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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

A home is an investment worth protecting. While making your house appealing is many people’s main focus, setting up solid security measures is vital. As you strive to make your life better and more comfortable, you become a target for burglars. Cues that signify any form of affluence like a high-end car on the driveway and homes with curb appeal will attract burglars’ more than unkempt homes.

Besides burglary, some people’s jobs or position in society generates resentment or hatred from certain people, putting your life or family at high risk. Some religious leaders or people working for companies that generate controversy are vulnerable to harassment and revenge attacks.

With different forces at work, every home is at risk of attack, damage, or intrusion. Read on for ways to make your home secure and safer.

Protect Your Wi-Fi

People are adopting a more convenient life, thanks to technological advancement. Today, you can work, transact and even attend conferences remotely from the comfort of your home. To facilitate these developments, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. You can now connect almost all the devices to the internet, from your computers, smartphones, refrigerators or baby monitors.

With all these devices connected to one internet access point, you need secure Wi-Fi. The latest technology is sophisticated and may appear intimidating. However, you do need any expert knowledge to secure your network.

Cyber security is an increasing threat hence the need to secure your network against cyber-attacks. Use strong passwords for your home network and change them often. Also, limit access to your internet connection by keeping your credentials to relevant people.

Turn on the encryption option feature in your Wi-Fi router settings. This action ensures encrypted data is sent between your device and the wireless channel. Keep your router firewall on to prevent unwanted traffic from leaving or entering your network without your knowledge.

Update your router’s firmware and disable any remote access. While switching off the internet connection every time you leave the house, and on when back may sound like a hassle, it is safe.

Home Automation

Many companies are manufacturing automated devices that connect to the internet that allow you to operate them remotely. If you are installing your home security system, consider an automated one with convenient and energy-efficient features.

Home automation allows devices to trigger one another; hence, you do not need to control them through a voice assistant or an app manually. You can perform some crucial things like unlocking the door for a cleaner when miles away without having to share the key.

An automated home also allows you to schedule things like closing windows, turning lights on, getting the AC cooling your space, or the TV on.

These routines are crucial when no one is home, as anyone with bad intentions will fear breaking in, assuming someone is inside. Home automation is one way to secure your dwelling, as you can get alerts of any possible intrusion when you are miles away.

Eliminate any Possible Hiding Place

Burglars or anyone with ill motives make calculated moves. Unfortunately, many homes provide ample cover for people on bad missions’ shrubs and trees. Trim down plants that can provide possible cover for criminals and plant small bushes and flowers for curb appeal.

Remove any trees near the windows or reinforce them, making them extra secure. While at it, ensure that your house exterior is well lit. This way, no criminal will lay in ambush, ready to attack.

Prevent House Fires

Fire is another damaging intruder which can create immense losses in a few minutes. Statistics suggest that about 358,500 fire incidents occur annually. You will need to inspect and replace fire detectors and alarms when necessary to prevent your home from fire. Securing your home against fire is essential. Always ensure your current fire extinguishers are valid and not expired.


The journey to a secure home can seem overwhelming in the beginning. Like any other project, identify the strategies you can relate to and start slowly.

Written by Simpson

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