Small Home Design Ideas to Use Every Available Space

If you have small house, there are a lot of things that become your obstacle in designing the interior, here we have small home design ideas to help you overcome those obstacle. The main issue on small house is how to make use each nook and corner as well as some storage issue. This is why we will give you some ideas to make use every space you have in your small house and get extra storage at the same time. Since you have small house, space and storage is the most important thing that you should not waste.

Small home design ideas to get extra storage in your house

1. Floor to ceiling shelves

Do not waste any space in your house since it is small, so you should plan every space correctly. If the space is too small for anything, then you can try to add floor to ceiling shelve so you can still use and small space in your house. This small home design ideas storage can really give you a lot of extra storage. Put the shelves everywhere along the wall to the side of your stairs. That way you can really make use every possible space in your house. (via worldmarket)

floor to ceiling shelf

2. Multipurpose furniture

Of course every house needs to use furniture, but you should find the best small home design ideas furniture to be use in your limited space. And a smart way to do it is by using multipurpose furniture. This kind of furniture could have more than two function, some item even have storage inside so you will get extra place to store your items. Multipurpose furniture can also be customized as your need, you can even find a large size station with multiple function for your house. Using this kind of furniture you will not waste any space. (via homedit)

multi purpose furniture

3. Curtain divider

Small house usually build with open space layout so the room would not feel too small. But the problem comes when you need to divide the room since you need different area within one room. Having a room divider will make the room feel smaller, this is why you might want to use our small home design ideas divider by using curtain. With this material the room still feels opened and large but you will know the usage of each area. You can also remove them anytime it is needed so there is no burden of permanent divider. (via homedit)

curtain divider

4. Beneath stairs space

A space that often forgotten and wasted is the space beneath the stair, but actually there is a huge space in this location that you can make use of. If you need more storage for your house, then this is the perfect spot where you should build your extra storage on. However that is not the only function that you can put on this space since actually the space is large enough for you to build a small home design ideas office. This shows that you can really do anything with the space that you have here so just do anything you need it for. (via fallhomedecor)

staircase space

5. Organize

If you have a lot of items to be store in your small house, then our best small home design ideas is to organize everything. Scattered items will make your room feel crowded thus it will look smaller. Try to put small things in a basket or bin to keep them organize. Put a shelf in every corner possible then store your basket there. Organizing your item will not only make them easy to be found but you will also maximize the usage of your space. (via womansday)


Tips in designing house with small space

Designing house with small space give a nice challenge, but it does not mean you must give up and do not do anything. To make your space feel larger, try to keep everything bright. Not only using enough lighting in every room but try to use bright color for everything. Next you can also place a big mirror in the room to reflect all the lights. Mirror will also able to create illusion as if your room is bigger, so this is really a smart item to have in your room if possible.

To organize your room better, you will need to put small items inside bigger canister or basket. However organizing that canister and basket is another challenge that you must face afterwards. That is why you should try to find canister or basket that is stackable so you can just stack them in the shelf to make use every available space. Learn the best way to use every space in your house since different house has different small home design ideas that you can use. This make every house owns its own challenge that you should conquer and solve according to the current condition in your house.

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