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Simple And Affordable Ways To Add Character To a New Build Home

Every place, especially your home’s entryway, appears incomplete without aesthetic touches. However, various accessories may be used to customize the look and make it more comfortable, lively, and vibrant!

To that end, here is a list of simple and affordable ways to add character to a newly built home!

Personalize it

Home personalization is one of the key ways to make your home look unique and not like any other. What is more, you will feel more comfortable and at ease in an environment that you have designed yourself. One of the ways you can make your home more personalized is to add stickers on the doors, windows, or fridge! Luckily, you can find many interesting tips and tricks at crafting from home, thus it may be one of the ways you can give an artistic and unique touch to your newly built home! This way, you will add character to it and make it cozier and more welcoming!

Soft textures

The addition of cushions to your couch or armchair is one of the most comfortable details you can add to your home. This simple innovation can be as simple as purchasing new pads or purchasing a cover for your current ones. To give your couch or armchair a new dimension, experiment with cushion size, texture, and fabric type, but make sure they match the rest of your furniture and the rest of the room. By the same token, add some soft blankets where you will cuddle with your loved one and enjoy spending time at home!


Lighting can drastically change the way both you and your guests perceive your home. However, not any lighting can improve the appearance of your home. For instance, layered lighting is growing popular in interior design and refers to having many light sources in one area. For example, lamps on the floor, table, or wall are useful for adding a second source of light while also creating a pleasant atmosphere. Their prices are also flexible allowing you to combine lights in different areas of the room with the shade of light that best suits you.

Lighting in the form of LED strips that do not take up any floor or surface space is also a fantastic choice. LED strips may be placed above the closet, on side tables, or on the TV console to highlight certain aspects of your house. Remember, they can come in handy literally everywhere! On top of that, you can choose the length and they come in a variety of color palettes.

Use three colors or shades

Color schemes are quite personal, and they elicit a specific mood and feeling in us. Choose colors that are most appealing to you, but also consider their function.

Therefore, in order to add a unique touch of style, you need to pick a color palette and choose three colors that you want to combine. For instance, you can have red furniture, blue carpets and curtains, and yellow details in terms of decoration, coupled with green plants. The important thing is to have a clear notion of the style you want to make your own.

Mix colors

Keep in mind this golden design rule: employ a mix of three colors or tints, regardless of the color you pick. A major color for the walls, a secondary color for bigger elements like couches and chairs, and a third color for smaller items like flowers and cushions. You may, for example, have a fully white room with three different colors of white. Also, keep in mind that the amount of light you bring into your home has an impact on the hue. Consider employing as many huge windows as possible to lighten up your interior and the colors in it if you’re redecorating a whole flat.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors have a wide range of applications and may be bought at reasonable costs almost anywhere. You may use them as décor, to reflect light in the area, and to make the space appear larger, and they will undoubtedly add a new dimension to your house. They will make your living room more spacious and welcoming!

Balance the size of the elements

The key to great interior design is a balance of large and small elements. A room with too many little pieces will be too crowded, whereas a room with elongated chairs, huge tables, and numerous pieces of furniture will also be cluttered. Instead, aim to make a place that is well-balanced. Take a big sofa, a couple of smaller club chairs, and one or two slim armchairs with nice legs.

These are only some examples, but they demonstrate how to strike the balance between the size, color, and decor in your new home!

Written by Simpson

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