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What Does A Roof Repair Include?

As a homeowner, you know that a roof’s integrity is vital for your home and the safety of those who live within it. But you also understand that a roof is expensive and, when issues arise, you want to hope that a repair can take care of them so that a full replacement will not be necessary. One way to avoid a replacement is to call your trusted roofer as soon as you notice a leak or other problem your roof might have.

If your roof has areas where there are missing shingles or where the shingles are curled or broken, they need to be replaced with new ones. HHC recommends that you work closely with your roofer to make sure the new ones match the shingles you have now. If it is not possible to find a match for your existing roofing material, you may have to install new shingles on the entire surface.

The Roof Repair Process

Identifying the Problem

As soon as the roofer gets to your property, they will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof to detect all the areas that may be experiencing problems. They know that damage due to a leak may require them to work backward to discover the entry point since water can travel sideways when it enters the home. Once the issue has been found, the contractor will repair or replace the damaged areas.

Addressing the Problem

Each roofing issue will require a different approach. If the flashing appears to be damaged, it will be replaced with a new one. If the issue is areas where the sealant has worn away, they will be tarred or caulked. If vent boots need repair, the old ones will be removed and new ones brought in and installed.

If your roof has suffered severe damage, maybe because of an extreme weather event, the repair process will be more extensive. Some reframing may be called for, after which a new layer of sheathing and underlayment would go in, followed by the shingles. Your roofing contractor will make sure that no gaps are left so that water cannot seep in anymore.

If your roofer discovers a problem with the roof decking, they will remove the shingles and underlayment and replace everything from bottom to top.

Although a roof repair is never something to look forward to, when you know what to expect, it can give you peace of mind knowing that a professional roofer will put an end to the problem and restore the roof to its original state.

Be on The Lookout for Roofing Problems

Sometimes, the issue with your roof is impossible to miss, such as when a tree limb falls on it. In other instances, discovering the issue will be more difficult. Get into the habit of examining your roof to spot any problems as soon as they appear. Check to see if there are missing or broken shingles or if the granules covering your shingles clog your gutters or are strewn all over your lawn. Also, look for cracked flashing or if the vents seem to have decayed. As soon as you spot an issue like decay or cracks, call your roofer right away.

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