10+ Ways How to Makeover A Room’s Furniture


In this post you are going to learn some of the cleverest furniture makeover ideas you can use for your own benefit. This post is constantly updated for at least a month since this post publish. Bookmark this post if you want to catch new update I planned and thanks for reading this post.
Table of content:

3. How to build a reliable Upside Down Mounted Lazy Susan

The idea of a rotating platform has been used for years in corner storage units, by why not incorporate it elsewhere?
To clear up counter space, and add a new wrinkle to your kitchen, drill holes on a circular wooden lazy Susan equidistant from one another as if it is like a clock.
By mounting a simple bracket underneath a cabinet, slide on the lazy Susan and place either coffee mugs, pots, or utensils on the hooks, allowing you to rotate them seamlessly.

Tip: Place a freestanding lazy Susan sphere on an entertainment center to make your TV capable of swiveling 360 degrees. The weight of the television set will ensure the platform will not slip.

Next time, we are going to discuss how to up-cycle Bookshelf Kitchen Island.