooden board, clamps, and some Mason jars. Just install the clamps on the wooden board; they are for tightening the jars so they won’t fall. The organizer will bring rustic yet elegant look to your kitchen. Also, it won’t be difficult anymore to store your spatulas, spoons, or whisks when you need it nearby. Source