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What is a Split System Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems allow us to regulate and maintain the temperature of our house as per our requirements. Most people think that all air conditioning systems work similarly. Well, the underlying purpose of all the air conditioning systems is the same. However, if you look at how they operate, you’ll be able to see the difference.
A split air conditioner is a lot different from a ducted air conditioning system. Read on, and you’ll be able to understand the difference.

What are the Main Components of a Split Air Conditioning System?

A split system air conditioning consists of two units. One unit is placed outside, while the other is installed inside your home. However, both are connected via piping and an electric cable. There is no need for installing ducts throughout your house like in ducted air conditioning systems.

A cooling agent, also known as the refrigerant, passes from one unit to the other to provide your home with cooling or heating as desired.
Most split air conditioners can be controlled using a remote or even your cellphone. You can easily adjust the temperature based on your requirements.

Generally, split air conditioning systems have a single unit that you can install in any part of your home. But there are multi-split air conditioning systems as well that have multiple indoor units. This system is perfect for large homes where air conditioning is needed in more than one room.

What are the Benefits of a Split Air Conditioner?

Split air conditioners can be used in residential as well as in commercial settings. Here are some of the top benefits of using split air conditioning systems:

1. Easy Installation

The installation of split air conditioning systems is relatively easy. Unlike induced air conditioning, you don’t need to do a lot of work. Your technician will install the indoor and outdoor units, and then the pipework is done.

2. Noise-Free

Nothing is more annoying than a noisy air conditioner. Luckily, in a split air conditioner, the noisy component is installed outside. That means you get noise-free air conditioning all day.

3. Energy Saving

Most of the split air conditioning systems are energy-efficient. They reduce energy consumption by ensuring that no power is wasted. Even if you use a multi-split system, you can conserve more energy. Of course, you’ll need to install an air conditioner that’s designed to conserve energy.

4. Affordable

Although the cost of split air conditioning systems varies based on the size and model of the split, they are generally inexpensive. Even if you opt for multi-split or high-end models, you can still recoup the cost as most split air conditioners are sustainable and conserve energy. That means your electricity bills will be reduced, and you’ll be saving more money in the long run.

5. Flexible

A split air conditioner is flexible in the sense that it allows you to either heat or cool your room as needed. It can be easily used throughout the year. Moreover, you can adjust the temperatures of different rooms as per your requirements in multi-split systems.

Split Air Conditioner Installation

As already mentioned, a split air conditioner is relatively easy to install. However, it would be best if you let your air technician handle the job of installing your split air conditioning system. That’s because the pipework needs to be installed perfectly and should be sealed properly.
DIY projects aren’t recommended for split air conditioner installation. This can lead to improper installation. If your split air conditioner is not installed properly, it can lead to:

  • High energy consumption as your air conditioner won’t be performing effectively and will lead to high electricity bills
  • Inefficient cooling or heating
  • Frequent breakdowns add to the repair or maintenance costs

Final Thoughts

Split air conditioners have many benefits to offer, and the best part is that they reduce your energy consumption, which reduces your electricity bills. When selecting a split air conditioner for your home, you need to choose the correct size. That’s because split air conditioners are designed for smaller areas, and based on their size, they cool or heat a room.

If you’re unsure what size would be perfect for your room, you can always consult the manufacturer or even your air conditioning contractor. A small room would require a small split system, while a large room would need a larger split system.
Overall, a split system is great for staying comfortable in your home throughout the year. It’s clearly the solution to all your air conditioning needs, and it is budget-friendly.

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