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10 Home Window Grill Designs

Let us ask you a few questions to help you understand what a window is for, such as why we need one? What role does it have in our lives? How do you use them properly? And lastly, how can you make your own window grills to improve their beauty?

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “window” is a small hole or opening. It’s an entrance door from the outside into the inside.

We usually use it as a passageway through which visitors can enter our home. Though you passed this concept down centuries ago, there have been changes in technology and architecture over time. Nowadays’ windows are not just used for entry purposes only. They serve many other functions, too, such as lighting up rooms, allowing air circulation, and creating different moods with their designs. In fact, they have become one of the most popular interior design choices today.

To give you a better idea about what a window means, let us ask you a few questions, like why do we need a window? What function does it play in our life? How do you properly utilize them? And finally, how to enhance their beauty by installing DIY window grills?

Why having a window grill is important?

Your eyes will be your best friend all day long! You’ll always see beautiful things around you if you’re lucky enough with your property choice. But if you don’t care much about these beauties, you might miss out on some really nice views because of your blind spot. That’s what happens when you look at something straightly. Also, the same goes for looking at pictures. You may get bored after seeing the same photo again and again.

The solution would be to add some colors and patterns to the picture so that you get attracted to it. This is where the window grill plays an essential role.

What is a window grill?

A window grill is a frame surrounding the window pane. There are two types of frames – wooden and metal ones. Wooden ones are made of wood material, while metal ones are mostly made of aluminum alloy. Both of them provide protection against the heat of sunlight and rainwater. Moreover, they create a protective layer between glass panes. These frames are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the size of the window.

Nowadays, many homeowners prefer using a metal window frame instead of wood for several reasons.

  • First, metal frames come with additional benefits. For example, they keep the heat away from solar rays and prevent any kind of damage caused by UV rays.
  • Secondly, metal frames allow you to add decorative items such as curtains, screens, shutters, etc., keeping the originality intact.
  • Finally, metal frames help maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

Moreover, even though both types of window frames offer similar functionalities, choosing a particular one depends entirely on personal preferences and budget constraints. So now We’re sure you’ve got a clear idea about what window is and how to put it to good uses. Let us move forward and discuss how to install a window grill.

How to install a window grill?

Installing a window grill isn’t very difficult either.

  1. All you have to do is remove old frames from the existing ones (if any) and replace them with new ones.
  2. After removing the old frames, cut off the excess pieces of trim along the top edges of each side of the window.
  3. Then fix metal clips onto the bottom edge of the trim piece.
  4. The next step would be placing a new inner frame and fixing it onto the outer frame via screws.
  5. Once done, attach the top section of the frame using brackets.
  6. And here comes the exciting part. Installing a window grill is easier than putting together Lego blocks!! You won’t require professional assistance to do this job. However, before attaching the final parts, ensure that everything fits perfectly well. Otherwise, try adjusting the position of the bracket according to your needs.
  7. Once you’re satisfied with the installation process, check whether your newly installed window grill matches the rest of the entire setup. If you feel there is still space left, you can consider further customizing it by upgrading it with affordable DIY window grill upgrades.

It doesn’t end here. Here are some tips on how to customize your window grill to match your taste & style.
For example:

  • Choose the right color scheme based on your theme/mood.
  • Experiment with your choice of materials and textures.
  • Add unique touches to your window grills by including personalized prints, engravings, stickers, etc.
    Incorporate LED lights or energy-efficient CFL bulbs within the frame.

How to maintain the window grill?

Since it’s quite challenging to clean all corners of a metallic surface, especially for those without experience with cleaning anything, it requires special attention.

Since metal tends to rust easily, you should perform regular maintenance checks every month. To ensure the proper functioning of the window grill, perform periodic inspection sessions.

Check for any cracks, loose fasteners, rust spots, stains, etc. Cleaning the grill takes less effort than cleaning other parts of the window. Just go to the hardware store and buy a brush and cleaner. Use water to wash the dirt accumulated inside the gaps of the grid bars. Don’t forget to dry and polish the cleaned areas thoroughly.

If you want to avoid spending extra bucks on buying cleaners and brushes, you could purchase cheap window transformation products online. Browse websites that offer high-quality refurbished window coverings and accessories. Most of them include a free shipping facility and a money-back guarantee. Apart from making your window attractive, they can also save you lots of money.

Another issue arises when there are multiple window openings in a single household.
One common problem with the window grill is misalignment. Heat loss occurs during summer when the window grilles aren’t aligned correctly. As a result, hot air remains trapped on the upper floors of the houses, causing higher electric bills. The solution lies in aligning the grills accurately. Make sure that the gap between the grids is equal on both sides.

Finally, once your window grill is fixed, you can enjoy watching birds fly above your window pane.
Isn’t it amazing?!

How to upgrade the Window grill?

There are numerous ways to transform your boring window grill into an elegant and stylish one. Below listed are a few easy suggestions to follow:

  • Install a fancy curtain rod near the window. Curtain rods are great options for hanging colorful drapes, scarves, tablecloths, bedspreads, towels, etc.
  • Install it horizontally across the window frame.
  • Try experimenting with different kinds of fabrics, motifs, and colors. Choose a fabric that complements the decor of your home.

Transform your window into a mini-masterpiece by hanging wall art directly opposite the window. Wall art adds funky styles to your living area. Place paintings, mirrors, clocks, etc., on walls at strategic positions. Ensure that the artwork suits the overall layout and ambiance of your place.

If you love animals, adorn your window with a pet birdcage or butterfly garden. Bird cages and butterfly gardens are highly recommended for kids’ bedrooms and balconies. Keep plants and flowers in them and watch mesmerized butterflies flying freely.

Lastly, if you’re tired of staring at the same view, try installing skylights. Skylights bring natural light to dark places. By replacing outdated roof shingles with modern skylight kits, you can convert your attic into a bright and cheerful space.

Installation of skylights involves simple tasks. Purchase prebuilt units (available in varied dimensions) and mount them permanently on the ceiling.

Skylight replacement projects are perfect examples of inexpensive window transformations. You can choose them based on your preference and budget. Some of them are pretty expensive, whereas others are comparatively cheaper. Depending on your requirements and affordability levels, you can pick a suitable product for your home.

You must remember that no matter what kind of window transforms you choose, always strive to work within your budget.

Window grill increases house sales.

Adding a touch of creativity to your living spaces makes your abode more interesting and lovable. Thanks to the wide range of customization options offered by manufacturers, anyone can afford to change his dull window into a brilliant one without breaking the bank balance.

From design to installation, window renovation projects can prove to be beneficial for improving property value. Hence, window renovations (and related subjects) are considered one of the easiest methods of increasing house sales.

Years ago, people used window grills to prevent burglars from breaking into the house. Therefore, the design was more straightforward, and the material used needed to be sturdy.

But these days, grills come in various designs to enhance the aesthetic of a house without putting aside safety. So, if you are looking for window grill designs, here are 10 creative and unique home window-grill designs to complement the visual of your house. For more detail, head on to the link in the reference area:

10 Creative and Unique Home Window-grill Designs poster

10 Home Window Grill Designs Video:

List Entries:

10. Stylish and Functional

When you are planning a window grill, consider the exterior sill. You will want it to stay functional after you attach the grill. Therefore, this design may come as a solution.
The lower part is a bit round, so you can still access the sill, probably adding some ornaments. Meanwhile, the sharp parts will keep you safe from annoying things.
Although this grill is highly concerned with many aspects of functionality, it doesn’t make the design look awkward. Instead, it appears unique and stylish. So, consider recreating it for your house.

9. Extravagant Window Grill

Instead of creating a huge window grill with a complicated and full pattern, why don’t you try this extravagant clock?
It looks magnificent and elegant, while it can show the luxury of your house from the outside. You don’t need to live in a penthouse to have it. You obviously can build the replica with a much smaller size. However, it will look good at a higher place.

8. Animal Inspired

You might have seen window grills with different patterns, but don’t you agree that the ones with animal designs always look attractive? Probably because we don’t find it as often as others. This one is just one example of an animal-inspired window grill.

This butterfly-like window grill will catch everybody’s eyes every time they pass the window. Every part of it is curvy in detail. Look at the wings that spread widely, covering the window. Every curvy edge resembles a butterfly, not to mention the body.
Every detail counts. You can even notice the curves and sections which resemble a moth’s abdomen.

7. Honey Bee

This one is just another animal-inspired window grill. Can you guess what kind of animal it is? Yes! It has something to do with bees.

This window grill resembles the honey bee hexagonal pattern. Its minimalist design is suitable for the modern house style. Besides, its subtle color brings calmness and serendipity, making it ideal for a bedroom.

However, this design is best for a rectangular window. Or, if you haven’t built the window, consider a hexagonal shape as well. The grill and the window will indeed look amazing together. Just make sure you do not overcrowd it.

6. Splash Some Colors

No matter what material you have for your grill, you don’t have to keep the color dark. Instead, try adding some splash of colors to make it more eye-catching. Besides, painting the iron can slow the rusting process and even cover its rust, just like this one here.

The grill is in a floral pattern that looks more interesting in colors. Without hiding the iron color, some splashes of yellow, red, and golden hues are added to create contrast.

5. Adopt Culture

The design is free. You can pick a culture’s tradition and apply it to suit your house, for instance, this Japanese window grill. It is commonly made out of wood and used the most for doors. Nevertheless, you can remake it for your window.

With a bit of cutting and welding skill, you can build it using iron or metal for lighter material. It will match a modern and sophisticated house. However, if you want to keep the countryside look, feel free to stay with wood.

4. Moroccan Grill Idea

If you are into wood and carving, you might want to adopt this Moroccan window grill. Moroccan interiors are renowned for their textural design, including their window.
As displayed here, the hand-carved windows are paired with stunning wooden grills. The grills come in symmetric and repetitive patterns, creating comfort, beauty, harmony, and functionality at once. This design can suit many houses, for example, the Scandinavian and Bohemian styles.

3. Geometric Bamboo

Bamboo Window Frame (Chinese / Japanese Style)

Many countries in Asia commonly use bamboo to build many house components, including window grills. Although not as hard as iron or metal, bamboo is resistant to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. It also has its own enchantment and can fit most decors.

This geometric bamboo grill is a simple design you can start with. Opt for thin stems that are similar in size. Then, simply cut them into various lengths. Make a hole to insert each stem into another. Remember to make the frame first, so you can adjust the position to fit the frame.

2. Bamboo Weaving

Bamboo furniture looks incredible. Have you ever tried to use this material for your window treatment?

A woven window grill will make your window look fabulous in no time. Furthermore, it is DIY friendly. You can try weaving the bamboos yourselves to get the patterns you want. It may take time and patience, but it is worth the effort.

Depending on your creativity, woven bamboos can come into various shapes like hexagonal, octagonal, triangle, or even circular. To be able to weave bamboo, first, you need to divide it into several strips. Then, peel the top layer to make them thinner. Next, just weave them into your preferred shape and make sure it fits your window. Paint or stain to make it more stunning.

Lastly, 1. From the Ground

Floral design is a safe bet to make your window appear charming. But, instead of creating a boring rectangular frame, try this tree-like grill.

This is a superb design if your window isn’t really far from the ground. The iron is curved to look like a tree trunk and branches. Then it is placed above the ground as if it were grown grilled. This design works great for sliding windows. The branch tips are made sharp to tighten security. To give ornaments, you can hang some living flowers or simply wrought the iron into floral patterns.

There are more and more designs out there that can enhance the beauty and provide safety for your house. However, if you are trying to find something unusual and appealing, you can opt for one of those above. Pay attention to the material used and ensure your space still gets enough light.



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