Creative Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs
Creative Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs

Next, I am going to share you more than dozen ideas how to store your coffee mugs. Below is only the transcript. If you want to learn more about video I made since around 2015, visit my youtube channel. Let’s begin the countdown.

1. A-shape mug display – Instead of hiding your mugs in a cabinet, proudly display them mounted on a wooden A-shape frame. Each board provides a new and layered shelf so you can show off your mugs.

A-shape mug display

2. Custom mug rack – Another way to proudly display your mugs is in this made-to-fit coffee cup rack. Choose how many “cubby holes” you’d like, make some big and some small so you’ll be able to fit your favorite mugs on the shelf. This requires some creativity and assembling!

custom mug rack

3. Spoon-mug display – Why not make a whole wall display out of it? In this chic mug display, you’ll mount spoons against the wall spoon-side up and hang your mug over the end of the spoon. This is a fun display that you can hang your mugs on.

spoon mug display

4. Cabinet coffee station – This one’s super easy. If your cabinet is literally overflowing (especially when you, you know…open it?) Pull everything out and reorganize with a few canisters and some better storage options and clear labels. Don’t be afraid to toss in a free-standing shelf too. Put it all together and you’ve got a perfectly organized coffee cabinet.

cabinet coffee station

5. Hanging mug pallet – Have an old board lying around the garage? Fasten a few hooks to it and mount it on the kitchen wall as a mug hanger! But what about all those K cups that take up room in the cabinet? You can also cut holes in some extra wood and make small mountable K cup boxes to store all of them in.

hanging mug pallet

6. Pegboard mug hanger – Pegboard can be purchased inexpensively and can serve as a coffee bar wall hanger. Just mount the pegboard on the wall and use pegs to hang mugs from. Keep an organized counter under the display and you have a well-organized and chic coffee bar for cheap!

pegboard mug hanger


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7. Hooks and hangers coffee mug display – Some simple online shopping can land you some nice rails with attached hangers. If nothing else, a simple non-square towel bar could work too! Use hooks that fit around the bar to hang your mugs from. When mounted alongside (or above/below) other rails, it makes a nicely organized mug hanger.

Hooks and hangers coffee mug display

8. Alcove custom mug display – Have an awkward alcove you’re not sure what to do with? Make it into a cool and memorable mug display by installing custom-fit shelves to arrange your mugs on.

Alcove custom mug display

9. Coffee cart – With this cool coffee cart, you can park it right below a chic floating shelf. Mount a rail with hooks, and you have plenty of storage for other things and also for the coffee products and mugs. This makes the perfect coffee bar a la carte!

coffee cart

10. Large wall display – Have a lot of mugs? No need to purge your awesome collection. With some simple wood working, you can assemble a full wall mug shelf display to set your coffee mugs on. The great thing about it is that you can make it any size you’d like, according to the size of your mug collection!

Large wall display

11. Rotating mug hanger – Instead of searching through the cabinets, have your mugs in reaching distance and out where you can see them. In this small version of a lazy susan, you can get the perfect cup just by spinning the device. It’s cool because you can store things on top if you’d like, and you can choose to spin or leave it in place.

Rotating mug hanger

12. Carpenter carry-all shelf – The old version of a tool bag, the carptenter’s “carry-all” was made to hold tools of all shapes and sizes. But with a metal carrying rack, when mounted on the wall sideways (bar facing out), it becomes the perfect shelf and hanger. Stick some fancy shower curtain hooks on the metal bar and you’ve got an easy mug display. Plus you get the extra storage space of the top of the box!

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Carpenter carry-all shelf


13. Organized coffee cabinet – Store your coffee items wisely in this DIY coffee cabinet. The use of free standing shelves is a must when you’re trying to get the most out of the space you have. You can also install small hangers into your cabinet interior for a cool hanging display of coffee mugs.

Organized coffee cabinet

How to design your own mugs:

Starting with pencil designs on a clean white mug, get creative! Use words, phrases, pictures, or characters on your mug-to-be. Next, you’ll use a porcelain marker (you can get these at any craft store in multiple colors) to trace those pencil drawings you did. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. When the mugs are all dressed up with your markers, place them in the oven and they’ll come out perfectly ready for a nice cup of coffee!

design your own mug

14. Travel mug display – Next time you’re in a special place, be sure to pick up a mug and bring it home to place in your crafty DIY mug display. This is a fun way to track where you’ve been (and maybe even where you’ve yet to go). It certainly brings up some fun memories and stories when you’re having coffee.

Travel mug display

15. Coffee bar – Use pegboard on the side of a coffee station to maximize your mug-hanging capabilities. You’re also going to want to get some kind of cool vintage shelf to go above the actual bar, so that you can easily display some of the more used mugs within reach of your coffee.

Coffee bar

16. Keurig Basket – By using a tiered basket that rotates (or it doesn’t have to rotate), you can store your mugs on the larger bottom basket while tossing those cute little K-cups up onto the smaller upper basket. It makes the perfect tiered coffee station!

Keurig Basket

17. Light colored wood mug display – If you’d like to bank on the natural colors of wood, don’t bother painting your wooden DIY mug box display. Each individual box displays its own unique mug. This is a very modern-looking way to store your coffee mugs.

light colored wooden mug storage

18. Drawer mug display – Using some short drawers, hang them on the wall with the open side facing out for the perfect-sized mug display on your wall. Though you may not have many drawers to use which look similar, you can still display your mugs proudly with each one in a “hanging box” of its own.

Drawer mug display

19. Coffee hutch – In this DIY coffee hutch display, you’ll get pretty crafty with wood in order to make a classy coffee station. The nice thing is that you can custom-design each shelf as you’d like it. If you want some smaller shelves mixed in, no problem. Then when you’ve assembled and painted the finished product, hang your mugs inside a shelf using wooden hangers.

Coffee hutch

20. Stackable mug display – If you’re lucky, you can find some cylindrical matching coffee mugs that stack into each other perfectly. Store them in a holder which they can easily slide down into. This is a huge space saver and looks cute with some other vintage decorations around the coffee station.

Stackable mug display

21. Pallet mug display – In this fun DIY project, you’ll use half of a wooden pallet to paint and hang from the wall. Store things on each shelf, and arrange some metal hangers from the bottom shelf of the pallet so that you can hang your mugs from the bottom of the display. This goes nicely over a coffee bar or station so that storage is no problem.

Pallet mug display

22. Wooden structure coffee mug display – If you have a large flat piece of wood, it can be easily mounted against the wall and arranged with hangers (either in a sporadic or organized fashion) for hanging mugs. If you want to leave the wood unpainted, it gives a fun “natural” look to the mug display.

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Wooden structure coffee mug display

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