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How to build a Window with a Walk-in Closet Or More Storages

Regardless of the design, many window shelves are typically designed to be hidden or partially concealed by curtains and blinds, so they blend seamlessly into the rest of the room and don’t detract from architectural aesthetics

To build your walk-in closet complete with a window, your instructions are:

  1. Start by installing a closet system for the base. Use a simple, standard model with tracks and adjustable shelving.
  2. Install a support beam or wooden struts to support the weight of the window seat from underneath the bench seat. The seat will compose lightweight material, such as particleboard covered with foam padding and upholstered with fabric.
  3. Attach plywood to form the window seat and attach it to one side of the tracks on top of barn supports or wooden struts supporting it from underneath, so it does not sag over time after repeated use.
  4. Install a seat cover on the seat platform to protect the seat from stains, dust, and other debris.
  5. Install a view window or curtain to keep out drafts and let in light.
  6. Mount the bench to the side of the closet system’s tracks, allowing easy access to items stored therein.
  7. Install additional coat hooks for extra storage space within the closet itself.
  8. Use decorative fabric or other suitable materials to upholster or cover your bench seat, your walls, flooring that runs underneath it. Along with any storage areas below it—just make sure you match any hardwood flooring accent pieces available at home improvement stores with your existing décor and color scheme.
  9. Install a doorknob lock for convenience when you’re in the closet, and the door is closed.
  10. You can use the wall between two windows to mount shelves, especially if you’re low on storage space.
  11. Use molding to cover up the edges of each shelf unit without sacrificing too much space. Smaller units give you more options for placing things like books, toys, or decorative collectibles.

Bonus: Place your window seat on top of all this storage space, which makes it blend in very well with the wall while still allowing you to sit back and relax. A window seat features a set of gorgeous wooden drawers that will make excellent storage units for smaller items like keys or jewelry.

🔊12 Small Walk-in Closet Ideas Video:

Your instruction to add new storage units on your windows are:

  • No 1. Assemble and mount a solid and heavy-duty, double-hung window system on the inside of your two windows for extra storage.
  • No 2. Mount a plywood trimmer-type shelf on the inside of those windows. Attach the shelf to those window frames with wood screws or pre-installed brackets and struts. You can use some metal brackets as well if you want some extra support.
  • No 3. Extend small metal shelves onto one of those trimmer shelves as additional racks for additional storage space if you want more storage space inside your room. The more you store, the better!
  • No 4. You can use the trimmer shelf to take small items outside, so you have more space inside your room. This option is a storage space you cannot miss, especially if you have a small room.
  • No 5. If your windows are not big enough for one or more racks, just create a large shelf to store larger items on the inside walls of your windows. Then install two hooks to hold your smaller items.
  • No 6. Install an entry door with a keypad lock and shelving unit on the door’s interior unless you want to keep the door open most of the time and let easy access to all those shelves and units mounted onto it inside and out.
  • No 7. Install a light fixture to the inside or outside of your windows for additional lighting or accent.
  • No 8. If you want to install casement windows, then check if you can install them without any issues. It may be tricky to do so, but it’s better than spending unnecessary money on pre-made window systems with frames and so on.

If you want more storage for this room, try out the following ideas before making any further adjustments or renovations that will surely cost you time and money:

  • No 1. Install tracks into the base of your closet system using wall anchors because they’re sturdy and can hold heavier items if needed.
  • No 2. Install a rail system to hide the bottom of your closet system. Use a simple wood board and a few decorative brackets.
  • No 3. Apply a white or light-colored coat of stain to your wooden racks or shelves below the window seat, so it blends in with the rest of the room’s dĂ©cor. This option will remove any possible glare from sunlight coming through your window and make the whole look cleaner.
  • No 4. Use decorative metal wall hooks and coat hangers to hang some of your clothes and other items on.
  • No 5. Cut the bottom of the seat if it’s too high for you to get up or sit down. That way, you won’t have any problems getting in and out of your seat.
  • No 6. Use a small shade on top of each window to display family photographs and other memorabilia you want others to see while maintaining privacy and light control in your room at the same time.
  • No 7. Add a backrest to your window seat with decorative pillows and cushions, so it looks more attractive and comfortable.
  • No 8. Install a closet system on the inside of your window seat for additional storage space if you want more storage.

Wall-mounted and freestanding furniture and items can also help you maximize space and create a more functional and creative environment. As innovative as your décor is, only small spaces can be free from clutter, overcrowding, etc.

For example, you do not need to buy an entire bedroom set for a single bedroom if the room requirements are minimal such as a dresser or two to place clothes, two nightstands to place lamps, or other decorative items beside your bed. You may want to experiment with the item placement before buying things that you need in small spaces that may require additional furniture.

Other alternatives you can consider to add rustic vibes to your bedroom window you can add:

  1. Rustic bedding, materials, and furniture.
  2. A rustic interior design concept.
  3. DIY mantel or fireplace designs, especially if you live in a rural area where wood is plentiful.
  4. Glass material on the windows instead of the usual opaque glass one for a more airy feel of your room due to tall windows with some decorative frames or brackets. That holds curtains or other window treatments will give the room more interest and appeal, especially if you have some greenery around your windows to add some color to your room’s décor.
  5. Wood material on your windows for more of a rustic or country charm that can blend well with some other materials for your room’s theme.
  6. DĂ©cor accents or wall art or other decor items that will help bring in more rustic charms.
  7. Some light fixtures you can make from wood, e.g., chandelier, pendant lights, etc. They will go well with your window treatments and anything else around the room, including other furniture and decorations you might use to make your bedroom or other rooms look more charming, cozy, stylish, appealing, etc.
  8. Wallpaper should be the last resort because it’s not exactly easy to apply it yourself if you don’t know how to do so without making any mistakes.
  9. Choose colors that can easily coordinate with your room’s theme and colors on the wall.
  10. Use a very light shade on top of your windows to make the room look larger and give it more airiness at the same time.
  11. A second option is a large window seat or a window seat with a matching pillow or cushion on top of it to make you feel cozy and at home, as you read, relax, sleep, do some work, etc.
  12. Install rustic decorations such as planters, lanterns, pictures of greenery, or nature for your windowsills or walls or wherever you want it to go.
  13. Decorate your bedroom windows with burlap flower arrangements if you think they could match your bedroom interior design and decor

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