yellow abstract art gel Simphome com
yellow abstract art gel Simphome com

Have a special piece of art that needs a protective covering? Or maybe you just want a sleek new look to an old family photo. Using art resin is an inexpensive, fun way to add to your art. You can use it on pretty much anything from photos to driftwood to create the perfect high-gloss finish!

1. How to Art Resin a Metal Print .
How to Art Resin a Metal Print via simphome 1If you have a cool metal print you’d like to give a shiny new finish to, you can easily use art resin to do it. Just raise the print off the surface of a table, mix up some art resin with the hardener, and spread evenly over the surface of the leveled print. Check for any dust or hair and torch. Cover it up until it’s dry. When it’s dry, you have a sleek new finish for your art print!

2. Coat a Painting
Coat a Painting via simphome 2Even if your painting isn’t metal, you can still give it a glossy finish with art resin. Follow the same process as in #1, but with a wooden print or other material, you’ll need to be cautious with the torch. The torch is used to get out bubbles or impurities in the resin. Again, cover until dry and you’ll come out with a clear coat of resin on the surface of your art print.

3. Coating an Aluminum Print .
Coating an Aluminum Prin via Simphome 3Okay, so basically you can do this with any kind of art print. If you have a picture printed on an aluminum surface, you can also use art resin to gloss up your print. Maybe it’s a gift for someone and you want to add a protective layer to preserve the print. Or maybe it’s a personal print that you just want a sleek new look to. Follow the same process—raise, level, mix resin with hardener, coat evenly, torch, and cover until dry. Don’t forget to catch the end of this video to see Dave’s bloopers.

4. Driftwood
Driftwood and artresin via simphome 4One of the most special art pieces in any home is something that preserves life—driftwood or tree branches can be a beautiful way to decorate your home (and we’re not talking about Christmas trees covered in kids crafts here).

Use art resin to preserve the natural colors and contrasts of your piece of driftwood. Not only do you get a beautiful glossy finish that’s smooth to the touch, but you get to preserve something special that represents a natural life cycle.

5. Coat leaves .

Part 1: Make a stunning display of autumn leaves on your art print to hang in any room. After you gather some leaves you want to use, you’ll coat them down to your already-painted surface using Elmer’s Glue. Go over the dried and glued leaves with a sharp knife to take away large pieces. Then coat with a layer or art resin.

Part 2:
Coat leaves with artresin via simphome 5Here’s part 2 where you get to add the necessary layers to make this an awesome work of art! You’ll do a coat of resin on the leaves, sand down any rough places, add some acrylic highlights to the surface, then do another layer of resin. You’re left with a beautiful piece of natural art to decorate your room.

Part 3:
Dried leaves and artresin II simphome 52Finally! In part 3 of this art series, you get to put the finishing touches on your newest art piece. After the last steps, you may have some craters left to fill in. Use a sander and sand them down once more before adding a final layer of art resin. This last layer will make everything smooth so that your finished product is sleek and smooth.

6. Mounted puzzle.
art resin puzzle via simphome 6One cool way to add some décor to your walls is to find a puzzle you really love and harden it to hang on your wall. Whether it’s a beautiful waterfall or a cute kitten (like in the gif), it will make a unique piece of art for your home.

Once you’ve put the puzzle together, you can use some wood glue to glue it to a very thin piece of wood and then follow the resin process: raise and level the art piece, mix the resin with hardener, coat with a thick even layer, torch briefly, and cover it until it’s dry!

7. Mounted photo.
Mount photo and art resign simphome 7Surely by now you’re asking if you can resin that awkward family photo from 1984. The answer is YES! You can use resin on any printed photo with a few easy changes in the resin process.

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Things you’ll do differently include using spray adhesive to stick the photo to a piece of wood, trimming the photo to fit the actual wood, and smoothing the resin around the edges of the print so that it comes out nice and even.

8. Make your scrapbook 3D.

Don’t stop at the resin photo! You can make your photo into a cool 3D shadow box by using the back of a picture frame. First, pour art resin into the frame itself as in the video, and then wait until it’s dry. Next, glue down a favorite photo and do a layer of resin on top of that. Finally, do a final layer of art resin on top of any objects you want to add. In this one, she used crayons and fun objects to make a cute children’s photo.

9. Children Handprint.
Handprint and artresign Simphome 9A fun way to preserve your child’s precious handprint is using art resin (yes, you can resin anything)! Mix the resin thoroughly, raise the handprint, and pour. Try to make sure it gets a nice even coat since it’s a rather uneven surface. You’ll be glad you preserved this special piece for years to come!

10. Clay and pretty much everything.
Clay and pretty much everything with artresin via simphome 10At this point you’re wondering what CAN’T be done using art resin (we don’t know the answer to that). Clay and other material can easily be resurfaced by using art resin. It’s really a jack of all trades! This artist uses different colors and shapes of clay, feathers, leaves, and pretty much anything else she wants in order to freeze it all in resin for a beautiful, glossy art print.

11. Skate Deck – You can even protect your skate board deck.
Artresin and skateboard via simphome 11This is how you should use art resin for your skateboard. If you begin with a blank surface, you can design your own board. Just sand it down, draw or trace on your design, paint it, and then use art resin in the normal process to give it a high gloss look that will protect it for years to come.

12. Instagram photos.
Instagram photo and artresin via simphome 12Sometimes the best pictures are the ones we put on Instagram. Find your favorite one for a cool, protected and glossy display in your home. Print out the photo and add it to the surface of a wooden frame or any other material. By using art resin, you can make this a special preserved memory of your choice!

How properly clean art resin off your hand ?

How properly clean art resin off your hand via simphome tipsIf you’re not using gloves or you get some onto your hands, fear not! A cool and easy trick is to use poppy seeds. The texture will help break down the resin when scrubbed thoroughly (just use it dry) and then wash with regular hand soap.

Not only does it get off the resin, but it acts as a nice exfoliant for your hands! Stay away from salt or vinegar as some recommend, since these don’t break down the resin properly and just absorb into the skin. More detail.

TIPS: Using ArtResin on a Bunch of Things in One Go!

Using ArtResin on a Bunch of Things in One Go via simphome tips2Instead of doing everything individually and wasting resin, you can do everything at once easily. Make sure you have enough “covers” for your objects by using cardboard boxes. Also, make sure all your pieces are ready to go. You can resin them all at once. Or you might decide to split it up by only mixing part of the resin, pouring it over a few objects, and then mixing up the next batch. This will allow you to take your time and not have to rush!.. Detail

There you have it. 12 ways to use art resin in a creative way to enhance the décor in your home. Feel free to like and share this article so that your friends can get creative with their art resin as well.

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