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  • Camden’s Hidden Gem: A Loft That’s Bigger on the Inside

    54Sqm/581sqft Apartment design Camden Loft Project Name: Camden Loft | Subscribe Never Too Small So you’re in London, smack dab in the middle of the bustling Camden Town.  You’ve just nabbed the perfect spot, an old family home previously subdivided into three quaint flats. One of those is a loft space perched […] More

  • An Unlikely Zen Paradise in Central London? You Gotta See This!

    Picture this: You, strutting your stuff down the bustling streets of London’s traditional East End, feeling all high and mighty because your home isn’t just another brick in the wall. Oh no, it’s nestled right in the bosom of Spitalfields, a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station. Smack-dab in the […] More

  • A Plahaus to Inspire: Small House with Big Ideas in Nashville, Indiana

    Welcome aboard! Fasten your seat belts; we’re off on an adventure to the ‘Plahaus’ – no, not your childhood sandbox, but a charm-loaded cabin nestled in the heart of Nashville, Indiana. No, not Nashville, Tennessee, where you might be expecting some toe-tapping country tunes. We’re talking about the lesser-known but […] More

  • La Vie en Rose: A Dive into Sustainable 31sqm Parisian Tiny Apartment

    Bonjour, good people of the internet! Now, if you’ve ever entertained the idea of living in Paris, and I mean really diving in – like a penny in a fountain kind of dive, not the belly flop into the shallow end, then get ready because this is for you. Tucked […] More

  • Discover Amsterdam’s Best Kept Secret:

    So, you’ve made it to Amsterdam. Welcome to the land of canals, clogs, tulips, and windmills. Ah, but that’s the traditional image. Today, we’re going to put a more modern spin on it, one that could easily fit into a smartphone’s screen. Yes, I’m talking about a space that’s an […] More

  • Reimagining Space: A Grand Tour of an Ingenious 45sqm Apartment

    Welcome to a modern but historical tiny apartment with twists, your dream world sculpted by brilliant minds! You find yourself standing in the heart of Amsterdam’s transformed industrial district, the Buiksloterham. Now, that dusty hum of factories has turned into a melodious orchestra of vivacious city life. You’re about to […] More

  • Time-Travel Through Tiles: An Epic Tale of a 70-Year-Old Home

    Are you ready, my dear reader, to dive headfirst into a tale as rich and warm as your grandmother’s hot cocoa? Because I’m about to introduce you to a house. No, not just any house. This house, born in 1951, is not merely a composition of bricks, mortar, and tiles […] More

  • Eco-friendly Elegance: Unboxing 40 Square Meters of Ingenious Minimalism

    Alright, picture this: You’re sitting on the edge of a floodway in Rosebrook, on the outskirts of Port Fairy. As you sit there, sipping your cup of coffee, you look out over a beautiful Gundu Tumaroland. You’re at the ruins of an old flower mill, and your eyes fixate on […] More

  • Big Magic in Tiny Places: Architectural Alchemy in Newtown

    You, my friend, find yourself on a journey – a bit like Alice down the Rabbit Hole or Dorothy over the Rainbow, except this adventure happens right here in Newtown, a part of Sydney’s inner west. Quite the quirky, diverse slice of the city, this neighborhood is nothing short of […] More

  • Triangular Tranquility: An A-Frame Cabin Unlike Any Other

    Oh, look at you! Back on to our magazine again, where we love the unusual, the quirky, the breathtaking, and sometimes the awe-inspiring. Yes, it’s me again, and this time, we’re in for a wild ride! Picture this: a home that’s as unique as its owners. You remember that family […] More