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What are the essential tools that you need in your toolkit?

If you are a homeowner, you might need to do a lot of repairing work in the house every once in a while, and owning a home means dealing with many maintenance problems. However, if you call a service agency for each problem you face in your home, you will be spending a lot of money every year. As a result, homeowners have to be knowledgeable and fix minor household problems themselves to the best of their capabilities.

To take care of any maintenance work around the home, you need a proper toolkit with all the basic tools required to conduct essential repair work. And you might get confused over the vital devices. To simplify your job, you can start browsing through the latest selection of Wiha tools. Wiha is considered to be the best brand of handy tools in Australia. One can include many things in their toolkit.

If you want to set up a reliable toolkit for yourself, you need some essential tools in your kit.


Screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common screwdriver you need for home repairs is the Phillips head screwdriver. However, it is best to buy a screwdriver with various head fittings for different purposes. So no matter what kind of screw you have to tighten or lose, a screwdriver with multiple head fittings can help you do the job.


Another essential tool that you must include in your toolkit is a hammer. The hammer can be used to punch nails into the wood, wall, or any other surface, and clawed hammers can also help you extract nails from different surfaces.

If you are looking for a hammer for household jobs, you must opt for a medium-weighted hammer. Unless you like the traditional look of the wooden hammer, you must consider buying only a hammer with a metal stand.


There are many kinds of pliers you can buy. But, it would be best if you started with a needle nose, slip-joint, and cutting pliers. These pliers will come in handy if you need to grip pipes, or wires, deal with metal elements, and use them to cut electrical wires.

Measuring Tape

When conducting a repair job at home, you might have to measure something. A standard scale or ruler can not do the job, which is why you need a tape measure. The best way to measure is using a self-retracting tape measure for your home improvement jobs. Using such a tape measure, you can measure the size of the shelves, hang paintings, or determine the size of your furniture to move things around.

A tape measure is a highly versatile tool.

Duct Tape

Is there anything duct tape can not be used for? It is an essential tool that you must have in your toolbox. From leaky pipes to cracked glass, duct tape can be a temporary solution for anything. You can patch and repair a lot of things using duct tape. However, a duct is not suited for fixing or tying hot surfaces as it can hamper the adhesive on the tape.

These are some of the essential tools you must have in your toolbox.

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