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  • A Whirlwind Tour of a Unique Tasmanian Retreat

    Welcome aboard, cool house lovers! Your presence is much needed on this Tasmanian adventure. Picture this: you’re in Acton, just outside of Hobart, breathing in the crisp, clean air. Welcome to the magic of small living and intelligent architecture that has the capacity to both baffle and captivate. You’re about […] More

  • An Architect’s 3-Metre Wide Home of Dreams

    Immerse yourself in the intricate details of “Riley’s Terrace,” a home that stands proudly in a row of six, radiating Above all, what truly sets Riley’s Terrace apart is the palpable sense of enhanced family life it fosters. The connection to the outdoors, the abundance of natural light, and the […] More

  • Four Barbie’s House Evolutions to Inspire Your Next Dream House Plan

    Whitney Mallett, an esteemed co-author of an architecture book focusing on the evolution of Barbie dream houses, has pulled back the curtain on four remarkable Barbie homes spanning from 1962 to 2021. Each Barbie dream house encapsulates the architectural zeitgeist of its time, serving as a design capsule that mirrors […] More

  • A Room-on rails, A Super low friction Off-Grid House That Shapeshifts

    In the embrace of nature, the quotidian becomes extraordinary. As we increasingly live in urban environments hemmed in by concrete and glass, we often lose touch with our primal connection to the environment. An innovative architectural marvel looks to change that, urging us to reimagine our living spaces not as […] More

  • Amanda Seifert’s New York City Apartment

    Ready for a dose of interior design inspiration? Amanda Seifert, our favorite city girl with country roots, has thrown open the doors to her fabulous New York City apartment, and I’m taking you along for a look inside! Amanda’s apartment is more than a space; it’s a slice of her […] More

  • Retreat, Relax, Reconnect: Inside 2.7 X 8 Tiny House’s Dream

    There’s an inherent magic in constructing a home. More than just bricks and mortar, it’s about creating a sanctuary, an armor of safety, security, and serenity. However, the four walls we call home should not keep us locked in. Instead, they should embolden us to venture out, fearlessly chase our […] More

  • Behind the Pink Doors:

    When one thinks of the iconic Barbie Dream House, the image of a grand, pink mansion filled with the promise of endless childhood adventures immediately springs to mind. Now, this charming vision has become a real-world manifestation through the breathtaking creation of “Bobby’s Dream House”. Enter the Dream House, and […] More

  • A Peek into a 5x 20ft Off-Grid Shipping Container Home

    The hustle and bustle of urban life can often take a toll on our peace of mind, leading many to dream about escaping to a serene, back-to-nature lifestyle. This story brings to light one such dream turned into reality – a tale of a woman who took a leap of […] More

  • Unpacking the Arc Tiny Home:

    Welcome to the world of high-end, off-grid living. We invite you to explore the Arc tiny home, our masterpiece of a dwelling crafted inside a 5×20 ft shipping container.  The Arc tiny home is not merely an off-grid dwelling; it’s an expression of creative vision and sustainable living. With careful […] More