5 Ways How to Update a Kitchen Without Breaking a Bank

Applying charming and neutral concept can be done by adding a simple island and a fireplace. One more trick, customize a kitchen Lighting using ex-wine bottle to add elegance in your kitchen interior. More on that later.

1. Maximize the Kitchen Space

If you have a plenty of kitchen space, you are going to need add some stuff to your kitchen. The most possible thing to be added is a table. Add a big and tall table in the middle of your kitchen as the central attention. Make sure that the table is big enough to hold a lot of family members. Therefore, use rounded chairs to minimize the use of space around the table. Save more space for other family members by applying rounded chairs. Source

2. Create a Wraparound Shelving

This idea will offer you the flexibility in your kitchen. Go find some woods for the main materials of the shelves. Shape the wood as beautiful as you like, but the point is make sure that the woods are strong enough to carry all of your cookware and kitchen stuff. After finish shaping the woods, install them to all sides of your kitchen. Make two or three levels for each side to allow you storing as many stuff as you can on the shelves. Put the big stuff on the top shelves and the small stuff on the down shelves. Source

3. Apply Charming and Neutral Concept

Applying charming and neutral concept can be done by adding a simple island and a fireplace. Provide any space in the middle of your kitchen and build the island. The island does not have to be big, as long as you match it with your kitchen style. Then provide any left space at one side of your kitchen to build the fireplace. Make sure that it can warm the whole kitchen. Do not give any additional touch to the island and the fireplace to keep it charming and neutral. Source

4. Customize the Lighting

One simple touch on your kitchen lighting can bring significant change to your kitchen. Decorate the main lighting in your kitchen by adding some simple touch on them. Make an antique milk-glass pendant lamps shield to cover your original lamps. Make sure that the lamps can illuminate the whole spot of your kitchen. Get your kitchen a living room elegance with this pendant lamps. Hang some artworks will be necessary. Source

5. Provide a Food Spot for Your Pet

If you have a dog or cat in your house, this idea is worth trying for you. Provide some spaces on your bottom part of your kitchen island. You can simply feed them while you are doing the cooking. Create as many food spots as you need, depends on how many pets you have. Apply these food spots to avoid your pets messing around while they are eating. It will also ease you to do the dishes since the food spots are placed in your kitchen. Source