Saturday, September 23, 2017

10 Organizing Ideas Inspired by IKEA

The Swedish furniture maker IKEA is known for bringing such concepts as simplicity, affordability and ease of use. IKEA’s products are known for their simple design and clean lines, relatively cheap price, and straightforward construction. Being simple products, they often feature interchangeable functionalities. For instance, an IKEA coffee table can often be used as a nightstand. This kind of versatility is actually not the only feature that makes IKEA products highly adaptable and useful. If you take a look at 10 organizing ideas inspired by IKEA below, you will know that there are actually many great things that you can actually do with your affordable furniture and décor.
10. The multifunctional IKEA plastic dispenser.
IKEA fans must already be familiar with its VARIERA bag dispenser. As a tall container, it can actually be used not only for dispensing plastic bags, but also for storing various tall items, such as brooms, rolled papers and umbrellas.
9.Transform a pair of IKEA RAST chests into a handy computer desk.
IKEA RAST chest houses three drawers that can be reliable storage units for all of your documents and office tools. Its top surface is also flat and able to support anything with perfect stability. Put two IKEA RAST chests side by side and leave a gap between them that is sufficient enough for a legroom and a place to store your chair. Lastly, connect both chests by lying a painted plywood plank on their top. The result is a sleek and fully functional desk that you can use for various office purposes.
8.Use IKEA RAST nightstand for storing towels.
We have mentioned earlier how you can repurpose IKEA’s nightstand for other purposes. One of the best ideas would be using the nightstand in your bathroom for storing towels. The wide gap just under the counter is so versatile that you can use it for various purposes other than storing bedroom stuff. Towels can easily fit that space, so using the nightstand for storing your towels is definitely a smart idea. This furniture piece only costs somewhere around $15, so it will definitely become one of the cheapest towel storage unit that you can have at home.
7.You can use IKEA’s Sultan Lade slats as wall storage.
The wooden slats are normally used to support your mattress; however, if you think that they are too sleek and too beautiful to be concealed forever under the mattress, take them out and show them off on your wall. With ropes and a little modification, you can transform them into handy wall storage comparable to a pegboard. You can hang plants, cooking utensils, office stuff, wall decorations, and anything imaginable.
6.Build a platform bed with under-bed storage using IKEA cabinets.
IKEA cabinets have flat top that you can handily use as bed platform. If you wish to have a bed with ample under-bed storage, you can lay a bed platform on an IKEA cabinet surround and provide access to the platform using cabinet stairs. With your ingenuity and a number of IKEA cabinets ready, you will create an amazing platform bed with ample storage underneath it.
5.Build a sleek and versatile kitchen island using IKEA BILLY bookcases.
IKEA’s low BILLY bookcases includes a number of empty space that might be too much for storing only books. So, if you have excess bookcases in your library, move them to your kitchen and put them side by side. You can then lay strong and durable plank on their top to create a handy kitchen island’s countertop. You can still store some books in the now transformed cabinets, especially if you love reading while eating or cooking, but you have ample storage space to store your kitchen’s paraphernalia.
4.Use IKEA’s picture ledge to expand your vanity’s storage.
If your vanity leaves a certain amount of empty space between its sink and its mirror, you can make use of that space by installing IKEA’s picture ledge there. The ledge is originally used as a wall shelf for putting photo frames, but if you know how to use it efficiently, you can use it to expand your vanity’s storage. The additional ledge can be used to store grooming equipment, toiletries or—according to its original function—the photos of someone that you want to see when you groom yourself. It is also possible to install the ledge above the mirror for aesthetic reason or if there is not enough space beneath the mirror to install it.
3.IKEA’s picture ledges can also be used as fancy shelves for books.
There are many imaginable things that you can do with IKEA’s picture ledges, one of which is using them as floating bookshelf. Install several layers of picture ledges on your wall and arrange their placement vertically. The ledges will be transformed into cute-looking bookshelf that doesn’t occupy too much space on your floor. It is an excellent storage solution especially if you are dealing with small room.
2.Exploit IKEA’s headboard for storage purpose.
IKEA’s MENDAL headboard will eliminate the need of using nightstand. The headboard consists of numerous layers of thin horizontal bars with grooves where you can install your shelves. The headboard already provides you with more than enough storage space that nightstand often cannot offer. If you think that one headboard is not enough, you can stack two headboard vertically to expand the storage.
1.Various uses of IKEA BEKVAM step stool
IKEA BEKVAM step stool actually has many alternative functions. If you can explore them, you can make this small furniture the most versatile IKEA furniture you ever have. The step stool can be transformed into a nightstand with the top step is usable for putting table lamp and the lower step for books and the like. It can also be transformed into a craft table for your children because it already includes integrated seat and table. There are many other alternative functions of this step stool, including as youngsters’ TV table, bathroom organizer, etc.
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