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Here’s Why Your Energy Bills Are So High

It’s quite possible that you don’t pay attention to your monthly energy bill and pay it without a second thought. But has your bill increased significantly over the past couple of months? Unless it can be justified with an increase in consumption, it’s time to look into the reasons for your electricity bills. Here are some common culprits.

Irresponsible Usage

From forgetting to turn off lights to leaving windows open, there are several ways you may be wasting energy. If you have a new roommate with a habit of careless consumption, you should have a talk with them. You can considerably reduce energy wastage by practicing mindful consumption. It’s also better for the environment!

Vampire Appliance

Vampire or phantom appliances refer to devices that continue consuming energy despite not being used. Some examples of vampire appliances are television, speakers, chargers and coffee machines. Rather than turning off, these appliances go on standby mode and continue using electricity. Consider unplugging such devices or installing a smart power strip for convenience.

Overpriced Energy Plan

Most people don’t think twice about their energy plan. But an overpriced energy plan could be the reason behind your rising energy bills. Luckily, changing energy providers isn’t as complicated as you might think. Compare various providers on Electricity Wizard and switch to a better-priced plan.

Inefficient Lighting Fixtures

Halogen and incandescent lights may look charming, but they are wasteful in terms of energy consumption. Additionally, they don’t promise long-term durability. That’s why it would be best to replace such lighting fixtures with LED alternatives. Apart from energy efficiency, LED lights tend to be highly durable.

Inadequate Insulation

You can splurge on fancy lights and appliances, but you’ll be unable to control your energy consumption without proper insulation. Effective insulation is key to preventing unnecessary energy loss. In particular, focus on the doors, windows, attics, basement and walls to retain energy.

Old Appliances

Old appliances are not only a pain to work with, they also take up a lot of energy. If your house came with decades-old appliances, you should consider replacing them with newer versions. When shopping for kitchen and other appliances, always look at the Energy Star rating to determine the energy efficiency of the device.

Outdated Thermostat

Adjusting a manual thermostat can be a hassle. Make things easier for yourself by installing a smart thermostat. Many latest thermostats come with ‘eco mode’, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature while also cutting back your energy costs.

Excessive Peak-Time Use

While the peak time will vary depending on your area, it’s usually around early in the morning and later in the evening. We recommend strategically planning your chores to avoid using electricity during peak times. For example, you can run your dishwasher or self-cleaning oven overnight.

Neglected AirCon

Getting your HVAC system serviced on time is crucial to keep it optimized. Something as simple as a dirty air filter can force your air conditioner to work harder. We also suggest keeping an eye out for leaks, mechanical wear and tear, unusual furnace noises, dirty condenser and other issues. Moreover, make sure nothing is blocking the vents.

Electrical Issues

Is your energy bill still high despite controlling your consumption and investing in energy-efficient appliances? This may indicate that your house has defective wiring or any other electrical issue. It’s best to get in touch with a professional to detect and fix such issues.

The Bottom Line

A minor fluctuation isn’t concerning. However, if there is a noticeable change in your energy bills, you should figure out the cause and make immediate adjustments. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help keep your consumption in check.

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